Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Michael Jackson

Oh dear...

The bloody Doom and Gloom goes on!!!

My nephew, who shares his name with a famous person, is very, very poorly and my sis is in floods of tears.

My heart goes out to her. Before he was born, 30 years ago....she suffered a still born. A boy named little nephew:o) The medics, apparently, knew he had died and let her give 'birth'. She never saw him as they took him away straight after the 'birth'. He was buried with a 'stranger' as she and bro in law couldn't afford a separate burial for him. To this day, she doesn't know where he is.

How cruel was that!!!!? She has searched high and low for him.

What shit faced officials could bury a baby like that? Pah!! Call ourselves a civilised society?

I was just a kid at the time. 12. I wish I could have helped. Really. I wish I could have., but I didn't even know the facts of life at that age!!

Sis has never been the same since. Completely wrecked, emotionally. She is pooped. Some in the family reckon she should have 'got on with it' but I understand her that I have kids of my own.

So...Mike....Fight!! Get well soon:o) We love you. xxxx


dawny said...

awww how very awful. love to your sister and all of you. Ihope he's better soon

Ninny Noodle Noo said...

My twin was stillborn and apparently the same thing happened. I don't even know if they were a brother or sister :0(

I think perhaps it wasn't uncommon then.

I hope he's better now. x