Friday, 28 September 2007

Blowing my Trumpet

Crap title. Sorry.

Anyway, you may have guessed that our little pet water snail, is a Trumpet snail!! The sweet little thing has grown (due to the large portions of fish food he's being fed) and is big enough for us to identify.

Anyway, happy news. we have a home for the little fella and he no longer has to live in isolation in his present tank:O) My HE friend Y has kindly agreed to take the little tike in and give him a home in her garden pond. AND, I'll get it in writing that she'll look after him and ensure that he's not bullied by the other snails!! LOL. (can you feel Y's eyes rolling after reading the aforementioned gumph?) Anyway, I'm sure the pond will be heaps more exciting than a tidgy little tank:O)

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Books and Rainbows

Been out and about and bought loads of books for Junior. God bless the charity shops and Home Bargains!! lol!!

We spotted a rainbow on our way home and of course, I got the question of where do the colours come from. So we've explored that a bit. Daughter informed me that she doesn't think that there's a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow:O(

We've also been getting on with knitting which she likes at the mo (pink wool:O) ). Her piece started out as a scarf but, being the impatient sort, she's decided that it will probably be a purse of some sorts:O) Still, if she manages to finish it then it may encourage more designs, plus it also helps with the maths..all this counting of stitches. As the saying goes, Every Little Helps.

New Books

Junior's choice...don't think she'll shift from the layered look, though.

Shall have my nose in this for ages:O))

Been having lots of them, so may as well get to know what they mean!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hip Swinging Gran:O)

Grandmother and grandaughter practising the art of belly dancing together!! Came back from the shops to be greeted by this sight..... There they were, shimmying away and enjoying it..oblivious to the fact that music was on full blast :O). I would post a piccy up but my life would definitely not be worth it if Mother found out:O)

Mother, it seems, is hoping to groom Junior in the art of business! She's been asking Junior what she has to sell..what Junior bought these items for originally for (fictional price given by Junior, of course) and then made offers on them, which J of course accepted pretty pronto. Junior then has to do the maths and work out her profit. Gran is down £8.00 so far:O) She's also pooped. All this belly dancing makes for an early night and they are both, of course, bunked cosily together in matching flanalette getups in my double bed:O) Me and the partying mogs are on the sofa, again:O)

On a sad note...SpongeBob (aka the goldfiish won at the local carnival) has passed away. How do you lay a goldfish to rest? Anyway, he got a burial at sea via the loo and I was all for cleaning out the tank when I spotted his mate...the 5p sized water snail...who is still going strong and can move at a rate of knots. Soooooo, the tank stays with its remaining occupant...sigh....could only happen to me...adopted by a mollusc.

Monday, 24 September 2007


Got my mother staying with us for a bit and Junior is loving it. Baba is a little over-protective of her grandaughter and winces at things like..when Junior practises her dancing and twirls around and around and around ("you'll get dizzy and bang your head". Junior also gets the "stand up straight" (she tends to hunch her shoulders as she is tall)..and "you have to comb your hair". (that fell on deaf ears!! lol. If my daughter had to pick essential items to take with her on a remote island, a comb would NOT be going with her!!). Anyway, they are bunked in together tonight like two proper buddies:O)...with Olive kitten keeping them in order. Meanwhile, old mother here is holed up with two young partying felines who just don't know when to stop!!! Soooooooo, I've stuck them in the pet carrier to calm them down. That should work find until about...oh, should say about....4am!! Then, I have backup in the form of the two older cats who will think nothing of putting the juveniles in their place with a quick whack of paw:O)

Anyway, Baba has treated Junior to some new clothes - pink and black stuff from good old Primark. You can always tell a home edded kid a mile off clothes-wise...they all seem to have their own individual look because of the lack of peer pressure. Junior is into the layering look, wild hair and odd socks. Oh, and she can never have to many shoes:O)

With regards to my crap photography....I think I may have sussed out the focus on my camera...just got to take a good photo now!!

I was at the other side of the room when I took this.

I sussed out how to crop and alter pics, too. Here's Olive fast asleep in her bed, I kid you not. She likes having a cover over her when sleeping nowadays. Maybe there's an airbrushing facility on this machine. Just think how sylph-like I could make myself look:O)))

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


It's been spelling today. We're doing ten a day at the mo and she seems to be retaining it. She can spell magnificent:O) I remember being a little older..maybe 10 or 11 and doing such things. The first "big" word I learned in those days was Constantinople and I recall my sister teaching me how to spell it. We used to test each other. Ironically, she was the one who left at 16 and started with family life straight away, never to take exams at all..she was so clever but was made to feel dumb by the confidence bashers and because of them she didn't want to go further with her "education".

