Friday, 31 August 2007

There's a Surprise!!

Don't get any ideas.....I found this on a vegan blog!!!

71%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Dating Site

Thursday, 30 August 2007


Junior made flapjacks today. She's off her food, so I'm trying to get her food mojo going again and I know she'll nibble on these throughout the day. She likes to tidy up, now and again...and picked on the kitchen today. Suffice it to say, I don't know where half the stuff is. This is the usual case when a tidy-up-spree has been in the offing..can't find anything:O) I've lost a cabbage!! Shall have to ask her in the morning where that went as she's asleep now!! Homemade coleslaw will have to wait until the am.

Our washing machine is leaking....the rubber seal is a little ripped, so I have to sit there with my foot on the door when it fills with water. So, if anyone asks me what I have been doing today, I have definitely been watching the washing get done, sat on cheap Ikea chair that has a seat which has snapped in half, resulting in my back end sinking deeper into the developing hole and looking somewhat in near the floor! lol And, to cap it all, the washing pole snapped, same day as Olive's attack. They say it comes in threes!! Sigh...

Anyway, for those who know me, I am the washing queen and machine problems are BAD NEWS!!!!!. Washing machine is on at least twice a day. Can't stand to see anything in the laundry basket. Bit of an obsession, I suppose. Plus, I like to change my bedding every day (sad, I think not!!) Most people think I'm a bit strange when I say I change bedding every day..but it's only like changing yer undies!.....wouldn't keep them on for two weeks, would you? Plus, pet hair gets into the strangest of places!!

So, have had to improvise with the "where shall I hang it to dry" scenario until I get aforementioned pole replaced. Lol. I would put piccies up, but that would be a tad embarassing. I'm not so hot on the ironing, though. Now, that IS a waste of time...but some people actually enjoy doing it. Very strange:O)))

Just some piccies Junior took today.

Megan posing on Junior's Bratz chair

Popeye got fed up of posing....little diva!!

The patient, taking it easy with favourite cuddly toy...would have to be a dog, too!!

Looking straight at you

Best of friends:O)

I know, my face is a mess!!

The tablet's kicked in, so I'm chillin out!!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Out and About and Down

Well, we've been out today. Took Olive to the vets for her checkup. Had to drive 20 miles and then through a city centre previously unknown to moi on the driving front, so pretty hairy!! And, there seem to be roadworks EVERYWHERE. Inner city ring road being rebuilt, type of thing.

Although they're pleased with her, mainly because she seems so happy in herself, the vets say she's still not guaranteed to survive. This is such a difficult thing to come to terms with and so, I suppose, that's why we've been a bit down. She had a anti-bio/painkilling/penicillin jab today and from tomorrow I have to give her tablets. I'm not relishing doing this, bearing in mind that her jaw is wired up!! Anyway, disguise it in some of her favourite food is the advice the mo all she is allowed to eat is mushed up kitten food. Anyway, I'll do my best. Last night, after playing like a loony, she purred constantly and curled up by me or Junior..or lay on my front with paws outstretched on my face...very touching...'scuse the pun!! Popeye and Megan are in Junior's bedroom. Have to keep them apart incase they play a little too rough.

Maybe I'm down because my little family is being split up. If I could magic anything up for this world, it would be for everything and everyone to get on:O)

Anyway, Olive has been "out of it" today because of the jab and, I suppose, her body is telling her to rest. Yesterday she was so hyper, today she is the opposite. I am worried.

So, what to do? watch tv, cheer up. Tittybang Bang is on. The actors on there are a bunch of nutters!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

High as a Kite Olive

Went to my Mum's today and had a nice time. Little brother (lol) visited too with his kids. Mother was well happy.

Anyway, I was told by the vets to ring after 3.30pm to see how Olive is doing. I did this at Mum's (expecting to be told she was/wasn't doing ok and to ring back again tomorrow, as per usual routine) Anyway, surprise, surprise, I was told that she was ready to come home!! Wow! I didn't expect this so soon, but they need the "beds". She has to go back tomorrow for a post op check. She isn't out of the woods yet, 'cos infection is a big worry with injuries such as hers, so we are being really scrupulous with hygiene (sanitised cat litter, mega clean food dishes, wash hands ALL the time,etc.) She's in my bedroom for the time being. Anyway, she's presently high as a kite on kitty morphine and you'd never know what she'd been through, if it wasn't for her kitty bloodied, black-eyed face. She is as playful and loving as ever....currently climbing up my skirt!!!!

