Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I'm going to be a granny, again!.....courtesy of Son no 1 and his missus. I think they'll be great parents. Son no 1, being the managerial type, has already organised my Granny Duties. lol

Best get on with the knitting:o)

Junior is now into the swing of all things Christmas, having purchased some twinkly decorations yesterday. The shops are full of the stuff already! Ho hum.

Don't kids grow up so quickly? Grandchild of Min is coming on leaps and bounds. Natters away on the phone to us:o) Won't be long before Junior is looking down and patting me on the head. She is tall and slender. Model figure. As it is, she's knicked all my 'rickty joints unfriendly' trendy shoes and raided my costume jewellery box. She's 'passed' on my makeup.......too boring. lol I've had the knowing 'look' off Mother..as in.....teen years 'are a well n truly here'... so enjoy the hormones. I will try, but I think I'll be busy with my own......hot flushes and the like.. lol

Monday, 15 November 2010


Woo hoo!

Laptop has fired up, again.

I officially hate this worse than useless thing.

Maybe Santa will bring me a laptop that actually works properly. No more having to place a finger on ac connection at all times thus no more one fingered typing and it would be nice to have a properly working keyboard...no missing letters and ghostly tabbing. Sigh.....dream on.

And...non advert pop ups! Yak!

Moan, moan, moan.....

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Michael Jackson

Oh dear...

The bloody Doom and Gloom goes on!!!

My nephew, who shares his name with a famous person, is very, very poorly and my sis is in floods of tears.

My heart goes out to her. Before he was born, 30 years ago....she suffered a still born. A boy named Peter...my little nephew:o) The medics, apparently, knew he had died and let her give 'birth'. She never saw him as they took him away straight after the 'birth'. He was buried with a 'stranger' as she and bro in law couldn't afford a separate burial for him. To this day, she doesn't know where he is.

How cruel was that!!!!? She has searched high and low for him.

What shit faced officials could bury a baby like that? Pah!! Call ourselves a civilised society?

I was just a kid at the time. 12. I wish I could have helped. Really. I wish I could have., but I didn't even know the facts of life at that age!!

Sis has never been the same since. Completely wrecked, emotionally. She is pooped. Some in the family reckon she should have 'got on with it' but I understand her totally....now that I have kids of my own.

So...Mike....Fight!! Get well soon:o) We love you. xxxx

Bad Shot Builders

My adult nephew has been rushed into hospital with a collapsed lung. Yikes! Poor lad is feeling like crap. We can't figure out how he got this. Apparently, if you're tall and thin, then you're prone to this. Hopefully, the docs will sort him out and the nurses will cheer him up!

We are still washing machine-less! 'Times is 'ard'...so to speak. lol

Anyhow, I'm quite enjoying the workout that is hand washing. Call me mad, or whatever, but it's quite therapeutic...apart from when my finger joints lock when I'm in 'mid wringing out the water.' Eeeek! The sensation is weird. A bit like knocking your elbow...don't know whether to laugh or cry. Sometimes it feels like they're going to snap and drop off! Still...I reckon the more I exercise them then I might regain a bit more flexibility so that I might actually one day be able to get my hands round and wash my neck!

I've managed to not tread on any more cats:o) They're avoiding old Flat Foot here by moving to higher ground.......like anything comfy...bed, sofa, etc. Mother's cat has the hump on because he's not allowed out at the mo. Neighbours are re-roofing and the builders are flinging bits of roof down from their scaffolding position, supposedly into their lorry which is parked below . Obviously, if they scored a direct hit on Jimbob as he patrols his patch (which is under this flight path) then I would have one very flattened mog and one unhappy Mother, but try telling that to the old grump! (the mog, I mean) lol Mother cheers him up by spoiling him with a prime piece of cod, though. so he's keeping his portly waistline. He is, actually, quite fleet of foot and regularly gives Junior the runaround when she's trying to get him indoors.

Can't miss the fact that the builders are somewhat bad shots and are dropping bits of roof all over the place. If it wasn't for the garden room, then we could well have been brained a couple of times with exocet pieces of timber! Yikes!

Have to smile. One of the neighbours is out washing his car! The heavens are about to open....and he still washes his car! Sigh..... I have moved mine away from the 'bad shot' builders' line of fire. lol

Anyway, Junior was on a mission this week to make some Christmas cards. Things have not gone to plan. They're not perfect enough. Yesterday I caught her eyeing up some in Lidl. lol She's diverted her artistic skills and is now constructing and sewing some felt Christmas tree decorations and dangly things, which could well end up as little stocking fillers. Bless She's also hooked on cookery programmes. Jamie, Nigella, Masterchef, Hairy Bikers. You name it, she watches it.....and cooks:o) Loads of photos but charger is pooped. lol

Keep your fingers crossed that the roof stays up!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Here is your lesson on 'How to wake up the sleeping household in one fleeting moment.'

Tread on a sleeping cat!

There's me, doing my nightly, motherly duty...aka checking Junior is ok..asleep in bed, covers on ok, etc.

Silly Flat Foot here didn't see snoozing mog on the carpet in the doorway of Junior's bedroom (They guard her) Next thing......SHRIEK.....BIG LOUD FELINE VERSION!!

And EVERYONE is awake. There's me shushing 'em all. Try getting twelve mogs and a dog to settle down at 1am! Junior was oblivious to it all, though. Carried on snoozing. lol

Apologies to Megan the mog:o) Hope your tail is better. xx

I am in the 'bad books'.

Friday, 29 October 2010

My Left Foot

Ooooooo! There IS a god!!

Laptop has woken up! Yay!

My left foot has given up the will to live, it seems. Don't ask me why this affects my desire to communicate via the www! lol Anyway, I am reduced to hobbling, assisted by walking stick. This pisses me off greatly. I have lovely shoes in my wardrobe and am reduced to having to wear boring flatties and slippers. Arghhh. I am very peri-menopausally bad tempered, too. Am trying to reduce the amount of RA medication, which is not good for the stomach,..... before said stomach goes down the hatch, so to speak. Alas, joints are complaining a bit. Maybe I can wean them off the drugs? Red wine and herbal teas are doing a great intermediary job! lol Plus a vegan diet:o)

Junior is being great...and growing up fast!! I am being constantly told by friends that she is a beauty. Model material. She hears this but still doesn't bother with any beauty regime of sorts. She is not vain enough. The times I have had to cajole her into washing her neck! lol She loves her lipglosses, though:o)

I sit and look at her. She is so not vain at all. Quirky, yes. Vain..no.
She has a kind heart. I am thankful for that. Her 'father' is a top of the tree pillock for not wanting her.

We had a letter re the cervical cancer jab that is being peddled for 12-18 year olds. Junior doesn't want it until it's been fully researched and healthy babies have been born from innoculated women. She doesn't want to be a guinea pig. I expect we'll get a load of hassle from the ptb's.

Been to Mother's today for the Daily Nag'.

Bless her. She means well but DOES MY HEAD IN!!! She reckons the answer to my peri-menopausal woes is to 'get sorted'.....ie; have a hysterectomy!! I suggest to her that I am not in need of a spay, but this, literally, falls on deaf ears. Arghhh....

Off I hobble. Meanopause brings such joyous things.....like chin hair...which the removal of is dodgy if your eyesight is shot....and bladders with minds of their own. List goes on. Such joy! Thank the lord for red wine and nettle tea:o)

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Bit Of Light Relief

A woman brought a very limp duck into a veterinary
surgeon. As she laid her pet on the table, the vet
pulled out his stethoscope and listened to the bird's

After a moment or two, the vet shook his head and
sadly said, "I'm sorry, your duck, Cuddles, has
passed away."

The distressed woman wailed, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, I am sure. Your duck is dead," replied the

"How can you be so sure?" she protested. "I mean
you haven't done any testing on him or anything.
He might just be in a coma or something."

The vet rolled his eyes, turned around and left the
room. He returned a few minutes later with a black
Labrador Retriever. As the duck's owner looked on
in amazement, the dog stood on his hind legs, put his
front paws on the examination table and sniffed the
duck from top to bottom. He then looked up at the
vet with sad eyes and shook his head.

The vet patted the dog on the head and took it out
of the room. A few minutes later he returned with
a cat. The cat jumped on the table and also delicately
sniffed the bird from head to foot. The cat sat back
on its haunches, shook its head, meowed softly and
strolled out of the room.

The vet looked at the woman and said, "I'm sorry,
but as I said, this is most definitely, 100% certifiably, a dead duck."

