Wednesday, 31 October 2007


We went to a great Halloween party tonight, hosted by some fellow home edders.

Junior had a ball ..being apple-bobbed, balloon stamped and fortune told......and I had the new experience of being mummified!!! No doubt the photos will end up on our hosts' blog at some point in time. But, if so, I will get my revenge!! har har!!!!

En route to the party, we nipped in the the famous Home Bargains for a furry cat igloo... purchased for just £3.99...and the last in our purchasing trilogy. We now have one each for the kitties...all different designs, of course! The older cats..... who are way wiser, don't give a sod about such things and brazenly kip on the posh sofa:O) It's like "pfffffffp. (cat version of a raspberry) up your's mate, I ain't kipping in a pet bed!! Nooooo nooooo....sofa for me!!!!" Anyway, in Home Bargains, a lady said she thought Junior looked really beautiful and asked where I got her cloak from, so I told her I made it with recycled, charity shop dresses, to which we got the "Oooooo, lovely".
Believe you me, I have tried to get this the right way up, but iMac is not having sorry for cricked necks!!!

Walking to our "venue" we noticed that not many people were dressed up. Didn't spot one. We seemed to be the only ones. Maybe we were early? Maybe people are too embarassed and only travel by car, Anyway, Junior got lots of admiring glances...she being the beautiful, good witch...I was the old hag!!

Forgot to buy the lightbulbs AND batteries for the torch. Too much rushing about. Plonker or what? Thank God for the fridge light:O)

If the landing light pings tonight, then you will hear me scream!!!!

By the way, if I were still married, then it would be my wedding anni today - 20 years...arghhh. Hmmmm, wonder if he's bald yet?

Happy Halloween/Samhain.

Shopping List

Top of shopping list.

Light bulbs.....lots of
Batteries for torch.....ditto

No lights working at the back of the house now! Eeeeek! So, I've oiked out of storage some posh solar-powered fairy lights that I was saving for Crimble, to decorate the back fence and shed. But, needs must and they're out and will, hopefully, be working by tonight so we should have light in the garden by the back door at least:O)

The pumpkin was not carved up. It's now sat on the kitchen window sill next to his mates basil, mint, sprouted apple pips..and The red hot chilli pepper:O)

Sorry, crap joke. Blame lack of sleep.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Is this spooky, or what? And, yes, we do have a cat of that name but, still.......

Lightbulbs keep going!!!! No lightbulbs working in kitchen at the moment. Good job the fridge light works:O) Haven't told Junior of the demise of second lightbulb (the first one pinged yesterday). Oooooooo!!

I really MUST get some batteries for the torch....which is where? Arghhhhh......somebody organise me!!!

Update.....I'm back.......bathroom light's gone.....and the outside security light!! Eeeeeeeeeeew!!! Gulp!

Just go and take a look

I was directed to this blog from a craft blog I lurk on sometimes. There are animals involved on this one, so I likey:O) Plus, it's a nice blog.

If you think you've had a bad day, then go give this bloke a visit. Give him a big hug. He doesn't know me from Adam but he just needs propping up a bit at the mo. You may need hankies.

The blog is in the sidebar...Afterburn.. You'll soon suss out the blog that directed me:O)

I can't do links to make it easier for folk. Sorry. I'm rubbish. I would blame it on the iMac, but you shouldn't blame your instrument, should you? :O)))

Black Velvet

Can't seem to get my arse into gear today....courtesy of la peri-menopause. Such joy. Head seemed to be nailed to the pillow this morning and I only got up, eventually at 9.30, because Olive was doing a Fergie and angrily munching my feet (brave cat) and swatting my nose in an attempt to get me to feed her!!

My mother gave me a pack of chammomile tea the other's her way of telling me to get some sleep because I must look gross and in danger of scaring the natives when I venture out:O) No Halloween getup needed for moi, then!! Soooo, I did have some of the tea the other night and I'd totally forgotten how knock-out it is. Slept like a log...wanted to sleep all day, infact...had really weird dreams about a dear departed friend. Maybe he was visiting to tell me to get my finger out and get on with the things that I've been dithering about of late (he was a tad like that in life, gorgeous looking, aswell)..or maybe it's too much Halloween? Anyway, I'm off the chammomile, for now. Rule insomnia!!

