Saturday, 29 March 2008

Invisible Veg

I had a feeling this would happen (hoped the end result would be bigger but hey, who am I to complain).
I won on the Euro Millions!   Thank you:O)) 
Going to cash in the ticket this aft.  We'll be £7.10 richer:O))   Like they say, every little helps!

Gratuitous pic of Olive in her new favourite noseying/keeping an eye on Mum spot.  Fred n Wilma are now in a safer place (mog-free little bedroom...with panoramic views of the outside world and their own radio to keep up to date on things).  They're singing away at the moment, bless 'em. 

Junior has a bit of a cold and is producing copious amounts of mucous, which is getting her down a bit.  I'm doing my best to avoid any direct hits via sneezing, etc as I don't fancy getting this lurgy one bit.  So, today shall make lots of soup.  Still not got round to the Chocolate and Beetroot cake; I have all the ingredients but no mugs (sorry, testers) to try it out on.  Hmmm, might spring this on Son no 1 who is visiting next week.  He likes his chocolate:O)   Shall "forget" to tell him about the veg and vegan bit and see what he really thinks of it.    I used to do this all the time when he was younger..."hiding" veg in his meals, otherwise he wouldn't have eaten any fruit and veg at all.  Still do it now.   He does like them..he just won't admit it to me.  Battle of wills and all that.  Don't think I'll ever come clean about it, though.  Will spoil my fun.  lol.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Now you see it, now you don't:O)

We are posh!!  Woo hoo!
Brother in law brought us a computer cabinet, amongst other things when he visited yesterday.. so now all things computery can be shut away, out of sight, in a second.  So, living room does not always have to look like a school room/library/tip all the time:O)  Only downside is that the mac was previously on the table...and I was able to use it and sit against the radiator and keep back end and feet warm.  Now, if it gets nippy shall have to strap hot water bottle to my back, wear three pairs of socks, mother's Cossack hat and fingerless gloves:O)

Now you see it!

Now you don't!

Can't get away from the pet shop look, though as Fred n Wilma budgerigars have to live atop this unit, but they seem happy..away from most prying mogs.  Saying that...found Olive on top of their cage this morning.  She likes to lay on top and look in:O)    I could hear all was not well in the budgie safety department as some loud "complaining" was going on and so had to vacate my nice relaxing bath to go down and evict Olive from her cage-top perch!!   This was not a pretty sight and a good job the curtains were drawn!!   Lots of  **!!&$$$$$@@@@!!!  going on, too!!   So, don't know how I'm going to keep the little blighter away from the our feathery friends...I shall have to dream up some diversionary tactics....(hmmm..electric cat prodder comes to mind but think I might have to settle on a water pistol!!)

BIL took us out for a run around hill billy land.  Must say, again, that the countryside around here is really beautiful, as are all national parks, I suppose. Some lovely properties, too. Bet they cost a packet to buy.

Junior has just done a quiz on me and apparently, I'm a writer and she's an actress:O)  And, no. I'm not tempted to alter that to drama queen, 'cos she's not...normally:O) lol

I finished some up-market dishcloths which are about to be despatched to family members for "road testing".  Any criticism will be of the "no holds barred" type as I might add these to my little business empire..once it gets up and running:O)  Junior has got into the spirit of things, too and has asked if I'll teach her how to crochet, so she can make things herself.  Atta girl:O))  This might take a while, though, as she's getting a bit temperamental/frustrated 'cos she can't get it right first time and is a bit of a perfectionist.  Maybe I spoke too soon about the drama queen thing!

Posh dishcloths

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Shop 'til you drop

Brother-in-law is visiting today to drop of cargo of yet more Easter goodies for Junior:O)  My sister normally sends her niece the best in cool stuff that has just landed in the shops..type of thing (she works for a well known supermarket so has first-hand pick of stuff).  So, J can't wait:O))  My older siblings are really good with Junior.  They watch out for her big time, even though they're so far away.  I know sometimes they sense that I worry about what will happen to her if I wasn't here and who will care for her, etc.    That's why they're godparents.  No getting out of it now.  lol   Most people probably have these dark worries, don't they?  

