Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas is Banned!

Christmas has never been a favourite time of year.  Something always goes wrong.  Illness, bereavement,  couples splitting up, you name it.  No relaxing time for us.  lol

This happened today.

Thursday, 25 December 2008


We had a quiet day. Among my pressies from Junior are a pair of flashing Rudolph earrings:o))

Mother isn't speaking to me. Probably 'cos I haven't visited in the last few days due to these rickety joints, which she thinks no-one else has but her. I'm getting the emotional blackmail, again. I don't care about her, apparently, because I keep the cats. I spend too much time with them and not enough doing stuff for her. Why don't I paint my walls white and get rid of everything and just have one of each?  blah, blah.  Other siblings have given up and stay away, leaving me to it!! Junior wants to stay away, too which is sad.

So, once my tablets had kicked in...around dinner time....I managed to get vertical! lol   The pets have had a ball with their pressies. The catnip disappeared pronto and ping pong balls are being chased around the house:o) Piper is holding her own and play fighting with the older kittens.

And LooLoo!!!!

At 5am Christmas morning Olive decided she wanted to go on walkabout. She can open every door in the house so, when the mood takes her (which is too often) lets all the mogs out and off they run, causing mayhem and partaaaying!! LooLoo , who is much better, hightailed it downstairs and out the catflat. So, there's me, hobbling around the garden, in pitch darkness, cursing for Europe never mind England, holding torch with nearly spent batteries trying to catch this bloody cat. An hour later I was back in bed, with LooLoo safely behind locked doors.

This morning, with it being a nice day, I let the snipped boys out into the garden for a runabout. Tinkerbelle slipped out too, when Junior turned her back. Next thing you know, she's up a 30 foot fir tree!! Once she'd realised how high up it really was.....eeeek....starts miaowing and crying. Tries to get down, but ends up going back up.  Daughter is hysterical and says we must call out the Fire Brigade to rescue her!!  Don't think so.  What goes up must come down and all that.   I suggest the old chestnut of temptation.    So, Junior, armed with tin of cat food and fork, rattles away and calls and calls her. Neighbours come out after a while. "Is that you kitten up there?" Junior confirms this. "Oh, dear" comes the reply. Anyway, 45 minutes later Tinks is back in the house, smelling of pine, with a look of 'I'm not doing THAT again!' lol

Son came up with grandchild of Min:o) They bought me a crafting lamp and a couple bottles of nice wine for Crimble:o)
Son no2 and Junior engrossed in a DS game. Junior had gotten on really well with it prior to our visit.....and then her brother went and accidentally wiped out all her 'saves'. lol    Grandchild of Min engrossed in Granny's iMac.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas from us lot.

Junior and I....and the mogs and Cilla dog wish you all a happy Christmas/festival/holiday and a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year:o)))) xxxxxxx Peace to all:o))

Listen to song no 3.

Junior is busy wrapping pressies up and enjoying herself immensely. Pressies for the pets, me, family, bestest friends and friends and family.....and are all to be lovingly wrapped. The mogs are REALLY interested in all this rattling and rustling and being extremely nice to Junior. Think they have sussed out the cat nip parcels, judging by the big holes in the wrapping paper. lol Bet they get "unwrapped" before dawn.

Cilla just sits and waits patiently. Bless her. LooLoo is lots better:o) Keeps trying to get outside....can't blame her, can you? Now the boys have been snipped they can go out. 'Tis muchly better. No more confined mogs in dog crates on a night and having to get up early to let them out.

We went out and did our 'shopping' today. Had to retreat early due to rickety old me.

About the last of Olive's kittens to be homed..... We have been picky as to where the kittens have gone. All, so far, have wonderul homes. Not Chrissy pressies, which I hate, hate. Someone was supposed to pick up the last one tonight. Their family cat, aged 17+, had died and they wanted another, supposedly. They never turned up and we got a text to say it was too far to drive (10 miles if that). So, it is fate. Last one stays. Bet it's because she isn't stereotypically 'pretty'. Anyway, Junior is WELL happy (she's been badgering me for ages to keep this little one) and so now we have Piper:o) Female Ringo lookalike. Tiny. Little sod!! sigh...