The vet turned to his computer terminal, hit a few keys and produced a bill, which he handed to the woman..
The duck's owner, still in shock, took the bill. "£150!"
she cried, "£150 just to tell me my duck is dead!" The
vet shrugged, "I'm sorry. If you had just taken my
word for it, the bill would have been £20, but with the Lab Report and the Cat Scan, it's now £150."

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Clear out

I always cop for it!

Whenenever I utter the immortal words "I'm having a lie-in tomorrow"...it never goes to plan.

Ding Dong.

Mother is on the doorstep at 11am...with shopping trolley. She comes bearing gifts, says she.

Freshly laundered towels (washing maching is still knackered) and my pans from yesterday's meal.

In addition, trolley was bursting with a few rather large bits. Turns out they are framed embroidery and tapestry pieces that she's had for years. Were hung on her living room wall until this morning. Doesn't want them anymore. She's having a clear out. Two were made by my Dad's girlfriend from home. She gave them to him when he visited...50 years after leaving his homeland. Don't think she was daft enough to wait for him, but it irks my mother a tad...that there was a girl left behind in war time:o(

So, she's on an anti-men crusade. Cause nothing but bother and heartache! lol She's threatened to chuck out half the family photos amongst other things, too. So, Bro is doing his duty at this very mo and saving them! She's having a grief reaction. Says that when she dies there will be no mess to clear up. No silly photos, no dodgy clothing or nik naks, etc. So, they're all coming here..... for the time being. She'll change her mind in six months time and wish them back! lol

Junior is doing some brain training/teasing stuff at the mo and I have FINALLY found a use for algebra that might interest her. Competitions and prize money involved. Woo hoo!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Water Works

The boys and their over halves have been up to cheer up their gran. Grandchild of Min visited, too. She is sooooo adorable and cute and..bright as a bobbin. Just the ticket to cheer Mother up. We got the old family photos out and had a laugh and ooh and ahh. Junior was happy to see her brothers. They still rib her and give her what for....being the only girl...but she gives as good as she gets. Her neice...grandchild of Min...absolutely adores her, which is all good. They had a sort of game of dominoes, using my Dad's set.

Son no 1 demanded that J bake him some brownies for his visit. (he is a chocaholic). So, Junior obliged. Son No 1 LOVED them. Then we broke the news that they were a 'packet job'. Just open packet, add water, beat, plop in tray and bake. Chocolate drops and marshmallows optional extras:o) lol

Big Bro spent 9 hours with Mother yesterday and today she had us for 5. I am hoping that all this company will help her sleep. Still lots of tears about but I hope they will help her heart heal.

Bro is not himself. Seems a little down. So, he's having a soak and has been in the bath for 3 hours!!!! 3 hours!! Is this a 'man' thing, I ask myself?

Time to boot him out, says my bladder:o)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Feet Warmers

Won't get much sleep tonight.

It is COLD. Autumn is here..so central heating has been on today...first time. Not the reason for my insomnia.

I came up tonight to find 9 mogs on the bed....and they ain't moving! lol Ah well, at least they keep the old feet warm:o) Tinkerbelle and Olive are the feet warmers:o) But, alas, I fear that party mode will overwhelm them by about 3am....then it's the 'boot'! lol

Camera batteries are still being recharged. We're on a photography course tomorrow. Need our beauty sleep.

Still boiling mad about how David and Mother have been treated. It's not right.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Tonight I sat inside a hospital cubicle and witnessed something terrible.

Mother's other half has died. No one from his family was there. Only us two. Me and Mum. She is ABSOLUTELY desolate. I am pretty upset. Hospital staff seem disgusted that not one member of his 'family' was with him...So is everyone else here, at home. He was the nearest thing to a grandad that Junior had. And such a lovely bloke.

When you are sat by the side of someone who is dying.....please hold their hand. Please do. Give them some comfort.

NHS staff are wonderful and caring.

How can I console an 80 year old woman who KNOWS that her OH has been neglected by the Powers That Be.

Before being admitted to hospital he endured a whole weekend, struggling to breathe and no oxygen!

Mum first arrived at the care home this morning (she was not scheduled to visit him but something made her go). He was struggling to breathe. 1.30 doc arrived. 4pm emergency ambulance arrives. 9 pm he is dead! He was VERY weak in the morning but, somehow, he managed to sit up and hug and say he loved her...then he collapsed back.

If her instinct hadn't told her to go to him, he would have died alone because the care home wouldn't have notified her.

He was given oxygen at hospital. When he stopped breathing, I ran out and told the medics. They, of course, knew he was dying. 'Is he dying?' asked one nurse to another during 'shift change'. Other nurse nodded. Mother was inside the curtained cubicle, sobbing her heart out, she was crying 'Please don't leave me, please don't leave me. I will always love you'. 80 years old!

80 years old!

I would bet my daughter's life that Mother could have done a better job than the sodding ptb and their care home and kept him alive longer....with dignity and love....

Some of the care home staff were lovely....the 'indians''...it's just that the chiefs clearly are not in possession of the brains they were born with or compassion!

Tonight, Mother wants to be alone.....to remember....

He didn't deserve this. His name was David...and he was a gent:o))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 13 September 2010

Need Musclepower

The washing machine has finally given up its willl to live!

Until a replacement arrives everything has to be hand washed.....as there are no launderettes in hill billy land. None. Business opportunity for someone here:o)

This will be a good experience for Junior, of how people in poor and third world countries manage to get on without gadgets. Unfortunately, there are no rivers near us, so the bath will have to do. lol

I don't mind handwashing, it's just the squeezing out of excess water that does me and the old rickety joints in. Could do with one of those old-fashioned mangles of yesteryear, the ones that our grannies used. Bet they're like gold dust now, though. Sigh..... (Hmmmmm....that would be a good project. Wonder if I could get bro and Junior to concoct one up? Would keep my leccy bill down.)

Until then, best get eating more Popeye food:o)

This weekend, Junior has been water painting, making jewellery and...... entering lots of competitions...to win money!! I want a new kitchen, so guess who's entering that one? Where's there a 60 Minute Makeover when you need one? lol

Friday, 10 September 2010

No Protection

We went to the care home again. He has deteriorated. So much so, that Mother is convinced that he will soon die.

She is inconsolable.

We arrived and he was 'sat' in a chair...asleep..mouth wide open..as though he needed air. This 'carer' shoots out and informs Mother that he is ill and a doctor has been called.

He still has the bruises on his forearms. The manhandled type.

Mother gently wakes him..to see what state he is really in; she gently wipes the gunk from his eyes and wipes his face with a face wipe...to refresh him. His mouth remains open and he gags, as his throat is dry. He reminded me of my Dad when he lay dying..mouth open..gasping for air.

There is no drink for OH so I ask for water. The 'carer', who is filling in forms, doesn't even have the courtesy to lift her eyes and look at me.. and carries on writing and says 'In a minute'. Five minutes later, OH is still gagging, Mother is asking where the drink is... and 'carer' finally gives me a glass...of diluted orange juice, probably because she heard Mother, otherwise we wouldn't have got the drink until form filling was done. I asked for water but take the orange, not wanting to cause a fuss. OH is offered this and immediately pulls a face...his eyes still mostly closed. So, Mother goes directly to the 'carer' and asks if we can have water as he doesn't like the juice. 'Carer' has the audacity to tell her that I asked for juice...which I did not. She speaks to my Mother likes she's a piece of shit. A nothing..An interfering old cow who won't let her get on with her form-filling.

Then, it's cup of tea time. Perhaps they hear me brightly asking OH if he wants a cuppa and one eventually arrives...in a handless plastic cup. Sigh. I ask if he can have it in a toddler type beaker, so no liquid can spill down his front. We get it and Mother proceeds to get the poor chap to drink. 25 minutes, near enough, she stood and ensured that he had all his drink. He looked a lot better then. Hydrated. He started to keep his eyes open. As he was being given the drink I was holding his hand, so he wouldn't slump back. After he'd had his drink he slowly, really slowly lifted my hand and kissed it. He was saying thank you for caring by the only physical means he had. He was too ill to really speak, but his eyes said it all. It was so hard to witness. I wanted to sob but had to stay strong for him..... and Mother...... who was quietly crying as she cleaned him up. He lifted his hand up and wiped a tear from her cheek. God, I wanted to sob...and scream at all the arseholes, so called professionals who have kept these two apart..just because they can.

I sobbed when I got home.

Mother asks 'carer', if he is poorly, why isn't he in bed? Well, apparently, he kept getting up. He doesn't like being alone in his room because when he is put to bed the door is locked! He has always been frightened of being locked up. Even I know that...but we get told that they can't look after him one to one. Well, then he shouldn't be there, should he, if they can't provide adequate care?

