Wednesday, 31 August 2011

All Shriek Together

Cilla. It's her birthday:o) 9 today!!

The famous fruitcake.

Here I am, sat in little hidey hole, with tin hat on and accompanied by faithful Popeye, who is curled up on the comfy pad next to me:o)

Junior is 'that' way out today....courtesy of 'that' time of the month and all that it brings....mooods, strops....bang!

As you know, J is into baking at the mo..... This is very nice and all that, but I end up having to clean up is the 'my end' of the bargain. Sigh. Anyway, I tiptoes into kitchen. She has her head in one of the many baking books we possess. I ask her what she is intending on making and gets the reply...'Doughnuts'. Sigh....

I tell her that we do not have all the ingredients.

She tells me we just need oil.

I tell her I am not going to buy some oil just so she can make doughnuts...and so she can go to her Gran's as she is the doughnut making expert..and she probably has oil.


So, I wanders out of kitchen with my cup of tea and back into the sanctuary hidey hole where Popeye and elderly pc are and..... 'potter'..

Post off I go to see what has landed on the mat. I spies into kitchen to see that Strong Bread Flour has been weighed out....most of which has gone everywhere except in to its recepticle. I ask what she has decided upon now? No reply.

She is looking at cake recipes. Hmmm...should I point out that Strong Bread Flour is not the type she should be using? Nah....decide to leave her to it. That'll teach her for not reading the recipe properly! lol

Back to hidey hole and elderly pc. Potter, potter about.

Back into find Junior busy with hands in baking bowl. I enquire as to what she has decided upon now.......Bread!...she tells me.

Yay! Nothing like kneading bread to get rid of moods! lol

Bread dough newly bashed!..waiting to rise.

Why is Popeye here with me?....Seeking protection, I fear.

Earlier on, I heard this shriek which came from upstairs. I know what it is when it's that sort of shriek. Yes....a certain someone, wearing clodhoppers instead of slippers in the house, had managed to tread on his tail. It always make me titter...the screech..... 'cos it makes me jump so much. Poor cats..... getting under feet and copping for it with trodden-on tails....
2 hours later.....
Daughter seems calmer now. All frustrations and moods seem to have been hammered out courtesy of the bread dough:o)...for the time being....

Hopefully, I have sorted out spacing problems:o)

Anyway, more random piccies.
Bart and his 'heart'

Cute Bart with the 'Please don't boot me off your bed' look.

Popeye keeping out of the way of clodhopping shoes!

Popeye's 'Not very pleased' look.

Jimmy..out of the way and snoozing on top of the corner shelving in the kitchen. He's in the bad books. Peed in my shoes!!

I love this one of Tinks.....chomping away at her cardboard box like she means business.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bloody Fruit Cake

Mogs are not so fussy, though.

Still some fruit cake with 'ample fondant icing' left.

Although, cats nowhere to be seen....probably sleeping it off!!

Dog has passed out....under my feet. making funny noises...and smells!

I am off to 'me pit'.

How does one cope if one is bunged up with Junior's fondant icing? Will let you know in the morn. xx Farewell.....xxxx


Oh Dear.

Cake decorating has not gone well.

Have been told by Junior that she will NEVER bake again and I may aswell give latest cake effort to the dog......who is avoiding us....for some reason! lol


I am lots of £'s 'lighter' than yesterday!

Why is this? Well, yesterday went like...

'Daughter', says I.

'Yes, oh Mother Dear' , replies Junior.

Me...'Would you like to go and ponder beyond our village for some light recreation?'

Junior...'Oooooooh, yes, please, oh dearest, sweetest mother this earth has known'.

So, off we goes to local retail park, for some 'window shopping'. I notice that car is sounding a bit dodgy! Over revving...

We gets to retail park and three hours later it suddently hits me....Ack!!! STOOOOOPID MIN!!!!!

Well, at least I am safe in the knowledge that good old Marks and Sparks still do bra measurements!! Junior wanted a new brassiere. Was mortified to find that she had to take her top of to be measured!! Eeeeeeee....even mother here doesn't get to see that! Anyway.....she has two perfectly fitting bras to remember the day with!..amongst £25 worth of stuff from various places...and a £15 visit to Starbucks!!......sigh....

Claire's is the most boring shop on the, I eventually oiks her out of there...took a bit of doing, though.

We like cookery books......So....we have a look in The Works........I have my fave..Junior hers.......She wins.....River Cottage. beats Nigel Slater!

She baked a fruit cake today....nothing to do with RC! I was 'resting' upstairs and heard a scream! Seems she had made the perfect fondant rose to adorn this fruitcake....and she dropped said rose.

Talking of stupid!!!


Daughter...'Yes, oh mother....sweetest mother on this planet who parted with so much yesterday for moi'.

Me....'Would you kindly go an harvest an onion bulb from our garden so I can proceed with making your evening meal of 'Vegetarian Tikka Masala with fragrant rice?'.

Daughter...'Yes, Mother dear' was the delicious reply.

Well, guess who is a pillock?

In comes Junior with MEGA onion, plonks it on work surface and whooshes back upstairs to resume watching newly acquired dvd. Sigh..... (Day & Knight.....Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise....five quid at Tesco's!...she's been price watching it for WEEKS)

Meal is V nice....pity the onion in question was the one earmarked for the local annual show....Best Onion entry.

When I remind Junior of her 'pillockyness'...she replies....'Ah, that red one should be ok by then!'.
(We have a bed of red onions.....still waiting to 'bloom'.)..

So, here am I...updating...and there is she...upstairs....legged out on bed.....with five adoring feline fans keeping her feet warm! Fine with me....I am avoiding the inevitable....'Would you like a piece of my fruitcake?'. lol

Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

What's the world coming to? All this rioting and looting of late..people killed, property and all manner of stuff torched? Shameful and disgusting behaviour.

