Sunday, 19 September 2010

Clear out

I always cop for it!

Whenenever I utter the immortal words "I'm having a lie-in tomorrow" never goes to plan.

Ding Dong.

Mother is on the doorstep at 11am...with shopping trolley. She comes bearing gifts, says she.

Freshly laundered towels (washing maching is still knackered) and my pans from yesterday's meal.

In addition, trolley was bursting with a few rather large bits. Turns out they are framed embroidery and tapestry pieces that she's had for years. Were hung on her living room wall until this morning. Doesn't want them anymore. She's having a clear out. Two were made by my Dad's girlfriend from home. She gave them to him when he visited...50 years after leaving his homeland. Don't think she was daft enough to wait for him, but it irks my mother a tad...that there was a girl left behind in war time:o(

So, she's on an anti-men crusade. Cause nothing but bother and heartache! lol She's threatened to chuck out half the family photos amongst other things, too. So, Bro is doing his duty at this very mo and saving them! She's having a grief reaction. Says that when she dies there will be no mess to clear up. No silly photos, no dodgy clothing or nik naks, etc. So, they're all coming here..... for the time being. She'll change her mind in six months time and wish them back! lol

Junior is doing some brain training/teasing stuff at the mo and I have FINALLY found a use for algebra that might interest her. Competitions and prize money involved. Woo hoo!


Mieke said...

Hi Min,
Saw yr post on UKHE and went for a catch-up on yr blog. So sorry to read about yr loss and especially about how he was (not) cared for :(, that really is a tragedy.
Wishing you all you need to keep things going and loads of sympathy for all of you.

Minnie said...

Thanks, Mieke:o) I'll pass it on to Mother.xx