It was 3 ish...and he still hadn't had his dinner! Apparently, he was asleep when they were doshing the food out.. They had given him a paracetamol earlier! No wonder he is out of it, I tell 'carer' who replies that she was told to give him it and stomps off.

Mother bursts into tears, again... Now she is convinced he is being starved.

She's still trying to get him out of there to somewhere nearer where she can spend more time with him, rather than endure hours of travelling. He's weak and frail now. Not a surprise really, if there is no food being eaten. ' Mother's fought like a lioness to get him away from there, for him to get the best care. But, they won't let him leave this place. Only in a wooden box.

I'll never forgive them for the pain they've caused. They're fucking heartless!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Giant Cat Litter

I was cleaning out the cat litters today and managed to drop one of the covered ones on my bare foot! Yow. Bloody Yow! So, of course, a little hopping about and cursing took place for a while! Anyway, it must have done some good as I can now bend my arthritic toes:o)

We are 'doing up' the garden.....or rather, Bro is...with his little apprentice, Junior.

He's teaching her how to mark up and measure, etc. There are string lines attached to wooden pegs' all over the place. They have, between them, drawn up a plan and it's looking good:o)

Previous owners laid a load of gravel on the back, with bits of various grasses and pampas plants here and there. The gravel is like a huge cat litter and it's difficult for me to walk on with the old rickety joints. I hate gravel.....so it's going!...albeit slowly.

Already Bro and J have laid a patio seating area away from the prying eyes of Nosey Neighbour. Junior knows how to lay paving slabs and has even laid some herself....and they don't wobble! Yay!

Next project bit is a pond. L-shaped. We're off to B & Q so 'The Landscape Gardeners' can suss out the cost. The last time we were there, buying supplies for the cat run, we were ogling a bamboo plant....6 foot tall..and it was £50. Nice neighbour, the one who is teaching Junior floristry, gave me one of hers the other day. 6 foot tall it is. And she gifted a rare geranium plant that was a favourite of my Gran's. How nice is that! All because Bro mended her gate:o)

Of course, camera batteries are flat and need recharging, so no piccies yet of our horticultural bits, so to speak. I am doing my best and trying to think of ways to protect my new additions from the cocking leg of Bro's dog. Little tinkler:o)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I have enough on my plate

Today I am pissed off with red tape and those who hide behind it.

Pissed off with LEA people doorstepping us.

However, the red tape that pisses me off the most at the mo is that which breaks my Mother's heart and that of her other half.

You know he is in a care home. He wants to go home. He is frightened....he told her again yesterday.

Do you know why? Well, she goes to see him and today notices he is down. She asks if he has had his dinner? No, is his reply. She takes him to his room...which he hates but it is the only 'private' place they have....to calm him down. She always brings him some food as he seems to underfed. Today it was trifle and some pie, which he wolfs down. This is strange as he is a slow eater. She then susses out that he needs toileting, so she sees to it and discovers that he has obviously been walking around in soiled pants. The care staff come in with his dinner. Jacket spud with manky red cheese, which has been microwaved to stone. It is WAY beyond dinner time and so Mother asks why he is being fed so late. It is because he wouldn't sit down to eat it, so they with held it, the 'food' until now! Punishment. Mother asks if they asked him why he wouldn't sit down. No, they didn't. Couldn't be arsed it seems. No pun intended.

He is being neglected but no matter what Mother says, it is dissed. This is all going to court and, as far as I can see, the law is an ass if it allows this sort of thing to go on!

She tells them, the so-called carers, that he wouldn't sit down because he had soiled his pants and asks if they would sit down if they had underwear full of crap? They tell her they didn't mean any harm. As if! All this 'care' for just £500 a week! Forcibly taken out of his savings. Bargain or what? Pffffffffff!!

The young and the elderly. Vulnerable targets for these vultures!

Monday, 6 September 2010

There She Blows

Been chasing washing all over the garden today as it's very windy here. Starting to blow a noisy gale, too. The gods are farting:o) Well, better out than in I say! So, here starts today's topic. lol

I used to work with a woman who had been married for over 15 years and had NEVER, ever passed wind in the presence of her hubby! Amazingly, she had had a 100% success rate in the 'escapee' dept, too. No rogue farts in her house, which is a major miracle considering the amount of alcohol she consumed and cigarettes she smoked! Maybe the tar from the nicotine helped bung her up? I don't know. I, of course, found and still find this unbelievable...the non fartum thing... but she swore it was true and was quite taken aback that the rest of us women in the office were not like her. Of course, the silent type could never be me..or my back end. Would be incapable of 'holding on..or in'... as the old Sphincter muscle responsible for things at that 'end' is well and truly shot..but at least it's given me a giggle or two...with more to come, I should imagine! ...........Jacket spud with beans for lunch:o))))

Oooooops!! Junior takes after her mother...bless:o)) ..and still hasn't mastered the art of foiling any escapees. Lots of 'Ooooops' and giggles here:o)
From our garden. Yummy. We grew these in a 1ft x 2ft tub.
Popeye with the 'I am not amused, who did that 'cos it wasn't me?' look. Yes...cats do fart!
Cherubs floating around our upstairs, floaty, cloudy ceiling


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Silly Woman and Poor Cows

We've run out of milk...and I can't be arsed to hobble up to the local little supermarket and get more. Bro is here in his repair man capacity and he and J like their morning cereal! It's their fault we've run out! lol I'm ok with milkless tea.....but J is into her milkshakes and smoothies.....and can't stand soya milk, I'm afraid.

There is no excuse really for being milkless as I drive past the place a million times a week. I think it is 'inner me' feeling guilty for all what the poor bovines have to go through to quench our thirst for the white stuff.

We pass a field full of lovely bulls each time we're out and about. Beautiful animals of a lovely red/ginger tone..the sort of divine, glossy colour that you'd pay a fortune for at the hairdressers! I was planning to take Junior up for a lookie closeup this weekend..and to see the sheep, too. ...But...

We spotted a live animal transorter the other day, going in the direction of the not so local and not, by all accounts, nice slaughterhouse. Sent my blood cold!

Yesterday the cows were gone and have now probably been transfigured into burgers and the like.

I know people will always eat meat but I wish there was a kinder way with regards the slaughtering. Can't be very nice being strung up, upside down, on metal chains with the rest of the herd, conveyer belt style, and then..............chop! Urghhhh!

So, everytime I find myself wandering down the sooopermarket meat aisles , all I can hear is fear!

It would have to be me that develops a phobia about buying milk! lol

Yesterday Mother was telling me her War Tales, again. How, when she and my Gran were in Germany and slaves to a German farmer, that she'd go and shelter with the cows, in the field, under the trees whenever there were bombs dropping from the sky. Sod the air raid shelters or cellars, she wanted to be with the animals. They'd all shushhh, huddle tightly together, quietly under the trees. The cows would put their heads down and bring mum (then aged 11-12) to them........the nearest they could to holding her. She was, not doubt, gripping them in return! There she was, in the centre of a bovine 'minder' huddle. She was their caring friend, 'cos she never hit or beat them. They, in turn, would give her a sly drink of milk, without the farmer bloke knowing:o) lol

Anyway, with the lovely cows gone we shall go and collect wild sloes and blackberries instead. We're in line for a huge supply of bramley apples from 'nice neighbour' and Junior is intent on transforming these into crumbles for the freezer so we can consume them during the winter months:o) I'm going to make some more apple and chili jelly. yum. But what can you make with sloes, apart from sloe gin? Never liked gin but have been told sloe gin is totally different tastewise. With my limited internet time, due to temperamental laptop, I have no chance of googling anything, let alone writing the recipe down! lol But hey....lookie here....it's stayed on for a whole 30 minutes! woo hoo!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Plan B

Well, Kelly Clarkson might have got munched but the Black Eyed Peas have come to the rescue! Yay!!
An impromtu visit to another dear old Home Bargains resulted in my spying a batch of these singing toothbrushes.....and there were LOADS. So, Junior is now brushing her teeth to the warblings of Will I Am, Fergie & Co...something about Let's Get it Started:o)
New singing toothbrush..high up...away from the munchers

Funky new bathroom bin

Gratuitous photo of Bart.
Bro's cat, Scratchy

Birthday Girl, Cilla. 8 yesterday:o)

Snapshot of our cherub, fluffy clouds and candelabra ceiling. There's a cherub hiding behind the right hand bulb

Today we are off to Mother's on a 'Take her mind off things and thus cheer her up' mission. We bought supplies yesterday and so we're going to get M to supervise the making of pyroghi....aka Ukrainian potato dumplings. She has this recipe for velvety soft pasta..no tough stuff... The p's are boiled up for a few minutes, strained and smothered in slowly sauteed chopped onions. Mwah!!!! We aim to make lots and lots....brother is smacking his lips as we speak and Sons 1 & 2 are hovering for their share, too! lol Comfort food:o)

We've been and bought a few new books lately.....like we don't have enough already! lol Junior is really into the James Wong stuff......Grown Your Own Drugs.....which, for the uninitiated, is not a grow your own cannabis manual but a sort of home made, herbal remedy, diy sort of book authored by a young bloke...so it has a modern, funky twist on it and is quite readable. Junior is after making a few beauty creams, lip salves, etc. I've spotted a Rose and Clove hair removing sugar. Sugaring is supposed to be less painful than waxing. The author's road tested it on himself and, apparently, sugar doesn't stick to the skin like wax does = less pain. So......shall I or shan't I? Or maybe I should first find a willing hairy leg to practice on? lol

Monday, 30 August 2010

Depressing...Beware of Growing Old in This World

Spent all day yesterday with Mother.