Good to have her home:O)

But I'm still pooing my pants at the thought of losing her. Long time since an animal affected me like this. She's almost human.

Molly dog is in the dog crate at the moment. She seems to be enjoying it....all her own space.

Just thought I'd let anyone who may be wondering know what's what:O)

Some piccies tonight:O) Sorry for the swollen, red and blotchy mug......that's what bawling your eyes out does to one:O((

Conventional vet bill would have been £380+ so I have some major "crafting to raise funds" to do. I don't mind. Wish I could give the pet hospital a million quid. Wonder how many animal blankets I'd have to crochet to raise that sort of dosh?

Monday, 27 August 2007


Olive is still at the pet hospital. She had her jaw wired up this morning and they're going to try and get her to eat this afternoon. I'm busting a gut to give her a love and a cuddle. We're still all cut up about it, 'cos it was our dog that flipped. The dog's sort of nutty, loving, loyal, we've had her since 6 weeks of age AND she did give birth to her pups under my she's a bit different and the boys, especially, are really attached to her. Lots of tears, still...guilt and all that.

Haven't felt like blogging, 'cos it all feels like doom and gloom...that horrible empty feeling:O(

Molly and Cilla are, hopefully, going to live with Son no 2 for a while asap, providing his housemate agrees. Bobby, on the other hand, is now an Essex boy:O)) Son no 1 came up for him Sunday night and took him back first thing next morning.... with all his toys and balls. Bobby is a happy lad 'cos he absolutely idolises Son no 1..and vice versa. Once Son no 1 gets his own place he's going to take Molly, too.

Junior and I are going to do a great, big carboot. All proceeds to the animal hospital:O))

Saturday, 25 August 2007


Well, we've had a horrible time lately. Feel like it's my fault...and it probably is.

Olive kitten is in the pet hospital. She was attacked, albeit very briefly, by Molly...the mother pooch. Don't know why she went for the cat but all I know is that Ollie is quite poorly with facial injuries. She's holding her own and stable. She's eating on her own and seems happy with herself, the vet nurse said. That's Ollie..always purring. She needs an xray and possibly an op to sort out her injuries..may need some teeth removing.. her jaw bone is bashed....and I feel SO BAD. No-stop crying. I don't know how Ollie got out. She's the daredevil of the three. Junior is devastated because Olive is such a loving little cat. She caresses your face with her paws when you pick her up and she always purrs...she is so soft and loving and the house is miserable without her here. Popeye and Megan definitely miss her. They're rather clngy at the mo. I can't thank Mandy enough for driving us there to the vets. I would NEVER have found my way there to the vets in time...different city/area xxxxxx It was rush hour traffic journey which normally takes 40 mins...and very hot

Local vets - big, posh state of the art animal hospital packed me off to a pet charity 'cos I couldn't pay up front. The front line staff, vets and nurses wouldn've helped, but it's the "management" who aren't so charitable...profits and all that. The vet gave her a painkilling jab and only charged for that and not the examination, which was nice, I suppose.

Molly, the pooch who attacked her was due to be put to sleep this morning because I was so outraged that she could do such a thing. I just don't know why she went off on one. But, I've decided to rehome her..but it hurts so much 'cos we've had her since she was 6 weeks old.

Son no 2 came here straight away with his girlfriend and stayed overnight and said he agreed that she should be rehomed in a Molly only home, not put down. She just doesn't like little animals. He's been a star, really. Took us shopping, bought us a meal to make us eat and bought Junior an outfit to cheer her up.

Son no 1 is coming up to take his dog, Bobby. His inlaws have relented and are giving living with Bob a trial. It's only until he gets his own place. I personally think they'll love him, 'cos he's a big old softie.

Popeye and Meg are being kept in their room until Moll's rehomed. Well she knows that she's done wrong. She just lies in a corner of the kitchen, won't move from there. The other dogs are ignoring her!! She just doesn't get on with smaller animals than her. I get that now. It's one of those things. But...the older cats were here before she, in pecking order.....and all that:O(((((, Can't risk it again.

