Monday, 13 September 2010

Need Musclepower

The washing machine has finally given up its willl to live!

Until a replacement arrives everything has to be hand there are no launderettes in hill billy land. None. Business opportunity for someone here:o)

This will be a good experience for Junior, of how people in poor and third world countries manage to get on without gadgets. Unfortunately, there are no rivers near us, so the bath will have to do. lol

I don't mind handwashing, it's just the squeezing out of excess water that does me and the old rickety joints in. Could do with one of those old-fashioned mangles of yesteryear, the ones that our grannies used. Bet they're like gold dust now, though. Sigh..... (Hmmmmm....that would be a good project. Wonder if I could get bro and Junior to concoct one up? Would keep my leccy bill down.)

Until then, best get eating more Popeye food:o)

This weekend, Junior has been water painting, making jewellery and...... entering lots of win money!! I want a new kitchen, so guess who's entering that one? Where's there a 60 Minute Makeover when you need one? lol

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