Her daily diary is coming along well.  Some of it is in "diary" style and some is in "magazine".  Still, at least she is writing through choice:O)  

The guitar she got for Crimble has finally made it's way out of the storage box.  She's ready to have a serious go and so we're aiming at getting practice in everyday...and some music reading:O)  Recorder playing in this house, however,  is a REALLY noisy affair.....the dogs just howl and howl..don't think for a minute they are singing along:O)   So, we have to wait until neighbours are out for that particular activity.  lol

Today we're off to the nearest big city for a look around (bro in law loves shopping, can you believe?  Sister hates it!!)  Shall send her something nice back, though:O)

Now, time to go.  Comfy shoes at the ready!!  lol    

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Send Comfort

A home edding friend has just lost her husband...the kids obviously have lost their dad.   They are a lovely family and he was a nice bloke who worked hard for them.

Not fair, is it?

Was the funeral today.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Baby, it's cold INSIDE!

So, this morning.  "Let's see if we can be a little healthier in the food department a la breakfast:O))  All those Easter eggs....tut tut.
What shall we have?  I know....a smoothie".    So,  out with blender and in go all the ingredients.  Luverly, jubberly.  Hands Junior her glassful and off she tootles.  I get mine and  commence to consume the goodies....far too quickly as it happens.    Was very nice!   But...then.....arghhhhhh!!!!!   pain!!!......clutches head in hands!!     Min's got......BRAIN FREEZE!!
(Note to self:-  In future, must remember to take my time when drinking smoothies made with frozen fruit!!)  

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Dental Work

Spa Night didn't get going!   Nor did my Chocolate and Beetroot cake. 

Junior had headache due to worrying too much about a wobbly tooth which was bleeding a bit..due to lots of fiddling with!!  She felt a bit sick and icky and decided to try and get an early night..and was asleep by 8.45.

So, all day today she has been bothered by this wobbly tooth, which was hanging on by a thread and not letting go!!  I asked if she wanted me to assist in its removal and she declined my kind offer, can you believe:O)?  So she's been driving me POTTY with constant wittering and worrying.

Anyway,  we had an invite to dinner and went to my mother's.  Ate dinner (which was delish), sat and had a natter, did some art and Junior had a final cuddle from her Gran before we departed for home.  Anyway,  Gran is cuddling and rocking Junior.  Junior is STILL prodding her tooth.  So,  Gran "accidentally" hitched Junior further up onto her knee and this co-incided with J prodding that blasted tooth.  Result being one evicted baby tooth:O)  Hooray!!!!    Her appetite has suddenly increased and she has more than made up for yesterday's lack of:O)

Toothless child came home considerably richer (twelve quid!!  £2 for the tooth and the rest instead of a sugar-laden Easter egg!)  Oh, to be young again:O)

Now she's wittering about the big hole it's left!     Arghhhhhhhhh!!!

She's writing her diary as I type.  It has all the gory details of the tooth eviction!!  lol 

Friday, 21 March 2008

Wind and Spa Night

So, it's  been blowing a gale up in hill billy land  and snowing now and again..but it's lovely and sunny at the mo.  Total schizophrenic weather  which is about normal for the end of March! The mogs are being blown in through the cat flap. They land unceremoniously upon the kitchen laminate, shake themselves back into shape (look round to see if anyone spotted this undignified "landing")....and trot off upstairs, with a feline trill, to the warmth and peace of MY bedroom!!! Too much hassle elsewhere, what with their rampant 4 week old kitty nieces and nephew running riot. lol From the corner of your eye they look like huge, black, furry spiders. Eeek..glad they're not!!