Anyway, fingers crossed for Olive. xxxxx And Mollyxxxxx.

Thursday, 23 August 2007


Did you not hear it? Blood curdling scream....blow yer eardrums type of thing? Well, be warned.....the daddy long legs are about!!! Craneflies, I think are what they are normally known the intelligent world!

Junior spotted one in the kitchen. Totally minding its own business....attracted by the eco-friendly light bulb in the kitchen, it went up there to say "hello". No amount of placating or reasoning went anywhere near Madam! Noo, noo!! So, it was down to Bobski....canine pain in the oojies (particularly today!!!) who came to the rescue. One fail swoop (actually, poor daddly L L dive-bombed at an ill-opportuned moment) and Bob got his late night snack!!) All is calm in the Min household now:O)

Anyway, Junior has found a new hobby/craft. Flower arranging.

We went to local supermarket just to purchase milk!! 30 quid later........we were laden with goodies:O) Including very nice half-price red wine..pressie for brother:O)

It seems that 8.30pm on a Thursday is the day to get yer bargains. Bananas at 7p for about 12 of them, green beans at 12p, organic apples at 23p for 6!! The list goes on. Needless to say, tomorrow we are going to be BUSY!!! What with baking and freezing and all that.

On the "let's try something unusual/exotic on the fruit and veg" front. We came away with a dudhi..which is a bit like a cross between a courgette and a mooli.

Anyway....flower arranging. We bought 4 bouquets of flowers (20p each). 2 of roses, 1 of carnations and the other of chrysanthemum types. Oh, and Junior spotted this absolutely wiped out pot of pot chrysanthemums and decided that she could revive it and bring it back to its former glory!! It was only 30p, so not a bad price to pay for an experiment. I think, personally, she may do it.

Poor little plant!!

Peach roses

Pretty flowers

One thing about shop bought flowers...they don't smell anywhere near as good as home picked. The ones we got today have hardly any scent.

Well, so what do yer do with 24 fingers of bananas? There's only so many smoothies a girl can take!!! And, banana cakes are Soooooooo rubbery when made by moi!! But, according to some vegan blogs I've visited, you can freeze them:O)

Ahem, on the HE front. We did things about the, volcanoes, the atmosphere. Then we moved on to multiplication tables. This started off from us threading some beads onto crochet silks, for a project we are about to embark on. If I'd sat her down and said "right, you will learn about your times tables now"..well. it would have gone in one ear and out the other. As it is, she did very well and knows more than you'd think. Then grammar, verbs, etc. And...flower arranging. Busy day.

Will retire. Meg kitten on my lap.. purring away:O) Relaxing creatures..these cats:O)


I was up bright and early this morning. Sorted out the animals, pegged washing out, put another load in, made the morning brew of tea, etc.

I'm busting a gut to get some housework done (v unusual for moi) but it's TOO EARLY!! Arghhhhh! Is 7.45am too early to hoover?...with my screaming hoover, I might add!! Hmm, yes, thought so:O( I do have a pile of ironing to do, but that'd just send me off snoring, again. Same with watching morning tv, or reading or having a bath (unless it's cool water but I'm too nesh for that today). So, been forced to sit at my desk and surf the www. Tough life, innit?..:O)))

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Chilled out Tonight!!!

I am here tonight!!!

Am doing my best to rid myself of deathwish thoughts directed towards Wheeling Dealing Poultry man. "Ommmmmmmm!!!" sort of thing..... So tonight we is watching Dodgeball...Junior's choice of IS hilariously funny. Also helps to have a BIG bar of chocolate and red wine to hand (fruit juice for Junior, I might add!!:O) We've also had an incredibly satisfying meal of veggie lasagne, kapusta (sauerkraut - homemade version - yum) and skinny chips...and we shared our last homegrown tomatoe:O)

On the crafting front...I'm trying to make a shoulder bag out of a t-shirt that is too small for Junior but too nice to charity shop or bin. I've seen this sort of thing in TK Maxx before...and their version cost a fortune!! Just got to find a zip.. I've got one SOMEWHERE in my stashes!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

I swore, VERY LOUDLY today!!!