Her 'other half' is in a care home..if that's what you call it. Locked up and not able to go beyond the walls that envelop him. No visits out to feel the sun on his skin, breeze on his face, smell the world..hear other people chatter. So,, she makes epic journeys....hours each way....and sees him many times a week to make sure he is ok. She brings him food and treats. And then goes home and cries for their lost life together.

He didn't want to be in this place, separated from her..and neither did she. They wanted to spend their last years together....share their friendship and time together. To care and be cared for. But no....... It's amazing how the powers that be seem to know what is best for you. Yep, they KNOW IT ALL!!.....NOT!

No-one else visits him with any meaningful regularity, apart from Mother. So would you believe it when I tell you that the ptb are talking about preventing Mother from visiting him? Poor little care home bosses can't cope with any 'criticism' about their 'care regime' so they want to keep her out of his life. It would be much easier for them! No-one to annoy them by pointing out that he's a bit hungry, thirsty, cold, needs to poo, the poo is black, his tummy hurts, his toenails are long and painful, etc......

He spends most of his time either locked in his room or in a room full of shackleton type armchairs which are occupied by much older people, who sit there bored with nothing to do but sleep and dribble into their chins. Nothing doing or going on. Very depressing and hearbreaking to see.

So, we have one bewildered, 'drugged up to the eyeballs' bloke wanting to 'go home' and a heartbroken old woman who isn't allowed to take him.... and has the threat of not being able to see him again hanging over her. Wouldn't think such things could happen in such a 'civilised society' as ours, would you? But they do.... because of some power-crazy, manipulative bastards that roam our social care organisations. and crap laws that exist.

But, through the tears Mother fights for him, for his dignity and freedom. The powers that be made a huge mistake and still won't let him go. That would mean admitting that they were wrong...Can't have that, can we? And the care home bosses don't want him to go either. That would mean losing a fee-paying victim..err...customer. By the time this case comes to a head...(there is delay after delay like you would not believe!) and a decision is made, then I would expect that one or both of them will be dead.

Care? Pah!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kelly Clarkson Got Munched

I blogged a while back 'I love it when a plan comes together'.....Smug was I about my triumph in getting Junior to brush her teeth...regularly.

You see, I purchased a singing toothbrush....Kelly Clarkson warbling away to Walk Away. So, when Junior brushed her teeth...... KC could be heard from behind the bathroom door. Pressure on the brush head would set off the music. I could definitely be sure that J was cleaning her gnashers if I heard KC's tune! She could never be bothered enough to just press the brush head...take it from me!!

Well, this purchase was a resounding success. Bit too successful. You see, Junior is known for being a tad.....how can I put it....forgetful in the 'putting things back where they belong' department....ie...untidy!

She left Kelly Clarkson on the side of our ample corner bath (which is surrounded by stick on ceramic 'dolphin and baby' adornments .....they occupy random tiles around the bathroom...very Changing Rooms! A style design bequeathed from a previous occupier , who were very inventive. We have a heavenly scene...with cherubs....on our ceilings.....plus candelabera in place of normal room lights. It's quite cool, actually. I shall have to post some picces so you can see...if only I could upload some. Somehow, picasa has come onto the scene and won't let me upload. Ack!!

Right, back to it.... nothing gets past the mogs....they suss EVERYTHING out. The other day I heard KC and called out to Junior. Was she brushing her teeth AGAIN? Hell, no. She wasn't but the mogs were! It was only the Chuckle Brothers (Henry and Ringo) playing/munching the toothbrush. They had figured out that when they put pressure on the brush head then it would make a noise (Ms Clarkson singing). As with cats, if it makes a noise, cat stares at said object and then try to eat or kill it. And on it went, Hilarious. Maybe this is why Ringo is so cantankerous? Could he have the raging horn for KC?

Anyway, alas, this meant that the toothbrush was a no no for Junior usage and had to be replaced pronto. Sadly, Home Bargains must have had a rush on as there were no more singing toothbrushes to be had when we visited for supplies. So, it's back to the Tesco value pack. Ack!

I reckon all this was an inside job. J paid them handsomely in tuna...or something like, to get out of this 'teen hating personal grooming' chore! lol

The 'e' is playing up. Makes for some intersting diction whn you tak into account my typing abilities.! sigh........sorry...

Found my specs tonight...or rather Junior did. Under my bed. Bart needs some, too. Keeps falling off the bed. Doesn't take kindly to Ms Laugh-a-lot. So, we punish her by making her listen to Mariah Carey while endeavouring to win the MY CAT crossword prize.

The cold weather is nigh....mogs are congregating in my bedroom..... I think it's company they crave, 'cos I spend most of my time up here..crafting, etc.. They have an 18 foot run, plus a garden room to spread out in but prefer our company up here:o) Dogs included. Even LooLoo is up here, so it must be getting cold. AND Scratchy....Big Bro's cat... has found the Battle of Britain spirit and has ventured out of the back bedroom for company:o))))) Scratchy is living up to his name. Bless.

If there are any more typos...soz,,,I am done in.

Fed up of not being able up upload piccis, though.

Shredded fingers...all for a good cause

I am about to embark on the worst job ever!

I like having hands....and fingers...ones that work...sort of.

But...the deed has to be done....getting a worming tablet down each of twelve unwilling cats' necks!

I have tried the 'disguise said tablet' in tuna, ham, beef, cat food...you name it..but our mogs ain't that stupid....they can sniff out a worming tablet at a thousand paces.

So, it's on with the leather gardening gloves, safety goggles, thick wraparound blanket and try and get the blooming things past clamped teeth and sharpened claws. Joy!

Doesn't help matters that we have one extremely cantankerous Ringo Schooler....who was relieved of his 'crown jewels' a while ago. Rings seems to want to bonk anything that will have him but, unfortunately, he has no takers:o( Keep telling him that the old legover is a bit over rated...but he ain't having it....literally! lol

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Battery is behaving

Ooooooooo! laptop has signs of life and hasn't conked out for 20 minutes .

Thank you for my Secret Post Parcel:o) The contents are cool and I will post a piccy if and when laptop allows me the time! lol I can't find an email addy or blog addy to thank you 'personally'.

The mac is with 'The Doctor'. Can't wait for it to come home so we can 'internet' properly:o)

Been supping nettle tea and it DOES help with the old rickety joints. Junior is besotted with the art of baking and has been turning out some lovely stuff lately. Lots of crumbles made from fruit from the garden. I might set her a challenge and see if she can come up with goodies that include nettle tea.....like a tray bake....(been perusing the old Mary Berry books..lol)

Been having lots of veggie type curry concoctions. For those who are short of funds or just want to save money, Asda do a 'mild' curry..in a jar....for 9p!! So, we stocked up. lol It's not bad, either, tastewise... certainly not that mild or bland!

Am gobsmacked that the laptop has powered up. Going for a lie down!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The End is Nigh

The laptop is crashing all the time and is impossibly slow. Like its making me swear...a lot!
I fear the end is nigh!
Junior has suggested that I might be hurting its feelings with the 'blue air' and if I spoke nicely then it might behave. Ack..been there, done that. Bloody useless thing! lol

So...Secret Post Club Recipient....your parcel will be sent on Monday at the latest. I am awaiting something and Saturday is the day of its arrival. I fear I may not be able to report its departure due to knackered Dell!!!...sigh

Meanwhile, the iMac is due to see a 'doctor' soon and, hopefully, will be better soon:o) Yay!
So....until then....we console ourselves with comfort food. Home made, of course.
Times is 'ard! We are making do with what there is in the cupboards and fridge/freezer...which is not a lot at first sight, but it's amazing what you can concoct with bits and bobs. Probably how many a new recipe was invented.
So, we are gorging on apple crumble and bubblegum flavoured ice cream (all the vanilla was scoffed earlier) for pud and home made goats cheese and red onion tartlets with balsamic dressing.....and Skinny french fries for Junior:o)
Has anyone been watching Come Dine with Me? We've been drooling!

