Saturday, 30 October 2010

Here is your lesson on 'How to wake up the sleeping household in one fleeting moment.'

Tread on a sleeping cat!

There's me, doing my nightly, motherly duty...aka checking Junior is ok..asleep in bed, covers on ok, etc.

Silly Flat Foot here didn't see snoozing mog on the carpet in the doorway of Junior's bedroom (They guard her) Next thing......SHRIEK.....BIG LOUD FELINE VERSION!!

And EVERYONE is awake. There's me shushing 'em all. Try getting twelve mogs and a dog to settle down at 1am! Junior was oblivious to it all, though. Carried on snoozing. lol

Apologies to Megan the mog:o) Hope your tail is better. xx

I am in the 'bad books'.

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