Anyway, I remember certain things being of benefit...spelling and I do much the same with Junior..the chart and list girl.

Also, drawing. She draws the lovliest little spindly pictures. Very simple and very effective. They don't photograph well on my camera but they're really rather nice. Shall have to sort out another camera!!!

I've finally colour sorted my wool stash...took me the best part of two hours and I have bags and suitcases of the stuff.:O) Enough to make a good few kingsize blankets for our business empire!! lol. Some crocheted blankets are selling for £100+. Junior has decided that she wants to further her crocheting skills. Wonder why? lol

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Well, the old hips have still got it!! Why? Two words.... belly dancing:O) Junior was hoping that we'd do the Shakira dance for the newbies but we are being taught a brand new dance and the music to it is not yer straight forward stuff...lots of off beats, etc. So, we slept like the proverbial log last night. Shame I don't have any bathroom scales 'cos I'm sure I've shifted a pound or two with all the shimmying. Anyway, it all sort of fits in the with Ancient Egyptian project that Junior is doing.

She's been busy making daily charts (with stuff from my cardmaking stash, again!. She's keen to earn money via extra chores so she can buy the things she wants...mainly Tracy Beaker stuff and chocolate. lol She hates being broke so this will be a good lesson for her in that money doesn't grow on trees and has to be earned. She's even bartering terms!!! Up to now any money she's had has burned a hole in her pocket, so to speak. These charts....she's made enough to last the year, I wonder if her enthusiasm will last last that long? We shall see. I don't think she'll spend it all selfishly. She quite often buys bars of chocolate and little "bits" and then gives them to people she likes or cares about:O)

Yesterday I made vegan pancakes for the first time ever. They are so easy to do and really yummy and filling. I must get a decent pancake pan to make my life easier:O) Junior still likes to have bacon now and again. We've tried vego bacon but it's just gross. Wonder if there is a make out there that is palatable enough for her? Nowadays, going down the meat aisles in the supermarkets makes me want to heave. Yuk. Wish there were more vegan products about.

As we were so knackered after our exertions yesterday, we both had a nap this afternoon...and bliss it was, too:O) We're suffering the consequences 'cos we both are so NOT tired...same goes for the kittens..who slept when we slept. Dash and blast!! Now we've got to tire the little blighters out before we go to bed, or else they'll carry on partying. The three are all together, in the lounge and whizzing about like mental cases. They NEVER stop!! arghhhh!! It's the most sound-proofed room in the house. See..there's me being all considerate about the neighbours...noise pollution and all that. Note to self...must look on cat food tin to see how many bloody e numbers they've put into their product!! arghhhhh

Have responded to another consultation and signed a few petitions..all relating to home ed. I find it amazing that stuff like this is sort of not made more public and available to people. I'm sure most of the population don't realise that these things are about and that they could have a say in things by responding. Just seems to me to be a little...secretive. It's a bit like the lack of info on home ed in places like libraries and council premises. Makes me hate politics more.

Sunday, 16 September 2007


Junior has been in art mood today. Found her, with pencil and drawing pad, sketching away. She's quite good when she wants to be and left to her own devices. Also, she's been watching this US celebrity ballroom dancing prog and is quite taken with it. Maybe the attraction is not just the dance, but the sparkly showbiz outfits. Anyway, I can feel a few lessons coming on here:O)

Our visitors made their way home this aft and the house is strangely quiet again. I swear blind that Son no 1 gets taller every time I see him..or maybe I'm shrinking, seeing as I'm getting on a bit. Little sod built my character on the Wii and when it came to hair..well he opted for the grey. No guesses for which nose he picked (no pun intended! lol) until his girlfriend poked him in the ribs to change it to something more, err, normal!! lol He tried to give Junior a big, thick mono brow but didn't get away with it. He does his best to wind his sister up. Anyway, I whooped him at baseball:O)

More cd stories to listen to tonight. Helps relax Junior at also seems to calm the kittens down so they don't party all night"O) Also good if you take the ping pong ball out of their room, too. No distractions...concentrate on story time, little kitties!!

Saturday, 15 September 2007


The vet is dissapointed that Olive's jaw is still loose. To cap it all, today we came back from shopping to find that the wiring on her teeth was hanging out of her mouth. Junior, of course, freaked out. I think it came loose because the kitten plays like a looney and has tugged the wiring out during play by biting stuff, which she's NOT supposed to do. Little tinker. Anyway, back to vets to get it sorted and Olive is now the proud owner of a lampshade collar...which she does NOT like. Still, hope it keeps her out of trouble until Monday, when they'll try and rewire her!!