I'm sorry. Need a moan.

I am peed off with allotment politics and allotmenteers who need to get a life!!!!

Most allotmenteers on our site work and go up when they can. The others spend their waking hours up there and don't understand why everyone else doesn't do the same..or put weedkiller on at the drop of a hat, etc.

With all that's gone off in our house/lives of late, many things have had to go on the back of these being the allotment. With our monsoon-like weather of late, there hasn't been much one could do anyway; we harvested what we could and left the rest - namely onions, carrots, beetroot, etc -for until the weather dries out.

So, now that things are sort of settling and my orbiting head is down to a more steadier hover, Junior and I ventured down today to deposit a carpet on our large plot to cover up some of the weeds and to tidy up the little plot that this year's veg is on..and harvest some of the onions/red onions/shallots/garlic/carrots/beetroot/spuds/spinach/kale/ name it, we planted it nicely. This half plot was loaned to us by Wheeling Dealing Poultry Man until our larger plot is under control, weed-wise. He said he had rented too many plots and this one was surplus to his requirements and we could have it for this we planted away. Imagine how peed off I was when we went to the plot only to find that the veg had been dug up and dumped in a pile, for no apparent reason!! He knew my mum has been ill, etc so I couldn't go there everyday. And, being a single mum, that we sort of needed the produce. He's just dug up our veg to be mean.

Well...what a gent. I hope his balls drop off!!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Age and Maths


I want to do declutter and craft and have a nice me stuff!!!...just for once. Don't feel well and my head is truly must be coming down with something:O(

Junior, however, has found her maths mojo and is enthusiastically intent on working out the age differences of just about everyone she's ever heard of or known! I should be happy...'cos she normally hates maths. I've not pushed her and she's slowly learning and gaining confidence at her own pace. So, she's pinned me down today with this age difference stuff and all the workings out. So, we went through all that. I think she's got it, though. It all started from her watching Smart on tv....she absolutely loves that programme. Who says kids tv is crap!! They mentioned David Hockney's year of birth and that started her off. We've gone through him, family, friends, name it. Now she wants to do a family tree:O) Should be interesting, seeing as most of my lot were popped off via WW2 and Stalin & Co and bio-dad wants nothing to do with his beautiful child. Time for a visit to my Mum...wonder how far back she can remember? Mum reckons that we are distantly related to a once famous Olympic gold medal winning gymnast from Romania!! rich, then:O(

Going on from all that, now she's asked who the oldest person on the planet is..and it feels like me at the moment!! lol. Internet search coming up for that one! I've mentioned that 100 year olds get a telegram from HM The Queen. Junior says she'll make sure that she has balloons at the ready for hers!!

I'm going to slope off for my long-awaited bath. I will, no doubt, get to hear her problem solving theories on a certain Wallace and Grommit game she's now playing on the X-Box.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Odd Pillowcase Apron and Shirt Bag

How come when I sit down to my iMac the kittens always jump up on my knee for a cuddle and then, purring happily away, fall asleep on me? One kitten is not so bad, but balancing three sleeping kittens on your knees while typing away is a bit of a workout:O)

Anyway, we soldier on.......

We are resting from decluttering today. Well, sort of.

You hear of people having odd things around the house. Well, some have odd in Junior..and Son no 2 ends up with odd boxers (I buy them for him in pairs but one pair always goes awol.) Son no 1 it's trainers - he's always losing a trainer. With me, well I have loads and loads of odd earrings AND pillowcases! Don't know why this just is. Pillowcases can't dissapear via the washing machine so it's anyone's guess as to where they are. So, as my laundry drawers are bulging with these singletons I thought I would try and get creative and decided to make an apron, as I mentioned a few days ago. The earrings I just wear odd pairs when I'm in the mood. Waste not, want not and all that:O)

