Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Giant Cat Litter

I was cleaning out the cat litters today and managed to drop one of the covered ones on my bare foot! Yow. Bloody Yow! So, of course, a little hopping about and cursing took place for a while! Anyway, it must have done some good as I can now bend my arthritic toes:o)

We are 'doing up' the garden.....or rather, Bro is...with his little apprentice, Junior.

He's teaching her how to mark up and measure, etc. There are string lines attached to wooden pegs' all over the place. They have, between them, drawn up a plan and it's looking good:o)

Previous owners laid a load of gravel on the back, with bits of various grasses and pampas plants here and there. The gravel is like a huge cat litter and it's difficult for me to walk on with the old rickety joints. I hate it's going!...albeit slowly.

Already Bro and J have laid a patio seating area away from the prying eyes of Nosey Neighbour. Junior knows how to lay paving slabs and has even laid some herself....and they don't wobble! Yay!

Next project bit is a pond. L-shaped. We're off to B & Q so 'The Landscape Gardeners' can suss out the cost. The last time we were there, buying supplies for the cat run, we were ogling a bamboo plant....6 foot tall..and it was £50. Nice neighbour, the one who is teaching Junior floristry, gave me one of hers the other day. 6 foot tall it is. And she gifted a rare geranium plant that was a favourite of my Gran's. How nice is that! All because Bro mended her gate:o)

Of course, camera batteries are flat and need recharging, so no piccies yet of our horticultural bits, so to speak. I am doing my best and trying to think of ways to protect my new additions from the cocking leg of Bro's dog. Little tinkler:o)

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