My new friend who helps run the local cat welfare place is going to retire (she's well into her 70"s and deserves a rest). So, shall just have to step in and help:o)) Should keep me busy:o))....as long as the old joints keep up to it!!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Bet you can't watch this all the way through. Enjoy your food.

Turn the Christmassy music off and listen. You'll cry.

It gets a bit better a few minutes in.

Makes my blood boil that this sort of thing happens. Kindness is free.

Sunday, 21 December 2008


Happy Yule, everyone:o))


Happy Birthday to Michael, my lovely, kind, funny and handsome nephew:o))  xxxxx  One of those people with a heart of gold. xx  A lovely, lovely bloke who watches out for his Mum and keeps an eye out for his Dad....even though he and his Dad don't see eye to eye, it seems.

He was born 29 years ago.  My sis already had one child and had lost a son, Peter,  who was stillborn.  Sis and hubby were so poor that they couldn't afford a funeral, so the baby was buried with another adult.   A stranger.   They don't know where he is buried.  What if that person had been cruel in life?  Makes my blood run cold.

To me, it's like something from a bad movie.  Oliver Twisty.  Work Housey.   How could people let that happen?  He deserves his own resting place, surely?  He was never blessed by a priest.  It broke my parents' hearts, too.

My Mother lights a candle for him every time she goes to church.  For Peter, my Dad and Gran (Baba). xxx  

Sis was desolate when she lost the baby and so was not herself.   Desolate.    She never got to hold him and say what she wanted to say to him.   To kiss and cuddle and just....hold.   It's the not being able to hold him that just cuts.  If I couldn't hold Junior then I'm sure I would die!  Just to be able to hold and hug the ones you love, especially your children,  is so important.   They knew that he had died inside her but made her wait until natural labour took place.  She knew she wasn't giving 'birth' .  What hell could that have been?    He was taken away, never to be seen again.  Put in a refrigerator.  Cruel or what?   Why wasn't she allowed to hold her own baby?   It's heartbreaking and I wish I had been older and thus wiser and able to help her.  I was just a child then, though.

She has searched the cemetery and just cannot find him, so it's just messed her head up.  She's never recovered from her loss and him not making it has just cut her to pieces...and our family, to be honest, as she has changed from the vibrant girl to someone who just plods on, day to day.  She is not the same person and has withdrawn from everything...absolutely everything and everyone.  She talks to me, no-one else, about things of the 'head and heart' sometimes...not often though.  I 'get' her, if you know what I mean?  Others in the family don't and just think she should get on with it.    Hubby just wants to get on with life too, even after all these years, but sis can't so they are not happy.  She has been grieving for 33 years and can't find peace.... and he just doesn't know how to make it better.

So, Peter, up there with Dido and Babushka , Auntie M loves you lots.   And I wish I could have held you, too.  xxxxxxx

Saturday, 20 December 2008


Have had a weekend full of family visitors.

Bro has been to help sort out practical things....like back gate, sorting security,  lights, washing line (yippeee!!)....and has been good company:o))

I don't know why we ended up living so far apart.   Will soon be remedied, hopefully.

His dog, Max,  is HUGE!!  Blummin Scoobydoo gone wrong.....but soooooo soft.  He even ended up sleeping on my posh sofa..mainly 'cos I couldn't get him off 'cos he weighs too much!!!  He is such a lovely dope.  He's so big that he has his own armchair at home:o)

He's so nice with the mogs, although Cilla isn't too keen on him!!!  Maybe she demands a bit more intelligence!!

Olive's last litter has gone... new homes.

Junior.  Upset, as per the norm.  Anyway, they have gone to lovely homes and will be spoiled rotten.

