Saturday, 26 June 2010

'Tis the Season to be Responsible

Ack! Hot weather. Uck.

"Wot are you on about?" ...I hear.

I hate hot weather. Always have done, even as a young kidling.. Well, you try enjoying yourself when you are losing pints of blood, all in the name of 'that time of tfordhe month!!' Bugger!! to speak.'s blog speak, that no-one listens all in the name of PET WELFARE

Please, people, remember your furry friends.....This time of the year is crap for them. Do the right thing.

DE FLEA and DE WORM your furry friends..........NOW!!!

Don't use the cheapo stuff...use the vet recommended stuff. We use Frontline. You can get it from some chemists. I buy in bulk and get a 20% discount. Maybe you and your mates could bunk in and afford the costs?

I've seen dogs especially, bald from scratting... It is not nice and they do suffer, just because the owners hadn't used a defleaing treatment on their 'pet'.

We dosed our lot tonight and they are so CHILLED!!! lol

Also.....this HOT WEATHER thing.......

Didn't want to brag, but I just realised that we have a fan light. FAN LIGHT! 3 speeds, too:o)


Problem now being....can't remove daugher.....and pets...from my...MY bedroom. lol


Maire said...

Thanks for the reminder been on my to do list or too long!

Anonymous said...

Uck from me too. I like mild and moderate, not hot and sweltering.

Timely reminder about pets too. They already suffer with the heat - I can't bear thinking of them scratching themselves bald at the same time!


Minnie said...

My lot are crashed out! lol

I Frontlined all my 12 mogs for £33. £6 for the pooch.