Son no 1, girlfriend and Bobby have visited, took us out for the shopping trip and introduced us to the joys of the Wii.. I got whooped at virtual tennis, Junior didn't do that badly, but at least I'm safe in the knowledge that I can beat him at real badminton...much to his annoyance. lol.

Thursday, 13 September 2007


Our belly-dancing lessons start up soon and Junior has been practising all week. Last term the tutor gave us all a cd each of arabic/belly-dancing tunes to practise to, if we so desired and which Junior has been flogging to death (neighbours..I'm sorry!) Wish I could video it, 'cos the concentration of that it's cute when she can dance with total abandonment. We've got some henna paste, so we'll enter into the spirit of things and decorate our hands ready for the next lesson. Wiggling your hips in true belly-dancing style is blummin hard and quite funny. So much so that I spend half the time giggling uncontrollably. What must I look like? Lol No doubt it's quite comical watching us learners. The likes of Shakira and others with elastic hips have my utmost respect:O)

We've been doing some art and practical; swapping furniture around and so lots of measuring with the dayglow measuring tape that we possess:O) Trying to get her to understand scale. We've been like a couple of removal men, in the Chuckle Brothers..."to me, to you!". Lol Anyway, we're halfway there and I'm pooped, but the sooner we get it done the sooner I can put my feet in our foot spa:O)

Tomorrow is visit to the vet day for Olive's checkup. She is still playing like a looney...proper kitten play and she's biting things now...which she's not supposed to do!! But how do you stop a kitten from playing? Anyway, fingers crossed that her bones have stabilised and are healing and not loose like last time.

So, back to it. Odds on that this time I'm the one conked out by thinks.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Been on walkabouts. About 8 miles and we are pooped!

Junior helped with the map-reading and I think she's got to grips with it and I'm really chuffed with her. Some of the public pathways are proper dodgy, though. Sort of ....creepy, eerie..WAY too quiet for two girlies to walk we went the long way around. Sat and had lunch looking at the motorway, as one does.

Walking along the country roads when the public footpaths run out is quite dangerous. Try doing it with a youngster and two frightened pooches. Still, managed it this time without being flattened. But people DO drive way to fast. It's just plain daft.

Some piccies

Where there's lovely countryside, there always seems to be one of these!! It was SOOOOOO noisy!

Junior posing, clutching map

Some lovely new friends we made on our walk. Sweet:O)

Pirates of the Caribbean tonight. Bet Junior conks out before the film finishes:O) However. she reckons it'll be me in the land of nod first. Doubt it, 'cos I've been bitten by a mosquito and it's driving me mad!!! Anyway, we shall see.

Yes, Junior conked out at 8.30pm. I've had Johnny Depp and co all to myself:O) Lucky me.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Orbiting Fairy Cakes

Junior has been listening to Harry Potter. We got the cds ages ago off ebay and have only just opened the box. She's also into 100 things you should know about Earth. We're at the sun and orbiting stage. We also went food shopping and are enjoying going to Aldi at the mo. Nice clean shop. Junior also did some crocheting. She's impatient and wants to be able to make granny squares before she can do I'm having to get her to chill and take it slowly....which is no good to her at all!! Her chainwork is actually very neat, so there's hope.

Yesterday, she insisted on making fairy cakes..for Syd..a sort of little ceremony that she had to do for him. Anyway, they were jolly nice, as Syd was:O)

Mmmmm....lovely....only a few left:O))

Then, she got the munchies and decided to make cookies..peanut butter. She sourced the recipe off the web and they were jolly nice, too!!

These are moreish!

Tonight, we made gnocchi and it didn't turn out like gloop this time. Yay!! Served with a lovely tom, onion and basil sauce. God, I love vegan food!!:O)))

My posts are boring at the mo. Don't feel well...too tired and not sleeping well - have a bit of a broken heart 'cos of Syd and knock back of recent events I suspect, too much to think about plus everyone I know seems to be in bad health, which does nothing for morale. Son no 2 is having a run of bad luck now. Even when your kids leave home you still worry about them. Once a parent, always a parent. The home ed related poverty gets to me too, especially being a singleton. I just hate that, the lack of funds I mean. Am sure I'll snap out of it soon once I find my mojo...but bugger me...can't remember where I put it!! I've become more forgetful than usual and put two loads of washing in and forgot to sit and watch it!! in put my foot on the door to prevent water from seeping. I was expecting a flooded kitchen when I eventually cottoned on to what I hadn't done..but it seems that if I put the washer on a certain programme, the leakage ain't that bad. Yipee. Saves me from being a captive audience.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going on walkabout, armed with our new ordnance survey maps, provisions and dogs to pull us up hill and dale:O) Hope the weather holds up.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

End of an Era

This house will never be the same again. Our mate Syd has passed away:O(

I'm going to miss having all my pots and plants dug up, stuff chewed and all the other mischievous antics he got up to. He's no doubt digging up pots galore and chewing expensive sofas and telephone wires in bunny heaven:O) Hope he's found a girlfriend there.