Ollie is due in to the vet's after Crimble.  I am worried...given LooLoo's reaction to being spayed.   Ollie and LooLoo are really similar physically; long-haired, light as a feather while the others are heavier.   LooLoo is at last walking.  Just a bit at a time.  She's been wiped out by the op, so is being lavished with tlc and upmarket cat food.  Tinkerbelle, who was 'done' two days after Loo, is like the proverbial Tigger:o) 

Camera has been playing up of late...sigh!!!  We did/do have great photos!!!

Arthritis playing up too...means I am REALLY slow at everything (what's new? did I hear you say.  lol) with typos galore.  Bugger!!!!  Shall keep taking the oil!!! lol

We're trying to put up Christmas decorations.  Junior has two little trees, both lovingly adorned....and being eyed up by the mogs. lol    Found some posh, singing and dancing twinkly lights in the garage.  They're going up in my bedroom; 'tis where I can sort of guarantee that they won't be used as an assault course and so felines won't be barbecued!!   "Weeeeeee.  look at me.  I'm swinging"..........Bang...sizzle!"   

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Foot Bliss

Been trying out a bit of the old reflexology.  Ok, foot massage:o)

Seeing as I'm still struggling with iffy joints, thought I'd give it a go.  Junior, of course, had the job of Chief Massager.  lol    We struck a deal.  A sort of "I'll do yours if you do mine" type of arrangement.   I explained to Junior about reflexology and she seems quite interested, so my old books are coming out:o) 

Anyway, 20 mins each using the Barefoot Doctor lotion that we had kicking about.  Was bliss.  No smelly feet and, I can walk alot better.  Junior is happy, too.  It's relaxed her and she went straight to the land of BoBos once her head hit the pillow:o)

We're doing this twice weekly now, purely for relaxation and footcare.  

I did think of this as a possible new career in a former life.  That or herbal medicine, which I have great respect for.  It cured me of gallstones and I was eyeing up university courses at one point but the unis were too far away for someone with kids and I would never have been able to manage everything.   Sigh.....so, for now, I potter about.

Daughter is into herbs.  She has her pots of basic stuff, which she's always snipping and adding to her food.  We sometimes buy pots of basil and coriander and she munches the leaves as we walk around the supermarket!!  eeeek!!   She is, of course, into cookery and especially likes this person, so Santa is bringing her  this.       Junior isn't vegetarian;  she'll be trying out all these recipes asap, me thinks.  When she has her cooking head on, the kitchen looks like it's been hit by a hurricane.   lol !  Clearing up is always the worst job and is when I wish I had a dishwasher.    I think she likes this particular chef/cook because she's very even tempered and informative, with none of that effing and blinding that some of the other chefs seem to deem necessary.

Tomorrow is 'attempt to waddle around town' day and purchase stuff.  I have not a lot of dosh and I'm not really into overindulgence nowadays.  I've seen the light!!  lol    The green/eco/frugal way for moi:o))    Trouble is, most people I know seem to think the more you spend on someone, the better it is.  The boys, especially, feel the need to spend fifty quid on each present.  'Tis madness.  Told them no more than a fiver for me, tenner at the most as it's the thought that counts.   The less you spend, the more thought you give to the gift.      Here endeth my sermon.  lol  

Anyway, need to get arse into gear.  Humbug!!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dark Nights

Junior is sort of recovered from the flu.  Still has a chesty cough but she's got an appetite back, sort of.  

We've been making the most of the dark nights.  Curtains drawn and snuggling indoors, trying to keep warm and eating comforting, healing food.  Shutting out the crap from the outdoor world.  I love the dark nights.  All the peace and quiet.  I end up doing all sorts of rearranging.  Bit like nesting, I suppose.   We've rearranged furniture to maximise warmth and cosiness.    The mogs have been doing their bit for peace in the Min household and switching off the phone by stepping on the Belkin.  lol

On the subject of warmth and cosiness, we're making novelty draught excluders...or trying to...and Junior has been Christmas card making.  Her efforts are quite good, but she gets her hair off when something goes wrong.  You can hear her muttering away...."stupid, stupid".  Little perfectionist that she is!