Apron transfiguring. Well, there's me thinking that this'll be a doddle..An hour tops and I'll be done. Hmmm. As soon as the trusty old sewing maching saw the light of day, then Junior decided she wanted to sew something, too. And it's not just anything. Nooo, noooo....she wants a velvet beaded bag!! So, she chooses her material (an old velvet of those that was fashionable a few years ago...the big, baggy types which covered the over-inflated stomachs of tubbies like moi and later on ended up in charity shops!! Well, velvet bag sounds a lovely idea..not something that you'd expect for a nine year old's first attempt at sewing, but she's ever the optimist. Well, just remind me to get some sewing scissors on Monday!! I'd forgotten how blunt mine are (suppose it would help if I didn't use them for the odd kitchen job and lopping hair, etc.) So, top tip......use sharp scissors when cutting out material...otherwise you may get a little narked using teeny, weeny nail scissors like I did:O)

We finally finished (blumming hours later) but me thinks the results are ok for her first attempt (with a little help from mother here).

The wavy initial is cool, me thinks!! She's making a purse today!!

And the apron......well, at least I know I won't do that pattern again. Talk about patchworking!!! And it's too pink for me so next week I'm on the hunt for bright, funky, odd charity shops of course:O)

Sorry if you get a pain in the neck..don't know how to put the piccy up the right close up is blurred. Must remember to read the camera instructions!!!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Bertie has found a new home!!


Bertie has a new, loving home..with two talking cockatiels to watch, a rabbit and two little canine friends to play with AND a big garden to dig holes in;O) The joy!! Oh, and a couple of really nice, caring humans who will pamper him non stop and keep him safe. He even gets to sleep on the bed!!! There are some nice people out there:O)

Thank you, Baz & Michelle. xx

Digging for Australia

Bertie, the long-legged pup who I'm trying to find a loving home for, has taken to gardening - bg time. I think he may be in some strange way related to Syd...'cos he has a real love of digging holes! Same spot, same pots....sigh.... I'm having to watch him like a hawk, 'cos he's at it at any given opportunity!! little tinker. So is Syd. I've got it in stereo!!!

Like....butter wouldn't melt...please love me lots 'cos I'm good really:O)

Anyway, hopefully someone will want him for their own. Keep fingers crossed. Four dogs in the house is doing my head in. Strangely though, Molly - the psycho nutter dog - has taken a shine to him. She is his great gran, though....or maybe it's 'cos they look alike.

I'm having to pup-proof and kitten-proof exits to the outside world. Amazing what a can of no more nails and some tongue and groove can do!! Who needs drills!!

Today we are embarking on the humungous task of decluttering 'cos Mother is coming to stay until her bungalow comes through. Where to put the stuff? Arghhh!! She's stressed out and lonely where she is. Well, she won't be lonely with all this lot to keep her company:O) lol And she'll be too busy to be stressed...that's my department! 'cos she has a cat!! where do we put him???? Hope he gets on with my lot. He's a big, old fat thing who is molly coddled like nothing on this earth!

Big carboot coming on, I feel:O) Trouble with carboots is that I always end up buying stuff when I'm only supposed to be selling. Decluttering is the whole point of these carboots...a point which my brain has sort of not got to grips with. lol I go round near the end, when the boot sale is about to close and always end up with loads of "bargains". It's the magpie in me:O)

Thursday, 16 August 2007


This just made me titter:O)

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Sis in Need

Drove up north today.. in Scooby:O). What a vehicle!!:O))))) Sis rang up this morning, stressed out and in tears. I have another dog to rehome...I have a home for him, I think:O We've nicknamed him Bertie. We got back late on.

Anyway, he's a lovely little thing. She's stressed out because of other things and also because of her neighbours...which I think is sad. Trying to keep the dogs quiet all the time just ain't the dog way. They have to have a yap or two and to chill out and play. Wish I could get a bucket load of money from somewhere and buy her a nice big house with lots of land, away from everyone so they can just be happy for once. Hate all this rehoming with tearsL:O(

Well, we have been away all day. Fussed the poochies and fed them and gave them leftover pizza (bad mother moi). But, the kittens have been kipping all day, it seems. Well, picture the scene......we are knackered and want our zzzzzzz's..but they are having A BALL at this moment in time.....10.36pm. (actually, they are playing with my bedrooms roman blinds) Arghhhhhhh!!!! We may be late for home ed group tomorrow!!!!