We went to local market town today. Got supplies for choc and beetroot cake, plenty of fresh fruit n veg, locally made spinach and onion bread which smells gorgeous...  AND maple syrup...pancakes just aren't the same without maple syrup:O))     I feel a "Martha Stewart" coming along and so am on the hunt for a waffle maker. Junior isn't usually a cereal/toast/porridge type of girl for breakfast (only by force) we try different things. Some days we fancy savoury..some days we don't. Doesn't matter what she eats, though....she's still very slender. "I was like that at her age.   She's just like me"....I tells son no 2. "Yeah", says he.."just see what she's got to look forward to!!" Hmphhh!!      Still, he must love his old ma and sis 'cos he sent us some chocolate Easter eggs in the post.  He lives down south, you see.  Anyway, the postage cost more than the actual eggs....bless:O))

Tonight is Spa Night. We agreed a sort of timetable ages ago..and, My God...she remembered the nice bits!! So, we will be massaging feet and hands, pedicuring and manicuring this evening. I did have the foresight to buy a little box of chocs (which she has spotted already). We've got grapes, too..but I'm not peeling them. (this is my Mother's doing...."don't eat the don't know where it's been". Sooooo, Junior does not do grape (or tomato) skin).

And, horray.....I found the instruction of use for my camera!! Hopefully your eyesight will be saved from now... no more boggled and unfocused piccies. Got to find my specs I can read the instructions:O)    Such are the joys of growing old!!!

The latest new of Cary..who has just had a tough time and seems destined to not have anyone of her own sort to love:O(( xx

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating:O)   Ours isn't for a few weeks yet.


Won't be long now until I'm a granny:O)  

Son no 2 and his partner are very young for this (18 & 20) and so I and mother-to-be's mum worry...alot... as to how they'll manage..but they seem to be looking forward to becoming three and have been buying stuff in preparation.  Son has just started a new full time job, too and so feels a bit happier to have money coming in to provide things of choice and not just necessity:O)  It only seems like yesterday that he was playing with his lego, toy cars, riding his bike and tearing his trousers.  Now he's about to be a parent himself.

They grow up too quickly!!!

I bought my first bits for the baby yesterday.  She's got a couple of months to go and I didn't want to buy anything before because it was too early..... incase.....  OK..I'm superstitious!!  

Anyhow, when I was paying for my items I suddenly felt really emotional.  I very nearly started blubbing as I was paying and walking out of the store.  Well,  little grandchild will be very much loved by granny and I can't wait for that first cuddle:O)   I wonder if baby will have Daddy's red hair?

The parents-to-be want us mums to be there at the birth.  Fat lot of good I'll be,  going on yesterday's antics...I'll probably be the biggest baby there!!  

On the Home Ed front:O)
Boxed French course for Junior.

Fancy little Easter box that Junior made from scratch for me one day last week.

4 weeks old today...and they won't keep still for one second!!!

Meet Roxy...the adventurous one..with Cupcake at the rear:O)

Little Wrigglers:O) The four of them have discovered life out of the nesting box. They scoot and romp around, playing with everything in sight. They won't eat kitten food..have tried it on them but they're not having we're not having to "potty train"...yet! Ah, such fun that'll be:O))

This weekend we are hoping to try our hand at a chocolate and beetroot cake! Gonna have fun trying to veganise that one!!

Monday, 17 March 2008

On a depressing note

Too much hassle to deal with at the mo.  No wonder some folk go barmy..or just up and go!!     

House, finances, red tape, ..even the's getting all political there too, with people walking round clutching clipboards.. tut tutting at certain plots.  The ones that are run by the retired blokes who spend all their time up there, some sipping their home made whatever,  are all preened and clipped while those plots that belong to folk who work or have other duties in life are more, er...normal.  And the kid from hell who lives next door is on fine form, too.   Rude as rude can be.   Arghhhh.

Wonder if I can find us a nice little place away from all this hassle?  Nothing too big, just enough land to grow fruit and veg...maybe put the odd rescue hen or twelve on:O) my dreams me thinks:O(  

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Had to chuckle at my mother

I've always said that when I get old..I'm going to be an eccentric old bird!!

I am very much like my mother..... so I reckon the genetics are going to help me..'cos she's beaten me to it!! Do you ever speak to older people and find yourself shocked at their mischievous innovation?