I don't much care for Christmas, though.  Can't get in the mood for it.  The over commercialism drives me mad plus it's the month when Dad went.  But, hey ho, must make an effort.  Tomorrow shall buy some twinkly lights to put up in the window:o)


Sunday, 7 December 2008


Been thinking of Dad.

We lost him on this day a few years ago.  I was expecting Junior at the time and my family were concerned that I might miscarry because of grief.  

Dad knew he was going to be a Grandad again to a little girl.  First birth child of mine.  I was the last of the kids to 'produce' physically, so it was a big thing.  All his sprogs had become birth parents!     He desperately wanted to hang on and 'meet' her.  But, sadly, it wasn't to be.  I know he watches over her, guardian angel-like.  He said he would.  She has some of his traits.  Stubbornness....and his eyebrows!!!  And she cheats at cards!!!

Mother, of course, was desolate when he died.  50+ years of togetherness had ended.  Ups and downs and the like.  I was at work when I got the 'call' to go the the hospital as it was 'time'.  I lived over a hundred miles away.  So, my lovely workmate rang the kids' school and explained and soon after I collected them at the school gates and we were on our way up the motorway to the hospital.  The boys were bewildered but very protective.  Primary school aged kids protecting their mum:o))  I drove on autopilot. 

Everyone else was there when we arrived.  Even an old family friend, Emilia.  Beautiful woman, salt of the earth type.  Adopted auntie, if you like:o))  She was another WW2 refugee.    

It turns out that Dad had been hanging on for me.  Everyone was in bits...especially Mother.  My siblings couldn't bring themselves to stay in his room for any time.   Watching someone die is no fun when they are struggling for breath.    After a while I asked if Mother had eaten or had a break?  No.  So I took her for a 'break'.  She needed it.  After a while, maybe 20 minutes, she sat bolt upright and said she had to go back, so we went.  It was time and 20 minutes later Dad was gone.  Mother sobbed at his bedside.  But I didn't cry.  I couldn't because of Junior.   I couldn't lose her too.

We felt relief that he was no longer suffering.  So now we had to support Mother.
When we got back from the hospital, their dogs were waiting.  They knew!!!!!    and comforted Mother in their way.  A few days later, Mother laid out Dad's burial clothes on a bed.  His favourite suit and Ukrainian tie.  They had been dry cleaned.   And thermals.  She didn't want him to be cold:o)   We were pottering around downstairs and I noticed that one of the dogs was missing.  Went upstairs and found him laying, hugging, curled up on the burial clothes:o))  Wouldn't leave them.    Broke my heart to see that and when the dog eventually died, years later, we scattered his ashes on Dad's grave, so they are together again:o)

None of my siblings could bring themselves to sleep at 'home' once he'd died.   So, I stayed.  Autopilot, again.    Couldn't leave Mother on her own. He came home the night before the funeral. I thought I would hate it, but it was strangely comforting.

What do other people do on such 'anniversaries'?  Do they congregate together, have a post wake type of thing, or what?

We don't seem to be such a family.  We all contemplate, remember, celebrate in our own ways....on our own.  No gatherings. 

We are a strange lot.

Now I can cry...and I do  But he's probably up there telling me to stop being such a wuss!!  xxx 

He was just an ordinary bloke with faults, just like any other.  Forced out of his homeland and away from his loved ones because of some tyrant.  Did his bit and best to help keep us ALL free.

My Dad, the Hero:o))) xxx

Friday, 5 December 2008

Yes, it'snot!!

Junior has flu.  Poor thing.  

She does not sleep or eat well with this., having a head full of mucous.   You know how it is.  

So, Vick, Oil of Olbas and the tissues reign here!  And throat tablets to help keep an irritating cough at bay!   And Lucozade.

The mogs are doing a sterling job of keeping her feet and back warm while she's lolling on the sofa.  (warmer down here)  Cilla acts like a foot muff when she's on the computer.

Iffy joints and flu.  What a pair of old crocks we are!  lol  

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Never argue with a cat!!