Monday, 13 August 2007

New Bike and .............Good Friends

Junior has a new bike!! A red one:O) A thoughtful gift from our mates M & T and gratefully received by Junior:O) One I could not afford to buy dd at the moment, so thanks, again. xx

She learned how to ride a bike on their HUGE back garden:O)....surrounded by happy kids. I think that's really sweet. Learning and enjoying with your best friends. I just looked out of the window one day, while we adults were chatting away...the kids were playing outside..different games....and there she was....cycling away!!! All of her own doing, in her own way and, more importantly, in her own time:O)

She's been practising around the garden at home. Our garden is way, way smaller than her training ground, so it's more of an obstacle course. Everything has been cleared and the pooches now know to keep out of the way of this mad, determined child!!!:O))))))

Suppose that means I'll have to get a bike, too.

Meteor Snooze

Waited up for the anticipated Perseids..put wolly jumper on..tea at the ready, seating prepared in the back garden.:O) Outside we are (me and poochies) and looks and waits...looks and waits....come to Mama sort of thing, etc.... Didn't see anything, apart from normal stars and lots of blinking amber and white lights. The regional airport was having a busy night, which does not help at all when you're trying to spot shooting stars!!!

So, after an hour of blinking airplanes and not much else I got bored.......twinkly stars and blinking airplanes have a sort of eye-boggling hypnotic effect and I fell asleep on the sun lounger:O) There am I, laid back with mouth most probably open, catching moths!! So, I missed anything that may have remotely been a shooting star. Bugger!! Story of my life. Anyway, what worries me most in the embarassment dept is that when I'm on form it has been known that I can snore with the best of 'em. We're talking pneumatic drills here!! If the neighbours mention anything about strange noises eminating from the back garden, I'll blame it on the dog!

So now.... a nice warm bath awaits to sort out my stiff neck!!! I'll leave the stars and stuff to Sir Patrick Moore and Brian May:O)

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Snail Central

Third post today. Shall belt up after this one:O)

Cleaned out the garden and moved Syd to another part, so he has a change of view:O)...but he's still as grumpy as ever!! Probably needing bunny company.

Anyway, we must be Snail Central, judging by the amount I found today (all unceremoniously chucked over the fence to no man's land, I might ad;O)

We spruced up Syd's new corner and found a toad hiding in a holey brick. So, we brough him out for a look, gave him a dip in the bird bath and put him back. Earlier on in the day, while tidying around the shed (yuk!) I finds a couple of frogs, too:O) Didn't have the foresight to take a pic of those, though. So, our small as it may be is doing its bit for the local wildlife. Shame they can't gorge out a bit more on the slugs and snails:O(

Our Toad

Look, he's smiling!!!

Going to have a rest we're ready for the Perseids meteor shower tonight:O) Deckchairs at the ready:O)

How did we do that?

The weirdest thing happened tonight.

I was in the kitchen sat at the table while Junior was outside playing some game with the pooches. Now, we have actually moved SpongeBob (the fish has been renamed!) into his sparkly and clean tank:O) He has found his appetite and is very active, now that he has enough room to swing a catfish. Anyway, I was thinking to myself, I wonder if Junior fed the fish when I asked her to earlier on in the afternoon. This is all in my words were spoken out aloud, just my own private thoughts. Well, next thing I know, Junior comes in and asks me what I had just said. I ask what does she mean?... she thought she had heard me ask "had she fed the fish"!! Oooooooo..wierd...goosebumps, etc. I said I hadn't said anything out aloud but that's what I was thinking. Junior smiles and says that if we can be telepathic, just think what fun we can have winding up son one and son two!!! Atta girl!!

Singing Hoover

I'm knackered!!! The kittens are tiring me out with their nocturnal partying. Got to change their sleeping pattern 'cos I'm slowly morphing into a grumpy old today they get NO naps and hopefully the little tinkers will sleep through.

