Monday, 2 August 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Once your kids start to grow up a bit you'd think that things would get easier. Say, like in the 'personal grooming' dept. When they're little and won't comply with requests to wash face, teeth, brush hair you can just pin the little blighters down and do it yourself. Not so when they get bigger. The screams become more ear piercing for one, plus, if they're anything like my lot, they can talk themselves out of ANYTHING! lol
So, Junior is at 'that age'.
"Have you brushed your teeth?" I ask
"Yep" comes the reply.
I don't believe this for one minute, going by the yellow gnashers I see.
So, I have stumbled upon a foolproof plan.
Wise old mother bird here has bought daughter a new toothbrush. A musical one, too....AND it only plays the music if it is being used for; brushing teeth! So, when I hear a Kelly Clarkson tune coming from behind the bathroom door I smile. No more hamster coloured teeth!! Yay!!

Gratuitous photos...remembered to recharge the camera batteries and managed to upload some piccies before the laptop conked out. The formatting on the blog has gone to pot.
Some car boot buys. Books 30p each! The luverly glasses were 10p!

Won't be reading this on a night! Eeek!
I LOVE these glasses. Nice and roomy for a pud.....or wine:o) Always fancied one of these. The tea tastes lovely and it holds 2 cupfuls, too. I hate little farty teacups. One slurp and it's gone is no good for moi! 50p this was.
A hearty veg soup with barley, which gives it a lovely chewy texture. Yum
Honey Pot's birthday card, which Junior lovingly crafted. It actually looks better in real life.
Lots of vegany stuff in here.
A hoard of crafting books..can't believe they were only 30p a piece


dawny said...

hey love the toothbrush idea !! can you share where you bought it? that'd work a treat here too :)

Minnie said...

Good old Home Bargains. £1.99

dawny said...

thank you :-)