Junior has been a tad argumentative of late.

Think she's a bit fed up of the chores known as 'Tidying up after yourself' and ' Could you just do **** for me?''  Well, hey ho, 'tis tough.  Needs must and all that,  especially as Iffy Joint Old Crock aka Min isn't as nimble as she once was and needs a little help now and again.

Anyway, the mogs are hungry and need feeding.  Seeing as I was up at 4am due to Junior sleepwalking into my bedroom and could not get back to sleep, I asks daughter to attend to them.  One, Meg, has become really grumpy and growly which does nothing for you when you are as equally short-tempered and trying to feed the hungry furry masses.   It just makes you even more bad tempered.

So, they are fed.  House rule is that animals are sorted first, humans second.   Junior asks me to cut her a few wedges off the homemade bread.  She is going to make herself a tuna and mayo sandwich.  Her favourite.    Of course, the aroma is not missed and soon she has a mass of furry 'friends' vying for titbits.  Still grumpy, Junior shouts and yells at them and tells them to go away, leave her alone, they've had theirs, etc.  They, of course, ignore her and carrying on hassling.  lol

She makes the sandwich.  It is piled high with tuna mayo and they still pester her for some.  She tells them that under NO circumstances are they having any of this.   Not a chance.   It is hers and hers alone.  

Off she toddles to sit down and consume it.

A few seconds later, there is a little commotion and a child-like expletive.  

She returns to the kitchen, with plate and lop-sided sandwich.

It seems that because of her bad temper (sigh) her hands slipped and plate fell onto the floor...followed by sandwich.

Ah ha!! 


The mogs got their tuna, after all.

There's a moral in there somewhere,...eg;  What goes around comes around...and all that.....  but I'm in danger of losing bladder control as I'm laughing so much!!!!

I made her a fresh one and presented it in a large, non-slip bowl. 

Still tittering:o))

PS.  The Mogs...filled with tuna mayo sarni...are strategically lazing around..or so it would appear.....but, don't be fooled... all eyeballs are on Junior incase she drops this one aswell.   

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Keeping Warm!

Woke up to find that it had snowed here overnight.  A bit more than a dusting....and it looks REALLY cold and icy outside!!  

Unfortunately, we have to venture out to visit Mother, who has the bag on with me 'cos we didn't go down yesterday.  Iffy joints a la moi and daughter who is suffering from cramp sort of makes your mind up to stay put...especially when it takes me ten minutes to put one boot on!!!  Junior titters at the sight of her old Ma rolling round and cursing, fighting these boots,  'cos she isn't as supple as she once was, going red in the face, etc.  Have to put these boots on to go out nowadays.  Slip on flatties are a no no in this cold, even with three pairs of socks!!     I'm taking a daily health supplement that the chemist recommended, but says it will take a couple of months to get me feeling better so, until then....I  think thermals might be in order to keep the joints happier:o)  The old-fashioned haberdashery shops are no more around here, which is a shame 'cos they were an Alladin's cave, full of the useful things that you don't find in the high street shops nowadays.  Have been explaining the virtues of bloomers to Junior.  lol  She still prefers leggings.

Daughter is into watching a maths type programme  of late. ..and some strategy games. Suits me:o))  I was waddling around WHS a few weeks ago and spotted their book deals.  I love books.  There's something safe about them.  There were some great offers on educational stuff, so I got a huge encyclopedia of the Earth for a fiver.  Bargain!!   It's like a doorstop!!   I was going to wrap it up for Crimble (present from the Ho Ho Ho HE fairy) but she eyeballed it before I could say sellotape!!  So, she's going to do an hour a day on a subject of her choosing, which I think will be geology based to start with:o))  Where can you dig for precious stones in Hill Billy Land?   Guess who ooos and aaaahs at Gems tv?   lol

Re our cooking list from the other day.  Soup and the veggie pasties are on the agenda today.  Maybe bread, but that'll be cheating via the breadmaker.  Not enough hours in the day!!