Thursday, 26 August 2010

Shredded fingers...all for a good cause

I am about to embark on the worst job ever!

I like having hands....and fingers...ones that work...sort of.

But...the deed has to be done....getting a worming tablet down each of twelve unwilling cats' necks!

I have tried the 'disguise said tablet' in tuna, ham, beef, cat name it..but our mogs ain't that stupid....they can sniff out a worming tablet at a thousand paces.

So, it's on with the leather gardening gloves, safety goggles, thick wraparound blanket and try and get the blooming things past clamped teeth and sharpened claws. Joy!

Doesn't help matters that we have one extremely cantankerous Ringo Schooler....who was relieved of his 'crown jewels' a while ago. Rings seems to want to bonk anything that will have him but, unfortunately, he has no takers:o( Keep telling him that the old legover is a bit over rated...but he ain't having it....literally! lol

1 comment:

Maire said...

Only five here, de flead yesterday, worming any day soon, mucho sympathy!