We buried him at the bottom of the garden next to George rabbit, by our wishing well.

Our Syd

Saturday, 8 September 2007


Guess who had a REALLY, REALLY bad day and can't sleep? Best thing about today was that our free ordnance survey maps arrived...and very good they are, too.

Found these on my web wanderings. Junior will appreciate a couple of them...she's comatose at the mo. Well, it is nearly!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Organised or What?

Went to local supermarket yesterday for yet another sackload of catlitter and would you believe it, smack, bang as soon as you walk in there are.........chocolate advent calenders for sale!!!! Tescos have got some of their Christmas stuff up already!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!

Anyway, she says smugly....I beat ' em to it....'cos I've already started my Christmas shopping and have three pressies safetly tucked away. Organised or what? This is GOOD for me....Ms Chaos-Scatterbrain:O)

No doubt I will forget where I've put them and have to buy replacements, but at least the thought was the time:O)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Our feet are on fire!!

We've been on walkabouts today. Walked along one of the local trails. Junior made and packed sarnies, Ritz crackers and juice.

We have such beautiful countryside on our doorstep, literally two minutes away. Lots of farm and wild animals. We saw dragon flies galore. Old sure shot here was too slow to get any decent shots, but I was ok on the stuff that doesn't move:O) Next time, we're going to try and identify the plants and trees with our little countryside companion book which has such stuff in. Meanwhile, it's up with the feet for a little relax (minus our trainers) - ensuring that they're downwind from any noses!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

It's hard work thinking up titles

Ancient Egypt was the reading for today. Junior's choice. We have instructions on how to make a death mask and a "The eye of Horus" charm. It's been quite good reading this together and I'm sure it'll be fun making Egyptian stuff, too.

Olive has been back to the vet's today for a checkup. Her broken palate, jaw and teeth are still a little loose, so she's on anti-bios for another ten days. Vet had to check her mouth to see how she has healed and she miaowed in pain for a little while...poor little thing. Infection is the big risk still, so she's still lording it in my bedroom. Vet said that you can't stop her doing kitten stuff (tell me something I don't know), so she's still whizzing about on occasion and being totally normal. Night time partying still going on!! It was quite sad while at the vets, 'cos a little dog had been put to sleep:O( The older lady, was understandably upset...carried her canine companian out... wrapped in a blanket to take home. She had a mate with her for support..and she was boo hooing, too. There were a couple of us in at that time and we were all in tears for the lady and her loss.

Bobby dog, the new Essex boy, is not too well, either. Son no 1 phoned today, while we were parked up in Morrison's car park (on the way back from vets - needed up-market kitten food for Madam) munching on sarnis and cream soda. He's only eaten one meal since going down south to live with son no 1 and has developed a limp, so he's been to the vets down there. Son no 1 has parted with £100 so far.. on anti bios, examinations, etc for the dog. Bobby is homesick and pining for us up here, so who knows what'll happen. He is actually a nice, animal friendly dog..just has a huge, deafening bark.

Bob and Junior

This wasn't meant to be such a miserable post. Anyway, things'll liven up here soon 'cos it's nearly kitten party time!!!!!...sigh....matchsticks for eyes required.....or do I sedate the little tinkers with sherry? (joke, by the way:O)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Washing Blues

Well, take some advice from me.....don't use superglue to try and mend any tear that might be in your washing machine rubber door seal!! Bad idea!! It's made the torn bit all crusty and hard and now I have to concentrate even more when applying pressure to the door avec my tootsies, to prevent any leaks,!! What a palarvar!! It'll be like this until I can afford to sort it. Still, suppose I'll get more crocheting done, now that I'm a captive audience.

Today Junior made a book from scratch, decorated it and wrote a story. Then she decided to start knitting again...probably inspired by me getting our wool stash out to see what colours we have...we have loads of wool and loads of colours..yay... and Junior probably thought "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

Sad to hear the news that Jane Tomlinson has died:O( Such a great lady. It's a real shame.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Healing and Shopping

Thought I was being a bright spark today and purchased some superglue to try and mend the seal on the washing machine....I am getting pretty peed off with having to sit, foot on door and watch the laundry go round and round and round. Anyway, I put some of the stuff on the rubber and hope it works. However, I don't hold up much hope 'cos it was still tacky an hour after I put the stuff on. It's supposed to be set and ready after about 30 secs. Ho hum!!!

