Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Battery is behaving

Ooooooooo! laptop has signs of life and hasn't conked out for 20 minutes .

Thank you for my Secret Post Parcel:o) The contents are cool and I will post a piccy if and when laptop allows me the time! lol I can't find an email addy or blog addy to thank you 'personally'.

The mac is with 'The Doctor'. Can't wait for it to come home so we can 'internet' properly:o)

Been supping nettle tea and it DOES help with the old rickety joints. Junior is besotted with the art of baking and has been turning out some lovely stuff lately. Lots of crumbles made from fruit from the garden. I might set her a challenge and see if she can come up with goodies that include nettle a tray bake....(been perusing the old Mary Berry

Been having lots of veggie type curry concoctions. For those who are short of funds or just want to save money, Asda do a 'mild' a jar....for 9p!! So, we stocked up. lol It's not bad, either, tastewise... certainly not that mild or bland!

Am gobsmacked that the laptop has powered up. Going for a lie down!

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