Monday, 28 June 2010

Another Project.

Too Hot, still.

Have put water out all over the garden for the birds and other creatures who frequent or inhabit our patch:o)

We seem to have LOTS of spider webs criss crossing the garden, much to the annoyance of Junior. I know when she's copped for one or two by the hi-pitched screams she manages to produce. lol I've suggested a little project to identify the little buggers.

Anyway, we are contemplating having a pond built. This requires big bro, for the pump knowledge:o)..and electrics. He thinks built up fish pond, I thinks your normal level. Would be nice to be able to listen to the sound of running water outside. There are frogs around here, so it would be cool if they could have somewhere to dip. Maybe we could have a couple of fish? Here I am, again, thinking of expanding my pet count! Too many visits to garden centres. lol Do frogs eat fish? My mother seems to think so. Shall have to investigate further:o)

Have put drops of lavender on the windows. The sun has done its job and the house smells lovely:o) Re lavender...we're off to buy some lavender cordial from the health shop. They sell rose cordial too. Never heard of either of these until I sussed out vegan supplies in our area. Amazing what you can buy in this day and age.


Big mamma frog said...

Hi, sounds like you have some wonderful plans.

The fish will eat frog spawn and any other small creatures, so they'll be a bit in competition with nature, I'm afraid. However, in my dad's pond he seems to have managed to have frogs and fish together, so it is possible.

Minnie said...

Tam BMF:o)

Maybe I will leave it to nature, although I get a tad peed off when I see all those fish in the garden centre, vying for food.

My neighbour up the road has one of those half a barrell jobbies with a solitary fish in it. Not so little fish is well pampered and all that...lily pads, etc, but, still..little fish is.... alone. Fish like company, don't they?...shoals and all that?? unless they're one of those Japanese fighting types? Sigh.........

Minnie said...

I know, Japanese fighting fish are tropical.

Wouldn't mind trying to keep sea horses:o)...but they are REALLY difficult to keep.