Sunday, 20 June 2010

Missing Balls

This vegan blog is amazing. The food looks so appetising. Don't know how the woman does it!! Mind you, she has some amazing equipment....dehydrator, KitchenAid, workhorse blender.....sigh...

We are doing ok. Junior and her spinach!! Seems very apt that we have a Popeye in this house:o) lol She likes this salad....... Spinach, orange segments, bacon (vegan, in our case) and dressing made with the orange juice , olive oil, etc. You are also supposed to have these ingredients in, too..but we didn't have them on hand.....slithers of almonds and some dried apricots, too. (It's good for iron). All in a bread roll!! yummy....I had some mayo on mine.

Tea was vegan shepherds pie, made with some meat free alternative from the Tesco freezer which is actually vegan and not vegetarian!...and carrots. Popcorn for pud, lol We are way too stuffed for anything else.

My quest re some nice vegan 'meat' for my Coronation Chicken led me here. I figured the company might be owned by a vegan but it never crossed my mind that it was a woman and.... Heather Mills!

On the home ed front.....Ofsted are at it, again. What a waste of space and money they get stuff wrong!! Bloody power crazies! Maybe they are for the chop? Anyway, Graham Stuart has put them in their place:o)

On the home front...all this energy has meant that washing machine has kindly assisted me in NINE washes!!! Ah bless, washing machine is now enjoying some zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Most of the house has been 'spring cleaned'. This means a good hoover, polish and removal of clutter. Big bro is arriving soon........we have to make room for all his Tool Time stuff!

More wood!!

He's bringing the Scooby Doo lookalike, Max, of course:o) Only, this time, so he doesn't have to bother neighbours to do the necessaries......he's bringing his cat!! He did have two.....Itchy and Scratchy....but Itchy wandered off...with testicles. So, Scratchy is in for a big surprise this week!! Guess who has made him an appointment to see the Vetinarian? lol

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