Well, as with many ladies "of age"...incontinence appears now and again and the odd packet of Tena Lady finds its way into your home. Mother is mortified at the thought of TL, necessary as it may be. Not very fashionably discreet...if you see what I mean? "Too bloody bulky" she says" She doesn't want to end up having undergarments the size of an aircraft hanger...even if she is nearly 80!!

Anyway....we are shopping today and she has hatched a plan to hide this indiscretion......Thongs!!!! They're the answer she reckons.. So, she's experimenting!!! lol

We youngsters are just as bad!!

Junior..."Can I have some bird island?"
Me "What?"

Goes into kitchen and finds that she is asking if she can have a drink of dandelion and burdock!!!!

Must clean out ears more often. LOL

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules

Couldn't live anywhere warm at the moment......pesky peri-menopause!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Romeo and Juliet

So, do you ever have one of those days when you've seen things, by chance, that you wish you'd never seen..however trivial it might seem to other people? Stuff that just gets to you, pulls at your heart strings, is not fair and spoils the day? Today was one of those.

We are usual..appointment in town..late for bus. Sod it..we've missed have to walk. Anyway, finds that there are people at the bus stop. Yippee...bus is late!!!! Buses run when they seem to please in hill billy land. So, we wait. saves having to walk a few miles or so in the stormy winds of late. There is not point in having a well-groomed hairstyle here lately!!

So, we are at the bus stop. It's outside a house that was for sale a few months ago and that Junior took a shine to and wished we could afford to buy. We did purchase lottery no avail:O(

There's a garden wall, then a grass verge..then the bus stop. All very nice. But, bugger me, I had to glance down on the grass and there was a pair of black birds. One male, one female...dead. Laid side by side....It looked like one had died and the other had stayed at its mate's side in support. Reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Can't explain except that it was really, gut-wrenchingly poignant. Maybe the ferocious winds got them..looks like it. It was so sad to see, though.

Mum was pragmatic, as per usual, and tells me that they don't live for long but, still, it ain't fair.

Call me soft. I don't bloody care!!!!

We walked home from Mum's the other night (missed bus again) and ended up helping some local frogs to get to safety. Well, they would decide to want to cross the road and risk getting flattened!!! Junior wouldn't hold my hand on the way home after that, though!! Wonder why? lol

Got a bit more cultured with the playlist. I like Michael Nymen and think this track is lush:O))

Monday, 10 March 2008

Clearer view from the house. The bad weather comes from over there!! LOL

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Bad-tempered walker

We have a major storm heading for the UK, apparently. It's all over the news and there are flood warnings out, etc.
So, we've tidied up the garden, put stuff away that could be carted off by any storm in the offing and are now inside trying to keep warm. It's absolutely freezing so heating is on. I really feel for those in North America who have had 20 inches of snow fall in a day!! Eeeek.

Hope everyone keeps safe:O))

Gratuitous pic of Smiling Spooky....who is the most cantankerous cat I know!!:O)))

Today, we went on a little hike around a local trail/walk. Junior was happy to do this instead of sitting inside and it seemed like the weather was lovely. If we ever go on walks then it always entails packing grub and drinks so we can have a little sit down somewhere:O) Junior insists on this. "What if we get lost and are starving?" LOL.... So, with sarnis and flask prepared, warm clothing on, maps and pooches at the we went.

Now, I have come to the conclusion that I am really, really, really a terribly bad-tempered walker!! I hate all the farting around, waiting for people with dogs to pass us while we hold onto our two.... who always show us up and bark at other dogs. Then, Molly especially, pulls like anything on the lead. She wants to be off and racing around, being as she has a bit of whippet in her:O) But, I can't let her off the lead 'cos she chases birds into fields and dislikes joggers and cyclists and would happily clamp her jaw into any passing backside. Why, oh why do other people always walk their dogs when I'm walking mine? It's just not on!! LOL