Today, Junior is not so autonomously tidying up her bedroom!!! Mmmm...does that make sense? Probably not, unless You're me. I have got to the stage where I can not longer stand tripping over her clutter and mess and so on. Is driving me mad. I always get the "I'll do it in a bit" I gave her the sergant major bit!! Maybe 38 year old niece has cast some spell on us to get our arses into gear and TIDY UP...hoping that the minimalist side of me will emerge before I get to her nursing home (ha...nope!!) Anyway, it's coming on swell and order should remain for, err.....oooo......about three days:O)

Our temperamental hoover has decided to take up singing in a high pitched volume..which is a tad annoying..hoovering with a shreeching EEeeeeeeeeeeee sound makes yer ears pop after a while. Sounds like something's stuck in the tube but it's not giving itself up to me, such is my torment:O( The dogs disappeared to the bottom end of the garden and Syd went in. On the upside, I suppose it'll make me hoover a little quicker. Think of all those disappearing calories:O))

I wandered on to Q's site (Sew Q) via the Islamic Home Schooling Diary blog (someone, PLEASE tell me how to put a link in the body of a post like this!) and spied all the sewing projects and stuff. So, now that I have a clean and remarkably spacious kitchen, I've resurrected my old friend, the sewing machine and am going to get creative. Actually, I'm going to try and make an apron. I know..... been watching too much of Stepford Wives!!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Minimalist and Clutter Nut

Got visitors coming today. My niece S, hubby J and her lot. I can remember when I pushed her up and down hill and dale when she was a baby..I'd be twelve then:O) Won't be long before she's returning the favour when I get my oap wheels. I've told her I'm going to be an eccentric nice old lady! lol She works in a care home and loves it, so by the time she gets to me she'll be well experienced. Lol. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I have a 38 year old niece.....where does the time go? Blimey...I feel OLD:O) There's loads more I have on my To Do list before I peg it.

Us lot squeezing into frame

The girls played around with the special effects on the iMac..this is one of my favourite sun ray shots. I am actually a great aunt - that's my great niece smiling there next to Junior, who thinks she's the bees knees:O) It's nice when they get on.

Niece is an unsentimental minimalist and chucks stuff out on a regular basis. Where she gets this particular gene from is anyone's guess, 'cos she didn't get it from her elderly aunt's side. lol

I was trying to put my library in order here. Took forever - I started just after Christmas!!! Pictured there is about a third of the books I own. lol I used to live in a place that was inundated with charity shops - hence all my bargain books:O)

I've squeezed them into these:O)....sort of!! Obligatory can of Pledge on the top there!!

Spent ages this morning just watching the kittens race around the bedrooms and landing. Olive is into divebombing any piles of papers or printouts I may have stacked up neatly. Great game for her, the little tinker:O) They've been evicted from their bedroom into another and are currently sulking:O(

Thursday, 9 August 2007

May the fizz be with us!!

Junior has got to the age where she sometimes has to be oiked to the bathtub under protest. (seem to remember something similar when I was that age.. lol) So, we're going to make bath bombs today..and other assorted personal hygiene goodies:O) We'll have a go at lip balms, body lotions and creams....all made from natural ingredients. Should be fun...don't know what state the kitchen will be in after we've done, 'cos you should see it when we've been baking!!! Still, it should be worth it, I hope....all in aid of smelling luvly and cheering her up after her stomach lurgy:O)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Cut and Curing

Piccies of my soap!! I'm not too hot on cutting and presentation, as you can see. I now have to wait for at least a month for it to cure and can't wait. The pumpkin soup coloured soap is the Geranium & Vanilla and the other is the Ylang Ylang and Cammomile tea one. When you're stirring the concoctions they do just look like food, honestly. Had to lock the pooches away while I made it, for fear of them licking any drops.

Junior is feeling a little better. We've had a slow day, for obvious reasons. She did, however, manage to take some funny pics of the kittens.

This is Megan. She kept that position for ages, purring away happily. Quirky cat.

Popeye's grumpy look. His expressions make me crease up sometimes.

Son no 1 is tired!! Spoke to him today and he is just not himself at all. The happy-go-lucky cheeky so and so is not there. He's admitted that he's henpecked, has no friends down there and that is just not so him. So, I want him to come back home. He's worried about his job and money. Plenty more of that here, I say!!

I'd be a terrible mother in law, wouldn't I?