Dearie me. Some people are saying it's because these 'people' are poor and that's why they do such things.

When we were young we had hardly anything. Parents worked.....shitty hours, shitty jobs....and shitty jobs made them ill...but they carried on. There were no benefits. We just had the bare minimum at home.... furniture, clothes - no designer stuff..everything was either hand made or hand-me-downs, food was basic. Def no holidays...but we didn't go out and kick the shit out of our communities. I think we were lucky. We were taught morals and respect...and that there were always consequences for our they negative or the other! Nobody was ever 'off their face' through drugs or alcohol...

A young woman who was interviewed on the tv (and had had her little shop trashed) described the louts as 'feral rats'. Totally correct but a bit insulting, I fear, to the little, brown furry rodent population to be categorised with that lot!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Gardening Club....Everyone Should Have One

We've been to the local gardening club tonight.

At each meeting there is normally a 'speaker'...who, obviously, gives a talk on his or her subject. Have to say we've found them REALLY interesting and have come away with plants and raffle prizes:o) (Junior 'WON' a jigsaw of the UK once!.....actually, it was my raffle ticket but she went up to collect the prize...under strict instructions...a lovely bottle of wine..which I was going to give to my lovely neighbour. Anyway, she got kyboshed by the women on The Committee who thought that such a lovely young girl would only want for this jigsaw, even though there were other, beauty oriented prizes on the table! Just what every home edded child wants....another jigsaw of the uk. LOL )

J is the youngest..ONLY.... JUNIOR member of this club!!! Pity others don't encourage their kids to go.

Anyway, local show will soon be upon us. She reckons she wants to enter for 'BEST CARROT' and 'BEST ONION'......we have some whoppers on the go! lol

There's loads you can enter marmalade, jams, cakes.......Junior is also going for 'BEST 5 DECORATED BUNS, too'.

Takes the stress away from felines buggering up your decorating! lol

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ah....the screams!

As I might have mentioned before, we have been doing a bit of the old decorating....albeit very slowly. We ripped out the manky, aged, once were cream carpets upstairs...then unexpectedly ran out of money. Didn't help with rickety joints playing up, either.

Anyway, we are 'on with it' again and have managed to get a lot of emulsioning and glossing done, although we are no way yet finished.

This is not as easy as one would emulsion and gloss.. when you have twelve curious mogs and a clumsy pooch turning up supervise, you know:o)

We now have mogs fashioning the latest in white emulsion. ...and is Cilla really THAT grey? sigh...

So, hall, stairs and landing are now not the tango orange/REALLY disgusting crap cream walled with pub carpet on stairs with manky, manky cream carpet on landing corridor of yesteryear. Nooooooo....we are now 'ciel' and white:o) (Ducky eggy blue and white).

It looks lovely. Well, it will do when it's all done:o) I will be sooooooooooooo happy.

The stairs, we have finally decided, will be white. Maybe they will be adorned with a nice blue/fawn/white runner in the future...but, until then....they are going to be white. Nice and crisp, easy to clean/hoover. Ah, I can feel the bliss.

Soooo, Junior volunteers to get the first coat slapped on to the eleven-stepped 'wooden hill'. Ah, bless.

We locked all the mogs out of harm's way...or so we thought. I tell you, you turn your back for ONE minute and it all goes to pot!

There was J, happily painting away and.......WOOOOSH.....a black flash passed by us both!

Megan.......the sanest, normalist, sensibilist cat we have must have found a bloody good spot to hide and decided she wanted to supervise...

You should have heard Junior scream!! lol

I goes in to investigate and finds the little mog's pawprints on newly painted stairs....... all the way up......

If you thought that was bad enough?

Bigger scream later on.

Meg had wooshed into Junior's bedroom. Red with added white paw prints.

I had to titter.

When I have scraped Junior off the ceiling, I will put piccy up of her newly designed carpet. lol..and the finished decor.

Aye, never a dull moment in this house:o)

PS. We learned our lesson well. First coat of white on my bedroom floorboards is down...and not a paw print in sight. lol....but, there's always tomorrow....they've been camped outside my bedroom all day!

Friday, 5 August 2011


Son no 1 is happy:o)

It has taken him MONTHS AND MONTHS to get an appointment with an NHS dentist.

He's had toothache for ages....AGES... and has had to take painkillers to help him cope with pain. It has nearly given him an ulcer!..all this painkiller consumption!! Anyway...finally...he got to see the rare breed dentist this week and now is minus the rogue tooth!

I'm obviously very happy that he is now pain-free but VERY annoyed that he's had to wait so long to be seen and treated. Bloody ulcer could have killed him.

When he was a bit younger we lived in our old home, obviously, and were with a local NHS dentist...who recommended that he had his wisdom teeth out. It seems normal stuff! ? So, we go along with expert advice and went for the appointments and the poor lad had to endure the extractions....and all the following pain. To be honest, I thought it was not necessary. In the end, so did Son no 1. He'd had enough of this dentist kneeling on his chest, trying to oik his wisdoms out... His teeth were not forthcoming! They wouldn't be....being very healthy!

I just think it's a load of old tosh....all this 'perfect smile' stuff. Synthetic. Son no 1 looks much better with his own, untampered-with smile:o)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Beautiful Grandkids

Spent a lovely day with the grandkids. They are just so CUTE.

It was Sooooooooooooo hot today. Little one was puking up. Too hot for her. Older one was more ok, although not as ok as u would think. Strawberries were yummy.
No puke-ups.......They are both spitting images of their dads. A neandarthal thing..I told (too many mags)to uphold this fact. Anyway...they are beauties:o)