Friday, 9 July 2010


We live in Hill Billy Land.....'tis nice as long as you have transport.

Well, every day, after I have sorted out Junior, the mogs and the pooch I often sit outside with my cup of tea and peruse. I ignore the bombsite of a garden (but it is coming on and I shall post piccies when done) and I just sit and relax.

You hear the normal, neighbours chatting/ranting/moaning, etc.....birds, neighbourhood chickens and pets, but you can hear beyond all that, if you have a mind to.
I hear the farm animals. Sheep and their lambs bleating away....bovines mooing. (There are plenty of fields around here if you walk a bit) Junior and I happened upon a field full of calves. They were so sweet...and were playing! Chasing and gamboling around the field, as happy as Larry, not much different to how our mogs behave...except the mogs are in no danger of being eaten later on in their lives.

About the sheep, lambs and bovines....It was the same last year. I thought it was lovely, hearing them all. Now I feel sad.
In a couple of months time, they will stop..the bleatings and mooing.

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