Monday, 2 August 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Once your kids start to grow up a bit you'd think that things would get easier. Say, like in the 'personal grooming' dept. When they're little and won't comply with requests to wash face, teeth, brush hair you can just pin the little blighters down and do it yourself. Not so when they get bigger. The screams become more ear piercing for one, plus, if they're anything like my lot, they can talk themselves out of ANYTHING! lol
So, Junior is at 'that age'.
"Have you brushed your teeth?" I ask
"Yep" comes the reply.
I don't believe this for one minute, going by the yellow gnashers I see.
So, I have stumbled upon a foolproof plan.
Wise old mother bird here has bought daughter a new toothbrush. A musical one, too....AND it only plays the music if it is being used for purpose...ie; brushing teeth! So, when I hear a Kelly Clarkson tune coming from behind the bathroom door I smile. No more hamster coloured teeth!! Yay!!

Gratuitous photos...remembered to recharge the camera batteries and managed to upload some piccies before the laptop conked out. The formatting on the blog has gone to pot.
Some car boot buys. Books 30p each! The luverly glasses were 10p!

Won't be reading this on a night! Eeek!
I LOVE these glasses. Nice and roomy for a pud.....or wine:o) Always fancied one of these. The tea tastes lovely and it holds 2 cupfuls, too. I hate little farty teacups. One slurp and it's gone is no good for moi! 50p this was.
A hearty veg soup with barley, which gives it a lovely chewy texture. Yum
Honey Pot's birthday card, which Junior lovingly crafted. It actually looks better in real life.
Lots of vegany stuff in here.
A hoard of crafting books..can't believe they were only 30p a piece

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Car Boot and Jumble Sales are cool

I love jumble sales:o)
Today was our local one, in aid of cat welfare...so there were tons of people bagging bargains. I love this one, because the stuff is clean and really affordable. No silly prices.
We bagged so many things that big bro had to nip home and fetch the car, so we could get the goodies back!
Some of my linen haul was....half a dozen king sized quilt covers (50p each), countless fitted sheets, single and double quilt covers, curtains (some lovely crushed pink velvets...big enough for one curtain to cover a double bed! yay. Some silk curtains, huge posh Next curtains...lined, too...all 50p a pair! Loads more in the linen dept....including yet more pillowcases....my new fetish! lol I use king size quilt covers to cover the bed and quilt, as the mogs always make a beeline for my bed, especially when it's got fresh linen on...which is every day.
Tons of books, videos and nik naks made it home, too..sigh:o))
Junior got loads of videos and a couple of tops..plus a bottle of posh perfume with atomiser.
I am just going to enjoy our goodies and put up piccies tomorrow.
Anyway..ever on home ed duty...I bought Junior a French book. A sort of translation of what 1000 everyday items and actions are....so she was testing ME tonight when I was preparing tea!
Got her a maths book. too. That one might need a bit more encouragement, though! lol

I'm off to stroke and gaze adoringly at our 'haul'. lol

Well Done to the Brits for doing so well at the European Champs in Barcelona...and also to the Uki's. Yay!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Junior is not well.
Summer cold.
It pisses her off...all this snot and sneezing...Vick and honey seem to be doing the trick, though...in the'not rasping in your ear'ole dept'.

Still, her little charges don't half protect her. Honeypot and Meg are curled up around her feet and bum...keeping her warm. Henry is on 'man' duty and kipping under the bed! Bless! Jimbob is on windowsill duty, as are Spook and Muppet. Popeye is on stair duty. Looloo is under the bed...but that's a Loo thing:)
I am trying to fatten up J. She has been off her nosh with having this cold.
Today she's had a berry smoothie, jacket potato with cheese and baked beans, fried new potatoes, kale, ham and carrots at Mother's, mushroom, spring onion and tomato omlette for tea with Eaton Mess for pud...plus heaps of orange juice....and still she remains slender!! Hollow legs!

Monday, 26 July 2010


Have spent ages looking for my specs.
I know I had them...but where did I put them?
I get so pissed off with these lapses....elderly moments you might call them. Well, good news is I found them! Yay!......on top of my head. I am a twit!

So, summer holidays are upon us...and don't we know it! School kids everywhere.....hyper active and bored.
Junior's mate from across the road is a regular doorbell ringer. Bored...so she rings the doorbell.....a lot! Junior has just resorted to telling the truth, rather than be kind. She tells the door bell ringers that she is busy. She's not into hanging around on the streets. It seems to bore her!

Today was politics, suffragettes, Finance and History (WW2). The UKIP bloke was on tv today and she remembered him from the election.

The series, The World at War, is being aired again on the beeb. 1pm. We've been following it. Today's prog was about the Nazi attempt to bring down the Soviet Union,,,burning 500 villages to the ground..tossing babies on to fires. Can't believe people could do that!.
For those people out there who have aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc...you are lucky.
Wish I did.

Friday, 23 July 2010


I think I have spotted the 'Phantom Dog Shitter and not Picker Upperer!'

I know who you are!! ....

There's me, in my bedroom, perusing the net when I hears this bark...then several more. The barks are coming from outside. Cilla is downstairs in the kitchen....with her 'season.....still!'.... but these barks take her mind off sex for a while and she barks back in a 'Get away from my patch' sort of way.
The mogs growl, too:o)....and half a dozen of them promptly jump onto the window sill for guard duty, eyes like saucers!

So, this dog is white/very light coloured German Shep/Lab size. Active...not an older dog.
If I can pick up my dog's poo and dispose of it in a safe and hygienic manner then so can this bloke!! Idle Wuss!!!! Bend your back and pick it up, you idle toerag!! It's not fair leaving it when there are so many young kids about.
On a happier note.....the Schooler Cat Penthouse Suite is open! Yay
Official opening ceremony is later today when my Southern Counties and University champ niece will cut the ribbon and declare this run open!!
(The mogs have actually beaten her to it and have taken up residence in the viewing pod.) Still....well done big bro:o) xxxx Job well done.
So, Junior is knackered. Been busy with her cousin being here. Plus, she has a bit of a cold. So she has warmed milk prior to going to bed. She comes up to bed, mug of warm milk in hand. Puts it down, after sipping half of it. A few minutes later we turn around to find Grand Old Lady Muppet nicking Junior's milk. She puts her paw into the mug and drinks it that way. A bit like the Arthur advert of years gone. Must be the teaspoon of sugar we put in that attracted Mupp to it. Spooky. Mupp's sister, finished it off, of course. Junior and mogs are fast asleep:o)

Monday, 19 July 2010


The Schooler Mogs are a tough old lot. Not only do they have to put up with Bro's dog 'having a go' at them whenever they approach him and his Bonio (dog biscuit, nothing rude!) but they seem to give each other 'dares'.
Latest one is 'Go on... have a chew on the chilli plant she put right UP THERE?' Ahem....
Of course, these dares are being pursued, going by the state of my chilli plant...which was put on the highest shelf possible to avoid exactly this sort of scenario........stoopid mogs!!!

Litters are being emptied and refilled at an alarming rate....due to after effects of chewing on said chilli plant!!
My poor chilli plant! I am so sorry that you have been eaten....even thought I put you up on the HIGHEST CAT PROOF shelf I could find! Bad mummy!!
Rest assured the usual suspects are paying the botty price!


Tinks.....They both have the 'Ooooooooarghhhheeeaaaa...my guts' look

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Need sunglasses today!!
Junior 's fault.
She is a flourescent vision.
Wedge shoes, neon pink tights, denim shorts and a black and neon pink stretch vest top, which is emblazoned with a gold tiger!
That not being enough, she has done a Mr T and has decided to wear ALL her bling jewellery bits:o) Finishing touch.
Actually, she looks ok. Trendy. Nice.
Would be better if she brushed her hair, though!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Bro went to my niece's graduation today:o) He is one proud dad.