This is the same walk we did in the summer and it's amazing how different the land seems now that the trees have shed their leaves and you can see more. We discovered loads of little paths, secret cottages (so lovely) and even a farm I didn't know existed..sort of Secret Gardenish:O)

Anyway, after we had been oiked around for half an hour or so (yes, don't laugh!!!) Junior decides she is hungry so we eat our supplies:O) Then, it's off again on a different track to see what we can find on the journey. Lots of horses, who could have done with a blanket or coat on in my opinion, some birds which I think were female peacocks, donkeys..we even came across a fishing lake. By this time we were frozen and headed back home. We'd been out for a good few hours by then and there were storm clouds on the horizon. You can see them coming across if you look from my bedroom window. The light wasn't good enough to get a good shot of the moors, so apologies. My professional photographer brother would be shaking his head in disgrace if he saw these, but I know you lot can keep a secret! lol

Junior is still happily pursuing her linguistic studies...which are leaning towards French. She'd quite like to go there. tasting holiday coming up!!!:O))))

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Brain Hurts

All day...ALL DAY!!!

Junior has been downloading language courses. French, Ukrainian (too Russianised), Japanese, Spanish and far! The iMac is steaming!! Think she may also have her eye on Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. The preliminaries have been jogged down in her new language exercise books for a bit of bedtime reading (lol) and aural practice. Tomorrow she wants to do much of the same. So, for today we have a head full of international numbers, colours, days of the week, seasons and general greetings. I am knackered..she is not and has now moved onto art. Dobranich folks:O))

PS. Our wheelie bin has returned from its jaunt:O) Yay. No more toddling down to mother's with our rubbish:O)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Mothering Junior

Meg the mummy cat woke me up this 4.30am!! She purr purr and trills like anything..a proper little feline conversationalist:O) She's a really good mother.

Anyway, she hasn't been allowed out since having her babies and is busting a gut to get out into the fresh air of hill billy land. So, consequently she seems to get bored now and again of this imprisonment, hence her waking me up for attention. So, after an hour or so of giving her due attention I drifts back off for much-needed beauty sleep...but not quite..if you know what I mean?.."one eye open, 'tuther shut" sort of thing. Well, her attention is now on the next bod who will play with her...namely Junior!! She has absolutely no chance there....not with comatose child. So, what does the sweet, little animal do but cuddle up and lovingly nudge Junior, the same way she does with her kittens. She was mothering her!!! Bless:O)

Anyway, we are on manouvers again!! Musical bedrooms. J has loads, and I mean LOADS of stuff and nowhere to put/display it all. So, we are swapping bedrooms, again. Not furniture this time, just contents. She will have my lovely, comfy bed and walls decorated in a relaxing theme whilst I will have to endure Gran's rock hard mattress and pink/purple/blue walls adorned with fairies. To make this moving process a little more enjoyable (for Junior) she has her music on. I'm being bombarded with the Sugababes..on repeat. Joy!! What is it with this child and the repeat button? Time someone bought me an iPod!!

Once we've done then a bit of French is on the agenda, bread making and buddhism. Some of her blog mates have been discussing this and so she wants to know a little more and about religions generally. Oh, and she is looking into the anatomy of snakes, courtesy of David Attenborough and the Life in Cold Blood series. He's getting on a bit now, isn't he?... but still so watchable.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day.

My kids sent me a three foot tall card and pottery teddy special delivery:O)

Had a cup of tea in bed, courtesy of Junior and pancakes and maple syrup...and lots of little nik nac pressies that only Junior could think of.

Spent most of the day mooching around and then went down to my Mum's with her pressies and cards. She's getting anxious 'cos she's getting on for 80 and feels guilty because her own mother, my Gran, died when she was only 64.. She was a nice, kind person and it's not fair. Anyway, we ate Mother's Day cake and nattered away, like we do. Before we knew it, it was time to go home....buses only every hour. We did, of course, manage to miss it so Junior and I walked...pushed home by the wind. I shall be as fit as a butcher's dog with all this walking:O)

Our wheelie bin disappeared with the gales. Been out looking for no avail. It's probably in Ireland by now!!!