I need to keep awake today anyway, in order to sort out Junior's Halloween outfit for a party we've been invited to. She's going as a beautiful, good witch and her outfit is nearly complete. I just have a nice, posh black velvet cloak to finish for her and she is doing a sterling job in the nagging department to get me to sew it......NOW!!!!!! I recycled the material from two evening dresses that I had, that I never wear seeing as I never go out to posh do's anymore. If I remember rightly I think I bought them from charity shops (probably from the £1 rail) in the distinct hope that I might wear one someday. I like velvet, you see. I just think it's so lush. Anyway, my purchases were justified as they are going to be worn..sort of. I used to buy loads of velvet stuff...way ahead of my time...again!!!! lol

The kittens are growing so fast. They're nearly full grown size now and are little tinkers!! Been eyeing up the budgies all week. My God, live in this house only if you have eyes in the back of your head!!!

Here are some gratuitous shots, taken by Junior. Sorry about the unintentional "props" (we DO tidy and again). How come she takes better photos than me? They're in focus!! Arghhhhh!!

Oooooo...what's upTHERE?

Perhaps this isn't the best place to get a good view of those blue and yellow feathery noisy things:O)

Ahhh! blue and yellow feathery things that make lots of noise and mess...aka Fred N Wilma.

These two have better things to sleep!!

Got to go and sort the pumpkin!! Time to dig out the electric jigsaw!! hee hee:O) Minnie Scissorhands!!! Bah!! doesn't have that ring, does it? Good job I never wanted to work in advertising!!!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Fangs for the Memories!!

Just thought this was funny/cute. Junior and her fave kitten, Meg, watching the very topical Mona the Vampire together!! Sweet:O)

She's busy doing lots of Halloween things for a party we're going to. We've got pasta bats and pumpkins everywhere!!! She's also decided that she'd like to learn a little bit more about the origins of Halloween/All Hallows Eve, etc so that's another project.

I got married on Halloween and Junior thinks it's hilarious. Asked me, tongue in cheek, if we had bats and pumpkins instead of hearts and flowers as a decor theme and was my dress black? Har blummin har. The official wedding photos do look like something out of the Adams Family, though!! I kid you not. For some reason me and groom did not smile. Everything that could go wrong did. Not wonder it didn't last.

Anyway, back to all things spooky:O)

McFly the friendly fly has left the building, by the way, Bless!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pink Hearts

If you put the mouse over Frankenstein's head it moves!!

Junior made some pink iced biccies today. They've been iced for about an hour and I should say that half the quantity has been scoffed already:O)

Straight out of the oven

All nicely pink:O)

As this is a home ed blog, I've decided to set up other craft and vegan blogs so as not to bore anyone who comes on here expecting to read about home edding stuff. Not sorted it out properly yet....and there's a surprise!!

We're still in the process of the musical bedroom change, so stuff all over and MUCH being shoved into the garage at every given opportunity!! lol Junior's is pretty well sorted.

Have to decide what colour to decorate my bedroom. Decisions, decisions...and I am tending towards chalk white floorboards, white skirtings and some red on the walls. Bit passionate for a singleton. lol!!! Imagine what my mum is going to think of that....she of white walls and no dust fame! lol.

Sorry for the uninteresting, depressing blog. Am feeling very down due to some family stuff. Might blog about it once it's
sort of sorted. It is half term, so I am conciously giving home ed a rest this week. Need the head space for now.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Musical Bedrooms

We've been at it and doing the musical bedrooms thing, again!!

Mother is coming to live with us for a while you see....hence the swaparound. She's frightened...too many elderly people being mugged around where she is at the mo. Not enough local police pounding the beat to be off-putting to the offenders, etc. What do you do? Can't leave her there alone and too frightened to venture out. Sooooo, Junior is in the smallest bedroom, surrounded by all her pink and purple much-loved things and she seems to be in her element. As space is of a premium, she has negotiated a tft screen from Christmas me for her pc. It'll go up on the wall to save on desk space. And, as she's on a roll with this space is precious theme (and it is really) a small plasma tv has been mentioned, too!! Ten out of ten for cheek, then;O) She's finished her Horrid Henry book this morning in bed and now is onto some big, thick T Beaker books that cousin S has handed on.