She did Sports Science and Physics at uni and will be tutoring Junior soon:o) Plus, niece is a javelin champion...national level....so Junior might be getting some training in that department, too! Niece is the second one in our family to gain a degree, after great nephew...who did sports science...and he cannot find a job, so is applying for an apprenticeship in plumbing!!
We babysat bro's dog....more howling, etc. lol Cilla is still behind bars......chest level dog gate has been fitted to kitchen doorway....so prevent any little sortees!!
Amidst all the racket, we baked. All vegan.... chocolate brownies, carrot cake....really delish. And made a veg and barley soup....which cured Junior's summer cold:o) Vegan baking is a tad different. Dry ingredients are added to wet ingredients. To bind your ingredients, you can use ground flaxseed, or applesauce, or soy yoghurt, white wine vinegar, oil, etc....no need for eggs!
The brownies came out of the oven at 10.30pm and by 4pm next day there was ONE piece left. Maybe I can take a piccie before it is consumed? lol
Junior is sparko. Fast asleep with her Guardians.. Tonight they are...Henry VIII at her side and faithfull Megan at her feetLo) She has three quarters of the bed...I have the other bit. (Bro is staying in her room, you see.) As I said, Junior has three quarters of the bed. She also seems to have ended up with three quarters of the covers, too!! Hmppphhhh!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


We are still on 'bonk alert'.
Bro's dog is doing his darndest to get his wicked way with our Cilla....who has morphed into a complete slapper!!
We have about another week of this whining and howling to endure.
So.....she is entombed in my bedroom.......ha!!! After all my broken hearts...NO male gets in here!!!
But.....dogs on heat AND dogs wanting to do the 'business' are a pain in the butt. Pant, pant, pant!!! ARghhhhhhhh.

Still....Min has overcome this problem.
Headphones.....and loud music!!
That'll stump the little sex mad hounds!
Mary Whitehouse....eat your heart out!!!

ps....Headphones and loud music are for my benefit...not some new pet contraceptive that I've stumbled upon. Headphones go on ME while I listen and sing away, badly, to my music. Much rather listen to my cd's than the pathetic whining and panting of some sex starved pain in the a***. What they think of my attempts at singing is another matter...but who gives a shit!!?
Actually, though, Max and Cilla babies would be lovely....temprament-wise. But....Noooooooooooooo. I have two bricks at the ready for those over-active testicles...and Cilla is having the op asap!!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Big Poo

I am on the warpath!!

Some dog has crapped on the pavement outside our house and the idle git of an owner couldn't be bothered to bend their lazy back and clear it up! Dirty bugger.
I am not talking Yorkshire Terrier size turds....nooooooo......they are donkey sized!!
Now, I could go OT and get bro to install the cctv cameras that came with him this time to cop the culprit if he/she does it again:o...or.....do I inform the local dog warden that we have a phantom pooper and let them do the detective work? They advertise their services in the neighbourhood rag and seem keen on bagging these people....plus this is part of what I pay Council Tax for, isn't it?
Wonder if nosey neighbour has noticed? Bet she could ID the pooper.
Still, it is pretty rude, leaving dog poo. Even if we walk our pooch in fields, etc, I always clear ours up. Who wants to go walking through a poo bombsite?

Sunday, 11 July 2010


A young, faithful Megan.

Lazy day today.. is all big bro's fault.

He introduced Junior and I to the pull of.......grand prix racing.

British Grand Prix it was this weekend....and I managed to watch all of it....bar laps 20 - 26 when I did the 'elderly' thing...and fell asleep. In my defence, I was up early!!!
Still, our lads did well...2nd and 4th. Alonso had a paddy..lol

Then....Top Gear man, James May's prog on making and designing a plasticine garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. He's so funny...droll., dead pan and all that....
Then, the actual Top Gear prog.....Ron Weasley is at the top of the Reasonably Priced Car drivers' list:o) Yay for redheads!!
Bro has nearly finished the Piece de Resistance ....re the last bit of the cat run....the viewing stage....so the mogs can look down the garden and feel the wind, rain, sunshine, etc without being in danger of being flattened or hurt. Nosey neighbour is busting a gut to see what all the drilling and sawing is producing...but we are fending her off!! Now the mogs have the run of downstairs, the garden room, big cat run, shed for shelter and then the run/viewing station on the end of all that. Spoilt or what? lol
On the home ed front...Junior has done nothing but write all weekend. I am not allowed to see but she has been scribbling away. We bought a book yesterday on a 100 famous Brits. It all rhymes...details of their accomplishments. Very appealing and, hopefully, easy to remember. She is clapped out now with faithful Meg by her side... Cats are ALWAYS attracted to clean bedding! lol

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Tinkerbelle, Tinkerbelle, Tinkerbelle.

What am I going to do with you?

Tinks is into anything fishy, beit fish or prawns. Yes, she definitely loves prawns.

Well, the other day, Bro and Junior were indulging in some chilli lathered prawnettes. The ones on bamboo sticks.
Tinkerbelle can spot anything fishy from a mile.

So starts the 'I am your bestest friend, give us a prawn' campaign a la Tinks.

So, claws out and yes, she bags one....then another and on it goes.

Tinks's little bum is on chilli fire today. lol

Not so funny for moi, who always has the litter cleaning duty! Pah!!

Friday, 9 July 2010


We live in Hill Billy Land.....'tis nice as long as you have transport.

Well, every day, after I have sorted out Junior, the mogs and the pooch I often sit outside with my cup of tea and peruse. I ignore the bombsite of a garden (but it is coming on and I shall post piccies when done) and I just sit and relax.

You hear the normal stuff...cars, neighbours chatting/ranting/moaning, etc.....birds, neighbourhood chickens and pets, but you can hear beyond all that, if you have a mind to.
I hear the farm animals. Sheep and their lambs bleating away....bovines mooing. (There are plenty of fields around here if you walk a bit) Junior and I happened upon a field full of calves. They were so sweet...and were playing! Chasing and gamboling around the field, as happy as Larry, not much different to how our mogs behave...except the mogs are in no danger of being eaten later on in their lives.

About the sheep, lambs and bovines....It was the same last year. I thought it was lovely, hearing them all. Now I feel sad.
In a couple of months time, they will stop..the bleatings and mooing.


Well, we've been doing our best on this Vegan Pledge thing.

Have to say that I feel better, rickity joint-wise. I have put on weight, though...so shall have to tinkle with the recipes a bit.
However, today, I managed to sit cross-legged on the bed!!
This is no mean feat for one with rheumatoid arthritis. So......yay!!! I still am not cured and use a walking stick at times, but I feel better.
I don't give a poop what people think. I've had the 'Oh, you're not eating that veggie crap, are you?' from people. Well. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Don't care. I managed to sit cross legged on the bed! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

Going vegan....I have excluded meat from my diet......not too difficult. Dairy is the hardest to give up. You don't relate animal cruelty to dairy products, do you? Still, we've had vegan mozzarella and chedder and they weren't that bad. Tomorrow, am going to make a soup with home made vegan chicken nuggets....and a casserole of veg and dumplings.
Yes, it's hot here, too........but we eat later on at night and the food is more filling. We tend to eat raw food in the day and cooked at night.
So, am practising......stretching......am hoping to be able to touch my manky toes soon..... Never been flexible like that......so, fingers crossed...as well as the legs! lol

Monday, 5 July 2010

Fun and Games!!

This is Max....big bro's dog. He and Bro (and Scratchy the cat) are staying with us for a few more days:o)

Now, Max is a luverly dog. Bit batty and totally soft:o) Think Scooby Doo...he is that size. He loves Cilla:o)


Cilla, however, is a bit choosy, so Max usually gets 'The growl'.

Not so, at the mo, it seems. You see, Cilla is coming into season....and boy, are we having fun and games!

Cilla is now Cilla the Tart! So, one dog downstairs, 'Tuther upstairs!

LOTS of forlorn (You bastards, keeping us apart) yowling and howling going on here at Chez Min. ........sigh
Then there's our Scratchy cat. Battle worn and still with testicles attached!! Ha....but not for long, says she...waving neutering ticket!! Scratchy, in his defence....and living in the back bedroom with Bro and Max....has been no trouble at all. Quiet as the proverbial mouse. Perhaps he has an inkling....just like Maxiboy....who is doing his darndest to fool old Min and Big Bro that his intentions towards our Cill are honourable! Pah!

Yowling and howling..... Fun!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bloody Interruptions

We were due to visit the zoo today.

Son no 2 and grandchild of Min, me and Junior. My pressie to GoM for her birthday.

Grandchild of Min wanted to see the monkeys especially. She is just two. Junior the tigers.

So, in this house, trips out like this mean a morning start. Bad news for us Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers! Anyway, we are running around like blue arse flies.....cat litters sorted, animals fed, plenty of water, dog walked, etc..............Junior fed!

We are just about to depart when.......bash on door. Oh, shit!