Today we've been amazed how well Olive's face is healing. She's never going to be normal, as the vet said, but her eye's stopped oozing the "gloop" and such not so nice things. I'm sure when she's fully healed that she'll look, as in the programme, "Ten years younger". lol. Popeye and Meg come in during the day so they don't grow apart... and all three play like a bunch of lunatics. No prisoners here!! Popeye's favourite "let's annoy Mother" trick is to crap in Olive's sanitised litter tray...many times....then go back to his nice clean one!! Little tinker that he is:O)

We have to grind Olive's tablets down and mush them into her food. She's getting a real appetite now. Still in my bedroom, causing havoc. She loves sunbathing or looking out of the window.....I see her from outside when we go out and think "aw", poor little puddy tat:"O) She looks so sweet but lonely looking out.

So, on one such jaunt today, we went shopping...for food and the like. Trying to organise our shopping and meals on our meagre income. Junior wrote the lists..slipping the odd necessity of sweets and pop in!! Weekly list for fresh stuff, monthly for the other stuff. We are intending on doing a lot of baking, cooking and freezing!! On the agenda...lemon meringue pie, quiches, bread, naan bread, apple crumble and pie, some Uki food, Smartie cookies, ice cream.

Syd rabbit does look sweet too, and but is definitely lonely:O( He seems to have lost weight and is not cleaning his nether regions (totally minging), so Radox bath time it was for the little man this morning. He seemed suitably touched by my concern and didn't nip me for once, 'cos he knows I don't want him to get flystrike!! No-one would want their tackle eaten alive by flies, would they? He's definitely not himself though. So, as I'm far too soft, he's in his super douper penthouse the lounge....happy as larry watching tv. Maybe I should get him a blow up bunny of sorts..just to liven him up a bit? Or maybe he just hates the outdoor life. Not a happy camper, type of thing. My battery operated air freshener will be doing overtime if he moves back in!!

So, tonight Junior watched her favourite prog...Doctor Who....which was an episode about Shakespeare, talk of the devil!! Lots of questions asked and sign of her picking up the complete works of our Will to read, though.

Blanket no 2 for pet hospital just about done. Spooky cat has been eyeing it up!! Hope these blankets sell and raise much needed funds.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Junior is into Lord of the Rings....been watching one of the films tonight. She's watched them before and has enjoyed them, even though they're a bit long-winded and complicated for a little 'un. LOTR was never the sort of thing that I was into as a kid. but then we never had the luxury of dvd' the "good old days"!! lol The book seemed too door stop sized to read, to be honest. I had no interest in the likes of Shakespeare, etc either, although we do have all that sort of stuff/the classics, etc in our library which she can freely access 24/7. I was more into my own story writing and definitely not into picking apart literary was all a bit too theatrical for me. Wonder what Junior will like most as she gets older? Maybe the dvds and films they make nowadays will encourage her to read the books. Who knows?

What kind of yarn are you?

You are Merino Wool.You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to keep you close because you are so softhearted. You love to be comfortable and warm from your head to your toes.


Finished crocheted blanket for animal hospital open day sale. One down, thousands to go!!!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

In a Spin

Oh! "scuse the pun, lol!!

Latest addition just this minute to the Min household is this little beauty......a good old-fashioned spinning wheel (haven't dusted and cleaned it up yet - shall leave that to Junior..tee hee!!), courtesy of our local freecycle:O) Sorry about the state of the garden.

Junior is going to be soooooo happy when she sees this as it's something she has wanted to get into for ages and links in well as she's just getting into knitting, crochet, sewing and textiles...the whole caboodle. Mind you, she may not get a look in when her Gran gets to see it, though...she of textile mill fame. At least it should keep her and Junior quiet for a I can carry on crocheting a million blankets for the PDSA:O)) And they can keep the wool coming:O)

Now, to find something to spin!! Did you know that you can spin pet hair (and felt it)? Apparently so. Must itch like hell, though!!

Pity you can't use feathers. Gratuitous piccie of Fred and Wilma. Fred is the blue boy and currently munching of his spray of millet seed:O) Should keep him quiet for......oooooooo.....5 mins max.

Junior and I went into a pet shop early last year looking for a cockatiel or small parrot...and came out with these two:O) They looked so bedraggled and miserable in the little space (it was so small that you couldn't call it a cage) that they had. So, now they live in a fifty quid palace and chirrup away. Budgies aren't half noisy little creatures. Mega decibels!!! They also have killer beaks!!..well, our dynamic duo we keep our fingers out of their space:O)

On the hunt now for a nice, friendly sheep:O)