Friday, 23 July 2010


I think I have spotted the 'Phantom Dog Shitter and not Picker Upperer!'

I know who you are!! ....

There's me, in my bedroom, perusing the net when I hears this bark...then several more. The barks are coming from outside. Cilla is downstairs in the kitchen....with her 'season.....still!'.... but these barks take her mind off sex for a while and she barks back in a 'Get away from my patch' sort of way.
The mogs growl, too:o)....and half a dozen of them promptly jump onto the window sill for guard duty, eyes like saucers!

So, this dog is white/very light coloured German Shep/Lab size. Active...not an older dog.
If I can pick up my dog's poo and dispose of it in a safe and hygienic manner then so can this bloke!! Idle Wuss!!!! Bend your back and pick it up, you idle toerag!! It's not fair leaving it when there are so many young kids about.
On a happier note.....the Schooler Cat Penthouse Suite is open! Yay
Official opening ceremony is later today when my Southern Counties and University champ niece will cut the ribbon and declare this run open!!
(The mogs have actually beaten her to it and have taken up residence in the viewing pod.) Still....well done big bro:o) xxxx Job well done.
So, Junior is knackered. Been busy with her cousin being here. Plus, she has a bit of a cold. So she has warmed milk prior to going to bed. She comes up to bed, mug of warm milk in hand. Puts it down, after sipping half of it. A few minutes later we turn around to find Grand Old Lady Muppet nicking Junior's milk. She puts her paw into the mug and drinks it that way. A bit like the Arthur advert of years gone. Must be the teaspoon of sugar we put in that attracted Mupp to it. Spooky. Mupp's sister, finished it off, of course. Junior and mogs are fast asleep:o)


dawn said...

cat run - wow very goodly, photos?? Or when i've got enough petrol money will be up for a viewing :-) funds very tight here atm :-/
love to all xxx

dawn said...

eugh Google ate my comment i think so i might have commented 2 times here.
i said something like cat run , very good :) are you posting some pics? or when i can get petrol funds can we come up for a viewing :)

love to all