Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Do You Have Room in Your Heart?

We have 12 cats and a dog. Doesn't feel like we do. OK...the emptying of cat litters is a bind but, apart from that, it's cool. We have to hoover each day, change bedding each day...wash it and dry it, etc.......all common sense stuff anyway.

So, we went to see our friend at the local Pet Welfare place today. He had some covered cat litter trays for us. With this hot weather..it makes sense to keep the litters covered. When we got there......we found.....

Wall to wall kittens........26

Most dumped, in boxes and left.

Some are so small..TINY, due to malnourishment. I could cry.

Junior was followed around by a little tabby boy. So friendly and independent..even for one so young. He is causing concern as he flips from the runs to constipation...and thus an icky bum...with no mummy cat to look after him, means he could get fly strike.....so he is being washed...several times a day. He is obviously suffering from a food allergy, but there are so many mouths to feed, it's impossible to keep this one isolated and fed on specialised food. No time and not enough funds!!

There is also a LOVELY black male. Beautifully friendly. Sleek and otherwise healthy....but he has feline aids....Poor lad. I hope he finds the home he deserves. It needs to be an only home or one with others with feline aids. He will have to be an indoor cat, too. He just miaows for attention....they all do. You just want to scoop them up and hug them. Then there's this brindle female, Thin and scraggy. . She is old but is so friendly. Just wants a bit of love and company. I am SO tempted. She is the one who struck my heart...probably because she is like Tinks....and I can't bear the thought of this being Tinks in the future. Plus, old lady version is WAY friendlier. lol...

So....Junior and I will go down each day and handle these kittens and cats so they remain sociable and, thus, easier to rehome. Plus loved. Black and white cats are COOL!!! Our Henry and Ringo are such characters..and so are Spook and Jimmy and Muppet:o)

God, if I could only just wave a magic wand and help these poor creatures. When we go down I will take photos. Maybe someone will offer a home to some of these lovely animals.

Meanwhile, my lot are partying around the house. Whizzing and playing:o)

Then there's the rabbits at the pet welfare place!!

Two largish animals, not pretty....just your normal brownish types.... cooped up in one hutch......no run to frolic about it...

Might have to take those two home and give them a bit of space:o) They are the overspill. Another person devotes her back garden to rabbits. About 50 of them. Discarded..Too much hassle to keep. They have lost their 'use'. So they wait, in little hutches, for a nice home. Pah!!

Jeez....We humans are barstewards!!

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