Gran has bagged Olive for her own. She thinks O chose her because last time she stayed over the cat laid on her shoulder all evening, purring away...with the odd lick of Gran (as in I Love You) during the night. Hate to spoil it for her, but Olive does that anyway. The double bed in that room is HERS and so she's being friendly AND keeping warm:O) lol

As daughter is already onto Christmas, she's being organised and has started making her cards. Has to be said that they're quite good and her turnout is quite enough in her stash for a few years, me thinks:O)

All this..and it's not even Halloween yet. Well, little old me thought ahead and has got the pumpkin:O) I am thinking more on the recipe route, while Junior is more on the "cut out scary face on pumpkin" and make a lantern. There's me looking forward to pumpkin pie.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

It only took me 20 years!

I like name it, I like it...(boring for some folk, but there you go!) My business empire will be based around crafting, me thinks:O) Junior will follow, I think.

I have quite a few UFOs (unfinished objects). I get waylaid with other distractions and then forget about the then project and so on..if you get the picture. I'm no way near as bad as my mother used to be, though:O)

So, I am on the last bit of this cardi. I started it 20 years ago. This half finished garment has always been around begging to be sorted. It's been one of those "I'll get round to it in a bit" projects. Now, due to a decluttering urge, I'm determined to finish it. I was slimmer in those days so it won't fit me anyway (I'll thought I'd sell it) plus I've lost the pattern, so I'm finishing it off on a wing and a prayer. I've got the button strip to sew on, then the buttons and it'll be done!! Taraaa!! Sewing knitted bits together is for me the worst bit, as I'm way too impatient. Maybe that's why it's taken so long.

I was so pleased with myself last night after I'd sewn the penultimate strip on, that I laid out the cardi for a gander, imagining the finished garment with new owner and me with lots of money in payment. Left it there, of course, on comfy armchair as beauty sleep was calling. What does Min find when she comes down this morning.... but aged cat curled up, snug as a bug on my precious item. She looked so comfy and snuggly that I didn't have the heart to boot her off. So, cardi has a new owner. Muppet meet Cardi, Cardi meet Muppet.


Who says supermarkets aren't interesting or educational for HE kids?

We went the other day, had a mosey around and Junior came away inspired!! We had our noses in an Egyptology book for a while and I basically had to drag Junior away!! The book was, of course, WAY too expensive for us to buy but we HE'rs are a resourceful lot:O)

Well, she is now heavily into making maps. We have a house full of treasure maps, ancient name it, we have it. The ageing technique is diluted coffee being sponged on to torn copy paper and then mopped off.... a la the SMart programme. Her favourite creation is one which has the Pyramids on, mountains, our house and Shrek land!!...all rolled up with and tied with an aged red ribbon. Sweet. OK, it needs a little tweaking but it's good that she's actually getting into all this...history, cultures, art, etc. The subjects are endless.

And today...she's had her nose in a Cath Kidston catalogue that arrived this morning. You should hear the "oooos" and "aahhs"....and that's just me!!!

Junior, meanwhile, is sorting out the Christmas pressie list. If she has her way, me and the pets are going to be spoiled rotten. Bless her little cotton socks:O)

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Mini Me

Bobby dog, as we speak, is winging his way back to Essex!! Yay!!

Actually, it's quite quiet now:O) (Proves that the girls are less yappy -doesn't seem right using the word bitches!). lol Also means I can now titter away at the exploits of the guys on Top Gear! lol My fave prog. They're trying to cross the Channel in a modified car and beat Richard Branson's record. Three Men in a Boat type of thing!! It's so daftly schoolboyish.

Anyway, it was lovely to see my boys and a couple of their mates from the "old place" and I felt quite sentimental, actually. Hugged them all before they went, wished them safe journey and all that. Even though they are their friends, I still think of them as "mine" :O))) And... they have GROWN!! Very tall...snow on their heads sort of grown.

Soooooo, aftermath of plenty of dog hoover has blown up!! Blimey, my life gets better!!!