It is Mother. She tried to phone me but got 'silly messages'. (I switched my phone off...so no distractions).....but.....she needs to talk.....about something we don't agree on but she won't let go of. Sigh... As she walks through the hallway, into the lounge, she comments that the cats are waiting for their food, too many of them, think what we could be doing instead of having this lot, blah, blah. (Cats have been fed..dishes are still half filled (whole box of Whiskas sachets) plus half a sack of GoCat has gone down...plus a gallon of water. They are, in reality...pogged...stuffed...but she has to get the sarcasm in). I bite my tongue...mainly 'cos I am upstairs and she'll never hear me anyway!!

My mother thinks we just sit at home and never venture out, never have plans.....and that all life should be focused on her!

So.....2 hours later.....it is too late to go. Ack. Son no 2 takes grandchild of Min elsewhere. Junior is pretty pee'd off..and me....back has gone. I am Quasimodo, alive. not so well and very grumpy!!

For any bloody do gooders out there..I have given my kids permission to shoot me should I ever turn into my mother!

There!! Shall never get to heaven now!!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Do You Have Room in Your Heart?

We have 12 cats and a dog. Doesn't feel like we do. OK...the emptying of cat litters is a bind but, apart from that, it's cool. We have to hoover each day, change bedding each day...wash it and dry it, etc.......all common sense stuff anyway.

So, we went to see our friend at the local Pet Welfare place today. He had some covered cat litter trays for us. With this hot weather..it makes sense to keep the litters covered. When we got there......we found.....

Wall to wall kittens........26

Most dumped, in boxes and left.

Some are so small..TINY, due to malnourishment. I could cry.

Junior was followed around by a little tabby boy. So friendly and independent..even for one so young. He is causing concern as he flips from the runs to constipation...and thus an icky bum...with no mummy cat to look after him, means he could get fly strike.....so he is being washed...several times a day. He is obviously suffering from a food allergy, but there are so many mouths to feed, it's impossible to keep this one isolated and fed on specialised food. No time and not enough funds!!

There is also a LOVELY black male. Beautifully friendly. Sleek and otherwise healthy....but he has feline aids....Poor lad. I hope he finds the home he deserves. It needs to be an only home or one with others with feline aids. He will have to be an indoor cat, too. He just miaows for attention....they all do. You just want to scoop them up and hug them. Then there's this brindle female, Thin and scraggy. . She is old but is so friendly. Just wants a bit of love and company. I am SO tempted. She is the one who struck my heart...probably because she is like Tinks....and I can't bear the thought of this being Tinks in the future. Plus, old lady version is WAY friendlier. lol...

So....Junior and I will go down each day and handle these kittens and cats so they remain sociable and, thus, easier to rehome. Plus loved. Black and white cats are COOL!!! Our Henry and Ringo are such characters..and so are Spook and Jimmy and Muppet:o)

God, if I could only just wave a magic wand and help these poor creatures. When we go down I will take photos. Maybe someone will offer a home to some of these lovely animals.

Meanwhile, my lot are partying around the house. Whizzing and playing:o)

Then there's the rabbits at the pet welfare place!!

Two largish animals, not pretty....just your normal brownish types.... cooped up in one hutch......no run to frolic about it...

Might have to take those two home and give them a bit of space:o) They are the overspill. Another person devotes her back garden to rabbits. About 50 of them. Discarded..Too much hassle to keep. They have lost their 'use'. So they wait, in little hutches, for a nice home. Pah!!

Jeez....We humans are barstewards!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Another Project.

Too Hot, still.

Have put water out all over the garden for the birds and other creatures who frequent or inhabit our patch:o)

We seem to have LOTS of spider webs criss crossing the garden, much to the annoyance of Junior. I know when she's copped for one or two by the hi-pitched screams she manages to produce. lol I've suggested a little project to identify the little buggers.

Anyway, we are contemplating having a pond built. This requires big bro, for the pump knowledge:o)..and electrics. He thinks built up fish pond, I thinks your normal level. Would be nice to be able to listen to the sound of running water outside. There are frogs around here, so it would be cool if they could have somewhere to dip. Maybe we could have a couple of fish? Here I am, again, thinking of expanding my pet count! Too many visits to garden centres. lol Do frogs eat fish? My mother seems to think so. Shall have to investigate further:o)

Have put drops of lavender on the windows. The sun has done its job and the house smells lovely:o) Re lavender...we're off to buy some lavender cordial from the health shop. They sell rose cordial too. Never heard of either of these until I sussed out vegan supplies in our area. Amazing what you can buy in this day and age.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

'Tis the Season to be Responsible

Ack! Hot weather. Uck.

"Wot are you on about?" ...I hear.

I hate hot weather. Always have done, even as a young kidling.. Well, you try enjoying yourself when you are losing pints of blood, all in the name of 'that time of tfordhe month!!' Bugger!!....so to speak.
But........today's blog speak, that no-one listens to...is all in the name of PET WELFARE

Please, people, remember your furry friends.....This time of the year is crap for them. Do the right thing.

DE FLEA and DE WORM your furry friends..........NOW!!!

Don't use the cheapo stuff...use the vet recommended stuff. We use Frontline. You can get it from some chemists. I buy in bulk and get a 20% discount. Maybe you and your mates could bunk in and afford the costs?

I've seen dogs especially, bald from scratting... It is not nice and they do suffer, just because the owners hadn't used a defleaing treatment on their 'pet'.

We dosed our lot tonight and they are so CHILLED!!! lol

Also.....this HOT WEATHER thing.......

Didn't want to brag, but I just realised that we have a fan light. FAN LIGHT! 3 speeds, too:o)


Problem now being....can't remove daugher.....and pets...from my...MY bedroom. lol

Friday, 25 June 2010


All the mogs are in. It is 11pm....and dark.

But. they are growling, even Mr Quiet Guy Jimbob, .....at something going off outside.

The dogs at the smallholding up the road are barking, too.


Thursday, 24 June 2010


Jimmy....Mother's cat....is the only mog who is allowed out.

He is an old, wiley thing who has walked many a street prior to 'adopting' Mother. Spends half his life sleeping on one of the shed roofs and the other eating, pooing, peeing up my hall wall and......catching birds. He's a naughty old Jimmy!!

So, lets him out yesterday for his oblutions......one less litter to clean:o) He appears an hour later. Sits at the garden room door, waiting for his servant (me) to let him in. I am alerted to his presence by all the miaowing, of differing volumes, eminating from the cat pen where the Usual Suspects hang out....looking down the garden...in safety:o)
Usual Suspects

There he is, our Jimbob, dead bird in mouth, with the "Go on then!! Open the bloody door so I can devour this little treat and bring in all the parasites that come with it into the house and infect the underling Usual Suspects!"

"Not on your bloody Nelly, mate!!", thinks me. I somehow manage to pass this thought on to HRH, telepathically.

So, off he huffily trots...giving me the "You bastard" look.

"Right back atcha, matey boy" says me. "When you reappear, it's bathtime, Pal. With intesecticidal shampoo. Followed with a shot of worm tableting. Lovely!" lol

I have a pair of heavy duty gardening gloves suited to this task (a la avoiding the claws) plus super, dooper goggles. No soap in my eyes!! Been there, got the t-shirt...voice of experience and all that:o)

Home ed front. Junior is trying to perfect the art of tracing. From memory, it seemed a lot easier in my day and Blue Peter nowadays doesn't seem to be into all that sort of stuff. I miss SmArt!!! Maybe the materials way back then were more suitable for the task. (you get what you pay for!). Anyway, she has toiled.....and will toil for a while, I suspect. lol

We are going to attempt to make paper tomorrow. I suspect this means that my blender may have to be sacrificed, but it's on the way out, anyway!

Monday, 21 June 2010


Junior was up this morning.....early....like 6am early!

After making her bed and doing the usuals, she then proceeded to practise......her piano homework on the fandangled, computerised ticketyboo keyboard that big bro has loaned her. This thing allows you to play every known instrument to man!!...as in the sound effects department. Then there's all the accompanying bits like drums, beats, backing tracks, etc.

I know the neighbours are away on holiday but I wonder about the 'noise'.

'Sorted'..she tells me and plonks on a pair of headphones.


She played really well! lol

Tea tonight is a concoction of veg and vegan meat in a spicy satay sauce, over a bed of noodles:o) Pudding will probably be strawberries and vegan cream...that is if there are any strawberries left......as smoothies are going down a storm here. Helps to have colourful straws. It's amazing how they make the stuff more appealing to kids.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Missing Balls

This vegan blog is amazing. The food looks so appetising. Don't know how the woman does it!! Mind you, she has some amazing equipment....dehydrator, KitchenAid, workhorse blender.....sigh...

