Saturday, 19 June 2010

Got Arse In Gear

Junior didn't eat her steak au poivre....just the veggies....and the pudding.

We have sort of got into the flow of wise now, although it is still difficult and we have had to resort to a few vegetarian options. Smoothies, toast topped with bananas and honey (using it up!), etc for brekkies. Sarnies for lunch and a cooked tea.

Never thought I'd say this, but Cheesly extra mature vegan cheese is not that a sarnie...with lots of salady things. We piled in farmer's pickle, spinach, beanshoots, beetroot, cheesly, tomatoes, granary bread. Was nice and filling. Gnocchi with a tomato sauce was another meal. Goat's cheese, roasted red pepper and courgette tart with beanshoot, grated carrot, red grape and sliced mushroom salad with a basic salad dressing beefed up with chilli sauce, soy sauce, honey and seasoning. I am hunting for a vegan goat's cheese! lol J has really been into her fruit..which is good. No coca cola or orangey drinks have been consumed yet.:o) No snacking on crisps or processed biccies. We are too full!! lol

I'm looking for a vegan version of Coronation Chicken.

One good thing that has come out of this is that Junior prefers fresh spinach to salad. Much better for her AND she's started to eat apples and pears Yay for seasonal stuff!

My rickety joints, dare I say it, don't feel as bad The restless legs have calmed down and I'm not feeling as tired and wiped out. I'm really hoping that a vegan diet can help me out. Who knows...I might still be in with a shot at taking up jogging again! And badminton....I miss beating Son no 1 at it! lol

On the Life front.......

Yesterday evening was SO weird. We had to go out to the supermarket and the roads were empty. Let me tell you....if you want a hassle free shopping experience, then go when England are playing in the World Cup! Bliss. lol

Today was birthday day:o)

Grandchild of Min celebrated and so did Olive and Popeye's litter (Bart, LooLoo, Tinks, Henry and Ringo). They are ALL 2 today! They all had a party. Grandchild of Min's was a bigger 'do'. lol J had the party hats out again for the mogs and trimmed up the cat pen and living room:o) you do! They got upmarket tinned meat!!!. Granchild of Min has got a trip to the zoo to look forward to from me.

Tomorrow is Jack and the Beanstalk day.....we are planting out runner beans. We have no canes so shall have to be creative in finding something for them to climb up!! I am eyeing up big bro's 1 x 1 wood supply. lol

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