Am off to watch a programme about mathematically gifted children..o few of whom are on the autistic spectrum. Fascinating stuff...but, even though I'm ok at maths, this maths is way beyond me. The "personal" sort of slant on it makes me a bit sad. Too cold.

Junior, however, has ressurected her badge-making kit. She's forgotten what to do to make a new badge. I've left her to it to figure out things. Of course, she's having a strop but she hasn't asked for help....she's determined to figure it out for herself.. I've directed her a little the "read the instructions" sort of way. However, knowing Junior, that'll be the last resort!!!

The phrase 'Won't be told" comes to mind.

She doesn't half remind me of me!!!!:O)))

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Early Close

We've been out and about this aft. Escape from the poochies!!!! lol Went to local little town...thought I'd check up on a bead shop I read about in (funnily enough) a bead mag and a wool shop (heard about that one in a local shop - no I wasn't eavesdropping...she was just talking loudly!! ) Well, gets's like 2pm...should be busy, busy, busy. in hill billy land. Everything closes early on a Saturday! Why? Sigh...... No sight of anything vegan either, apart from veg - of which we have loads!

So, we visit their local little supermarket, which miraculously stays open till 6pm, gets stuff for the weekend, does lottery and slopes off home:O( Still, pooches were pleased to see us (we got them some chicken breast slices (reduced price:O)) ) Junior was pleased, too...she got her usual fix of garlic stuffed olives:O) No chance of any vampires landing in this house.....or suitors!! lol She's also into pretzels at the mo. I remember these from childhood...and I thought they were boring!! Still, each to their own.

And, why oh why did I pay the tv licence? Saturday night and the best we can get is Create & Craft, blasted sport or The X Factor!! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!! (no wonder me likes the old red wine:O))) )

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Baby sitting

Son no 1 has visited so I can fullfil a longstanding request of his. Son no 1 has left me to babysit Bobski, his dog....the same Bobski who was born under my bed and to whom the then 5 year old Junior referred to (along with Bob's siblings) as a rodent!! "Mummy, there's a rat under your bed!" One of those "awww" moments when you realise that a) puppy has been born and b) little kiddy winks is so naive and c) just how many puppies are born under a person's bed!! (No stork stories in this house, though) As "payment and thank you" Son no 1 did mow my entire allotment yesterday (allotment is the size of a football pitch, waist high in grass and weeds,etc) so I am quite touched as he is not known for such physical exertion:O) He also bought me a veg gardening book (what's he trying to say?) and Junior lots and lots of beanies:O)

Bobski with ball, being all pathetic with the "throw it for me" look!!

Anyway, Son no 1 is going "ooop north" this weekend to help celebrate his bestest mate's 21st birthday. Son no 2 is going, too:O) This also coincides with nephew's 18th:O) This is probably going to be a GREAT weekend for my sons, nephews and associated friends. 21st Birthday boy is a great lad and I'm glad that my two and he are friends. They will be for life, me thinks.

So, here are we..Junior and I....three dogs...partaying kittens and old dame cats together. Alas. Bobby has morphed into a grumpy old sod and does not "do" kittens..he growled at Popeye for no apparent he's in the kitchen with the other two pooches while kitties race around and wear themselves out....hopefully in time for their bedtime!! I am not taking any chances with anything incase dogs decide to munch kittens again. Then, after kitty bedtime pooches can have some fuss, bed down and sleep and only then will old dame mogs possibly come into the house and kip down in their posh, expensive slub sofa. waaahhh!

Why can't the pets just all get along and be done with it?

In between all this Junior wants us to have a cosy night in....watching Tracy Beaker!! ho hum and.....arghhhhh!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


- 2 teaspoons of playfulness
- 1/4 cup of wealth
- a pinch of crazy

Combine in a blender until smooth.
'What is your personality recipe?' at

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Pink Hair and Party!!

New Letts learning book arrived today. Junior not impressed and neither was her HE mate.

