Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bad Shot Builders

My adult nephew has been rushed into hospital with a collapsed lung. Yikes! Poor lad is feeling like crap. We can't figure out how he got this. Apparently, if you're tall and thin, then you're prone to this. Hopefully, the docs will sort him out and the nurses will cheer him up!

We are still washing machine-less! 'Times is 'ard' to speak. lol

Anyhow, I'm quite enjoying the workout that is hand washing. Call me mad, or whatever, but it's quite therapeutic...apart from when my finger joints lock when I'm in 'mid wringing out the water.' Eeeek! The sensation is weird. A bit like knocking your elbow...don't know whether to laugh or cry. Sometimes it feels like they're going to snap and drop off! Still...I reckon the more I exercise them then I might regain a bit more flexibility so that I might actually one day be able to get my hands round and wash my neck!

I've managed to not tread on any more cats:o) They're avoiding old Flat Foot here by moving to higher anything comfy...bed, sofa, etc. Mother's cat has the hump on because he's not allowed out at the mo. Neighbours are re-roofing and the builders are flinging bits of roof down from their scaffolding position, supposedly into their lorry which is parked below . Obviously, if they scored a direct hit on Jimbob as he patrols his patch (which is under this flight path) then I would have one very flattened mog and one unhappy Mother, but try telling that to the old grump! (the mog, I mean) lol Mother cheers him up by spoiling him with a prime piece of cod, though. so he's keeping his portly waistline. He is, actually, quite fleet of foot and regularly gives Junior the runaround when she's trying to get him indoors.

Can't miss the fact that the builders are somewhat bad shots and are dropping bits of roof all over the place. If it wasn't for the garden room, then we could well have been brained a couple of times with exocet pieces of timber! Yikes!

Have to smile. One of the neighbours is out washing his car! The heavens are about to open....and he still washes his car! Sigh..... I have moved mine away from the 'bad shot' builders' line of fire. lol

Anyway, Junior was on a mission this week to make some Christmas cards. Things have not gone to plan. They're not perfect enough. Yesterday I caught her eyeing up some in Lidl. lol She's diverted her artistic skills and is now constructing and sewing some felt Christmas tree decorations and dangly things, which could well end up as little stocking fillers. Bless She's also hooked on cookery programmes. Jamie, Nigella, Masterchef, Hairy Bikers. You name it, she watches it.....and cooks:o) Loads of photos but charger is pooped. lol

Keep your fingers crossed that the roof stays up!

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