Friday, 30 September 2011

Pissed Off

Our battery charger is pooped. So, can't put up the piccies on the camera that we would like to put up.

Today, got the car sorted. At last. Halleluliah!! We bumped into Mother as we were about to pick up the car. Gave her a lift home, had a coffee and natter...came out to go home wouldn't start! Arrrrrr! I had left the lights on. Pillock me!

So, me and Junior waddled home. So fed up. Bought a pizza, some wine, juice for Junior and fruit for pud.

Four days until Mother moves. Some numpty from the complex she lives at at the mo turned up and asked her why she was leaving. Can't believe that a housing association can employ such brainless, inconsiderate twits. This lot don't appear to give a **** about how the tenants feel....just profit and pleasing their bosses. Mother gave them an unedited version of her gripes and which they whimpered that they were 'trying hard'. Mother snapped back with a 'you should try harder!'.

There are ground floor flats available at this place.....and they put people in wheelchairs and with mobility problems...on the first floor. Bloody, stupid, braindead idiots! Maybe someone ought to bash these clueless housing officers on the knees and see how they'd cope in a first floor flat? Do you know...I can't be bothered to waste my time talking to these people anymore, given the amount of bullshit they come out with. Gnash, gnash......

Ringo is going to live with Mother, not Jimmy. Ringy is a MEGA trouble maker. BIG bully AND attention we figured he would be the right one to keep Mother company. We think the attention seeker may have met his match. He's been Frontlined and Drontal'd. A white cushion for languishing upon, roast beef and much attention awaits him:o)

PS. Would you believe it? Tonight, Ringo is playing 'nicely'.

PPS. Still not got my new glasses.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

And there's more?

We are up to our ears in boxes, bags and stuff.

Mother is moving. She's had enough of people in her Hillbilly Land village and is going 'home' where she still has a couple of friends who are still alive and on her wavelength....all the rest have, sadly passed on. She can also take her cat. Yay! She's lonely and says at least she'll have someone to talk to:o) She's decided that she may as well have a 'declutter' and is chucking stuff out left, right and centre! I'm a bit alarmed as some of this stuff is of the 'family heirloom' type, most of which is just sentimental to us..priceless.. not worth a jot elsewhere. I'm not ready to let go of it. There's loads of stuff she's made, pictures painted, embroidery, a great framed, black and white piccy of Dad, pegging out his socks:o)

So, I am 'rescuing' the 'clutter'. Stuff that was about my childhood home when I was a young kid.

I am also 'rescuing' other stuff, too, accrued when Mother had her 'magpie' head on! lol Like two suitcases full of balls of mohair wool, which are currently on top of the tumble dryer. What do I do with them? This wool is too itchy for moi! Maybe it can be used for felting? Shall have to see. There's loads of ufo's that I remember from years back here, too, so I will be busy finishing them off....says she:o

Will never be a minimalist. Who would? Comfort hoarder, that's me:o) Touch the memories:o)

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Stalkers

Daughter will never be a vegetarian, let alone a vegan.


The Obligate Carnivors were 'stalking' her tonight while she was munching her steak. Surprisingly, they left me alone, as I munched my vege lasgne and chips with courgette and tomato side bit.

In the kitchen, Jimmy managed to chomp his way through a tin of tuna...all on the quiet, so as not to alert the other 'stalkers'! lol

So, as we 'speak'.... Olive is pretty pissed off at missing 'steak time'. ' Ahh, don't look at me' I say, I've got a mini apple pie to 'look forward to' that's been in the oven for FAR TOO LONG......due to the baker (Junior) getting distracted by new phone.....sigh. (memo to Junior an oven timer for Christmas!!)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hello, treat me gently!!

Going here on Monday. Sigh......

It's a bugger when I can't see what I'm typing! lol

Friday, 16 September 2011

I am Pogged.....but Happy:o)

Pear and Almond cake, Chilli Prawns laid on a bed of fragrant cous cous, Bread, Stuffed Peppers on the afore-mentioned cous cous..and Fish n Chips...n peas!!!. (Peas are a very good addition to my 'ammo' when it comes to 'booting' unsuspecting cats off my bed...if you get my meaning? lol) Trouble is...Junior's appetitie is bigger than mine....which is extraordinary...seeing as I am the size of the Incredible Hulk and she is...well.....little:o) Sigh.

Pear and Almond Cale . Another is in the freezer for later consumption. She presents me with all these LOVELY dishes....and I think...."I am stuffed from the previous offering". all tastes GOOD!!!! lol And...she wants to do this for a I am guinea pig...for the mo.
The Prize wimming herbs:o) Bit jaded now.

So, while I waddle about, trying to discretely exercise... lol.......I chucked out all the tomato and pepper plants! Can't believe all the hassle I went through.. plus expense of compost...and I only got about 2lbs worth of fruit! Arghhhh... Blumming greenfly!! Next year, I will get a green house and not rely on the lean-to aka mogs den! lol

Our v nice neighbour gave us some damsons. They were lovely..very citrussy. Trouble is, they go off very so easily. Shame. Next time shall bottle them pronto! We have a windfall of apples to make use of and so I feel an apple-chilli jam coming on:o)

What other news? Oh yes. Guess who won FIRST PRIZE at the local garden club for Best Display Of Herbs? ....Best Elvis voice.....Thank you very much..... I get a mention in the local rag and FIVE POUNDS prize money!! I am so bloody good! lol Yipppeeee.....John Innes compost seller, here I come!!!!! I would like to thank Rosemary, Lavandula and Chives for all their help:o) xxx

Cute, gratuitous shot. Henry, hi-jacking the 'not for long' empty washing basket...again...

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Little Chef

I asked Junior the other month what she preferred we had. TV or internet? We cannot afford both, so......?

'Internet' she chirps back without a second thought. 'TV is rubbish. All repeats, antique shows, blah..blah'

Fine with me. So, we do not now have the news on in the background 24/7. Radio will do for that.

If we want to catch up on anything tv-wise then there's the i-Player.

So, lots of stuff has been gotton on with. Books read, cds listened to, stuff made/planted,, places/people visited, etc.

Tonight, I suggested a nice, home-made quorn sweet and sour with noodles, rice and chips for tea. I gets questioned about what exactly is going to go in this dish. Turns my back!!......guess who's in the kitchen making the afore-mentioned quorn sweet and sour with all the trimmings? Smells lovely.

There's a pavlova in the oven, too:o)

I get the washing up, again! lol

Friday, 2 September 2011

Little Visitors

Little grandkids are visiting tomorrow.


Literally. Am so excited, in danger of peeing my pants! Thank God for Tena Lady Super Doopers.

Still can't believe I'm a granny. WAY too young! lol

Junior is baking bread, to mark the occassion:o)))

Spacing is still rubbish. Ack! Bugger, bugger, bugger!