Monday, 19 July 2010


The Schooler Mogs are a tough old lot. Not only do they have to put up with Bro's dog 'having a go' at them whenever they approach him and his Bonio (dog biscuit, nothing rude!) but they seem to give each other 'dares'.
Latest one is 'Go on... have a chew on the chilli plant she put right UP THERE?' Ahem....
Of course, these dares are being pursued, going by the state of my chilli plant...which was put on the highest shelf possible to avoid exactly this sort of scenario........stoopid mogs!!!

Litters are being emptied and refilled at an alarming rate....due to after effects of chewing on said chilli plant!!
My poor chilli plant! I am so sorry that you have been eaten....even thought I put you up on the HIGHEST CAT PROOF shelf I could find! Bad mummy!!
Rest assured the usual suspects are paying the botty price!


Tinks.....They both have the ' guts' look

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dawny said...

poor mogs :-/ bless.