We are doing ok. Junior and her spinach!! Seems very apt that we have a Popeye in this house:o) lol She likes this salad....... Spinach, orange segments, bacon (vegan, in our case) and dressing made with the orange juice , olive oil, etc. You are also supposed to have these ingredients in, too..but we didn't have them on hand.....slithers of almonds and some dried apricots, too. (It's good for iron). All in a bread roll!! yummy....I had some mayo on mine.

Tea was vegan shepherds pie, made with some meat free alternative from the Tesco freezer which is actually vegan and not vegetarian!...and carrots. Popcorn for pud, lol We are way too stuffed for anything else.

My quest re some nice vegan 'meat' for my Coronation Chicken led me here. I figured the company might be owned by a vegan but it never crossed my mind that it was a woman and.... Heather Mills!

On the home ed front.....Ofsted are at it, again. What a waste of space and money they are..to get stuff wrong!! Bloody power crazies! Maybe they are for the chop? Anyway, Graham Stuart has put them in their place:o)

On the home front...all this energy has meant that washing machine has kindly assisted me in NINE washes!!! Ah bless, washing machine is now enjoying some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Most of the house has been 'spring cleaned'. This means a good hoover, polish and removal of clutter. Big bro is arriving soon........we have to make room for all his Tool Time stuff!

More wood!!

He's bringing the Scooby Doo lookalike, Max, of course:o) Only, this time, so he doesn't have to bother neighbours to do the necessaries......he's bringing his cat!! He did have two.....Itchy and Scratchy....but Itchy wandered off...with testicles. So, Scratchy is in for a big surprise this week!! Guess who has made him an appointment to see the Vetinarian? lol

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Got Arse In Gear

Junior didn't eat her steak au poivre....just the veggies....and the pudding.

We have sort of got into the flow of things..menu wise now, although it is still difficult and we have had to resort to a few vegetarian options. Smoothies, toast topped with bananas and honey (using it up!), etc for brekkies. Sarnies for lunch and a cooked tea.

Never thought I'd say this, but Cheesly extra mature vegan cheese is not that bad...in a sarnie...with lots of salady things. We piled in farmer's pickle, spinach, beanshoots, beetroot, cheesly, tomatoes, cucumber...in granary bread. Was nice and filling. Gnocchi with a tomato sauce was another meal. Goat's cheese, roasted red pepper and courgette tart with beanshoot, grated carrot, red grape and sliced mushroom salad with a basic salad dressing beefed up with chilli sauce, soy sauce, honey and seasoning. I am hunting for a vegan goat's cheese! lol J has really been into her fruit..which is good. No coca cola or orangey drinks have been consumed yet.:o) No snacking on rubbish...like crisps or processed biccies. We are too full!! lol

I'm looking for a vegan version of Coronation Chicken.

One good thing that has come out of this is that Junior prefers fresh spinach to salad. Much better for her AND she's started to eat apples and pears Yay for seasonal stuff!

My rickety joints, dare I say it, don't feel as bad The restless legs have calmed down and I'm not feeling as tired and wiped out. I'm really hoping that a vegan diet can help me out. Who knows...I might still be in with a shot at taking up jogging again! And badminton....I miss beating Son no 1 at it! lol

On the Life front.......

Yesterday evening was SO weird. We had to go out to the supermarket and the roads were empty. Let me tell you....if you want a hassle free shopping experience, then go when England are playing in the World Cup! Bliss. lol

Today was birthday day:o)

Grandchild of Min celebrated and so did Olive and Popeye's litter (Bart, LooLoo, Tinks, Henry and Ringo). They are ALL 2 today! They all had a party. Grandchild of Min's was a bigger 'do'. lol J had the party hats out again for the mogs and trimmed up the cat pen and living room:o)...as you do! They got upmarket tinned meat!!!. Granchild of Min has got a trip to the zoo to look forward to from me.

Tomorrow is Jack and the Beanstalk day.....we are planting out runner beans. We have no canes so shall have to be creative in finding something for them to climb up!! I am eyeing up big bro's 1 x 1 wood supply. lol

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

We are crap at being totally vegan.

I take my hat off to all those proper vegans out there.

It's hard work....especially for us snacky loving people!

We went out to a supermarket yesterday, hoping for lots of vegan goodies and came away with......vegan ice-cream!

There is nothing else you can buy that is ready made...as in the 'get it out of the fridge/freezer and cook/consume' department.

Junior is a tad peed off....and hungry. Very dissappointed in things...and herself. So, she is not doing the vegan pledge...for now. I have suggested that perhaps she is not destined to be a veggie, but she really wants to have a go at this...sometime. I think the thing that has racked her off most are the little things....like that coca cola and orangey drinks are not even vegetarian!! Who wants to drink something that has fishbladder in it? I offered to buy her some soft drinks today, but she declined. She doesn't want to drink fish bits!! Her eyes have been opened as to what crap actually ends up in our food. So that's a good thing, isn't it? She is not best pleased with the food manufacturing industry....for all the 'fooling us' as she puts it.

Anyway, tonight she tucked in to steak au poivre, roasted potatoes, sauteed tomatoes and spinach. Organic, nicely hatched and despatched and so, expensive. Rightly so. She was hungry so I let her choose her dinner.

So, we have to think hard re recipes and get advice from other vegans re the snack thing. Have to get arse into gear and get organised.

I am not good on the organised front. Hate it. Boring.

Gemini....Don't like being pinned down. Air sign. Pah! Can be such a pain at times!!

I'm not as bad as my sister, though. Took her five years to choose a three piece suite!!

She's so indecisive, she just doesn't know!!! lol

Anyway, we have been out most of the day. Home ed, elderly mother nurturing...garden centre where she and Junior bought lots. Mother old biddy plants,.....and Junior bought herself a fragrant rose. She and her beloved flowers:o)

So, dog and mogs have been neglected. Don't I know it......ten of the mogs...and the dog....all piled into MY bedroom!! No privacy here!! lol

Monday, 14 June 2010

Funny Post

This post is just so funny.

Glad to know there are potty mogs around the world and not just here:o) lol

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Taken The Pledge

Junior and I have taken The Vegan Pledge:o) (See The Vegan Society for all the gumph).

We are going for the Gold Pledge....one month of nothing but vegan food and drinks passing our lips. This is a bigger deal for Junior, as she likes meat but she's treating it as a project and going for it. Has notebook to hand at all times, detailing what can and can't pass her lips. I'm doing it for the health benefits re rickety joints . Anyway, the VS are sending us a pack which should be rather educational for Junior.

I don't have meat but I will miss some dairy stuff......cheeses, especially the gooey, stringy mozzarella. Cheese is my downfall. Junior will miss coca cola. and chocolate. I need to find vegan cola! lol And ready make snacks. We like snacking.

And wine!! I have just read up on some of the animal derived ingredients that can end up in your plonk! Eeeew. Best start home brewing:o) lol I used to have loads of demi-johns, etc. Wonder if they still exist?

Anyway, Junior is busy freeing the fridge/freezer of anything non vegan...like chocolate cheesecake and ice cream. We are totally vegan from tomorrow.

The mogs are eyeing me with suspicion.....like....'Don't expect us to be in on this, matey!!' ....as if I would.....but......according to the gumph on the Vegan Society website. they could.........lol....

This week we will have a go at home made tofu and seitan (fake meat). If they turn out ok I shall post the recipes. The seitan one is supposed to be really good. I also found a recipe for Courgette Cake...in anticipation of our courgette glut.

Good job my kid likes her fruit and veg:o))

PS. We're having a go at making our own writing paper, pending delivery of paper making kit from big bro. Junior wants to make perfumed, lavendery, nice smelling stuff. Like the posh stuff you see in up market gift shops. The paper is destined to be Christmas presents. Five months should be long enough to perfect the process and get it right...do you think? We promise not to use bog roll. lol

Friday, 11 June 2010

The New Cat Pen and Stuff

Sewing tin and book sent by my SPC friend. I am missing reading the book!!! It is such a good. read. Life seems a tad boring now!! lol

The new cat pen is up and running. There is the tunnel from the garden room (which is really a lean-to at the back of the hous) into the new pen (8ft long and 6ft high) and then a shed at the end for shelter. When funds permit there will be another run at the other side of the shed, so the mogs can look down the garden!! They are living in luxury!!! lol They also have the run of downstairs, so plenty of radiators to cuddle up to come winter time:o))

Olive in the new cat pen and chilling! lol

Ringo on the viewing shelf

Jimmy asleep on the shed roof.

Olive, Tinks, Ringo and LooLoo looking out

Bart...bird fixated!!

Tinks, Ringo, LooLoo and Bart...birds...again!!

The pen


Jimmy awake...just!!