I'm still recovering from the dastardly flu; Junior seems fine although she's got her days mixed up and is a day ahead. Anyway, so tonight she and my orbiting head hovered to a nearby supermarket to gather in much needed supplies. She did the maths again and wangled a High School Musical mag out of me:O) She did want a Bratz one, but by the time we'd wandered around Asda she'd read it, so logic in her said that there was no point in buying it:O)

For a change, on entering the supermarket, we were not greeted by the usual early Christmas merchandise but a whole aisle devoted to Halloween!! Now, my mother would be mortified at such a thing, her being the religious type and not a fan of the old horror movies and all such things associated with 31st Oct in that regard, etc. She's adamant that you don't muck about with stuff like know, supernatural stuff, etc!! You keep well away or else you're tempting fate...... So, she definitely doesn't get the commercial Halloween... and neither do I really..but I'm just a misery lately plus I just hate the commercialism!! Junior is, however, taken with it's the dressing up you see, bright colours for monsters nowadays, watching too much Charmed and the prospect of a party:O) We came away with a witch's hat with attached pink hair!!!

The hat won't last long, I fear. Too much interest being shown by inquisitive kittens:O)) And talking of kittens. Here am I...middle of the night (nearly 3am)....up because kittens have inadvertently been allowed to kip this they are in PARTAAY MOOD now!!! Yay!! "Let's whizz round like loonies and wake the neighbours up!!!" type of party mood...Old misery guts here thinks not...especially not in The House with Echo Floorboards!! So here am I, entertaining them...quietly....... until they drop off to sleep (I live in hope). If that fails then I'll have to ply them with cooking sherry!!! (joke, by the way) Trouble I have is that Olive has found a new game called "Snotting the Older Cats"... as in "surprise!! ", jump up and whack 'em with paw and run off in the opposite direction. She thinks it's such fun!!! Knackered older cat does not but remains remarkably tolerant! Megan is into jumping off Junior's wardrobe onto echo floorboards!!! "Weeeeeeeeee!' and Pops is being Pops and cuddling up to sleeping Junior and keeping warm...sensible mog. He does think the bed is his you see and is allowing her on. Nice guy, eh?

Well, back to my new career as party organiser:O) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mother and Special Effects Junior!!

Thursday, 4 October 2007


We have flu!! Me more so than Junior (I think she must be well protected due to the amount of garlic-stuffed olives that she consumes!!!) There's nothing like an aching bod, bunged up nose and watery everything to cheer a girl up!! So, we are indulging in comfort everything to help sort us out. Today's menu is soup, soup, soup!! (we have a big cauldron of potato and leek) with home-made wholegrain bread for dunking. Junior is eating for England with this flu mullarky and keeps poddling over to the fridge for nibbles. We have a fridge full of stuff but, apparently, we have nothing in to eat!!! What she means is that we are lacking in the convenience nibbles department!!

Ah, the homemade bread:O) Alas, I'm not so clever in the breadmaking department....that credit must go to the electric breadmaker and Junior for measuring the ingredients. Anyway, it's one of those gadgets that people get, use with gusto for about a fortnight....and then err, forget is with me:O) It's only been used about half a dozen times in three years and upon ressurection this time it decided to conk out half an hour before the end of the cooking period. I've tried changing the fuse, shouting at it and all that but it's still playing dead. AND, naturally, the warranty ran out yonks ago!! Arghhhh!!!! (paid £60 for the thing, so it's worked out a tenner a loaf...hmmm..not fair) Looks like we'll have to make bread the old-fashioned way, which Junior is in favour of at the mo. I'm a bit peeved 'cos I wanted to make jam in it, seeing as I inadvertently spilled emulsion paint into my jam making pan...silly me!! Maybe I should send a Mrs Angry letter to Morphy Richards. Wonder if I'd get a Dear Customer.."Here's a voucher to get a new breadmaker" letter back from them?

It was nice, our solitary loaf!!

Junior has still managed to do some autonomous learning. We're still exploring, in no particular order, the atmosphere and space, the human anatomy and Spanish...with a bit of horticulture in for good measure!! (LOL..I've just read that bit back and it sounds like something out of a Carry On:O) )

It must be getting nippier 'cos the older cats are now coming into the house more frequently, which is something as they're semi-feral. It's taken me ten years to get the shy one to trust me enough to come into the house in an evening. This was them last night... cuddling up on one of the sofas.

These two sisters are about eleven years old.

Back to the olbas oil:O)