Family Soap

Been making soap today. The house smells divine, because of the essential oils I put in. Geranium & Vanilla and Ylang Ylang & Cammomile tea leaves. It's such an addictive's a shame that you have to wait at least 4 weeks for it to "cure" before you can use it. Next ones I want to make are Vanilla & Lavender and Goats Milk & a super shampoo bar!! If I get any good at this then everyone will know what they're getting for Christmas!!! Think I must have made a year's worth today!!

Junior has been sleeping most of the day. Not eaten much...this bug has wiped her out. I hate it when the kids are ill...or Son no 1 was tonight....big bust up with girlfriend. He wanted to come home but was too tired from working..he starts really early and the after effects of this bug are tiring him out aswell. He set off to come home but had to pull over because he was so wiped out. It's horrible when they're so far away and sobbing their hearts out on the other end of the phone. Don't think I'll be sleeping much tonight, either.

Even Syd's not well. He looks positively down. Off his food, too, poor little mite.

Seems like Junior's wish for us all to live together in one house may come true, after all:O)

Monday, 6 August 2007

Fudge and Sick!!

Fudge has gone to a new home. Lovely place where she'll be with people all day and so not lonely. She was quiet as a mouse when she was here with me, but she yapped like billyo when the new owners clapped their eyes on her. She wasn't half complaining! We shed a few tears and sister boo hooed, but Fudge'll be loved lots and well spoiled. And some of the others have been rehomed, too... only one pup left now...a little boy who is so quiet and well mannered...looks like a little border collie.

Son no 1 took Junior out on Saturday on a shopping trip and spoiled her, as usual...took her to Pizza Hut, bought her a lovely, stripey hoody and some other girly bits. She was really chuffed. Yesterday morning he went back and left his sister a leaving present....the sickness lurgy that he was off work with!! I forgot that if one gets it, then the others usually follow on and get it, too. And, as with the joys of motherhood, I was woken up in the night to the sight and sound of puke!! Lovely!! So, Junior is quite fed up and in bed, trying to sleep it off and I'm washing all the affected bedding and clothes!! Well, I suppose Monday IS traditionally washday!!

The kittens are all near they're watching over her....guarding almost:O)

Hope I manage to stave this sickness weather's not helping, though! I hate hot weather, always have...but that's just's a grumpy old woman thing!! Autumn, with it's freshness, breezes and crispness, the lovely colours of the falling leaves, snuggly warm jumpers worn on long, season of the year:O)

Back to my mop and bucket!!

Friday, 3 August 2007


Son no 1 and girlfriend are visiting...they live a good 2 hours away. He's not been well these last few days and has been off work. He was on our doorstep at 12.30 this afternoon, bless him.. What is it about needing to be near your mum when you're feeling a bit poorly? Anyway, he's been fed, watered and pampered a bit and so has perked up:O) Junior is happy they're here. She wants us to build on extra bedrooms, so all our family can live together...pets included! Can you imagine it? We'd need at least ten bedrooms. Junior, of course, thinks it's a great idea!! Hmmmmmmm.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


Have been ironing today. Mainly some of Junior's stuff (little vest tops, etc). How anyone finds this activity in anyway relaxing or essentiall MUST BE NUTS!!!!!'s like watching paint dry...worse than cricket...arghhhhh. Sooooooo, I managed half an hour and THAT's IT for another 2 years!!! Yes...Kim and Aggie and especially Anthea T would have been mortified at the amount of dust on the old steamer. My mum nearly fainted when I told her what I was doing when she rang up for a natter. "Ach, shtick it under de mattress (the ironing, not the iron) von vill no" Crap interpretation of a Uki accent!! lol

I've done the where to put the stuff?

So, me and Junior watched Spendaholics. There ARE actually people in this land who have more shoes and unworn clothes than me!! yipeeee!! And....more dogs. This woman had loads!! Over 10 and she looked glamorous and the house looked nice. HOW DO THEY DO THAT? sniff!!!!!

So, to bed. Bet I don't dream about cobwebs and fabric conditioner:O)

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


The kittens have been hilarious lately with their antics and they've taken to posing for the camera, so here are a few piccies, as per usual:O)

Butter wouldn't melt.....

Popeye is sitting with a grumpy expression

Megan chilling out!

Popeye being Popeye!!

And after a busy day, Junior is pooped!! Aaaaaaaahhhh:O)