Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Son No 1 took Junior out shopping just before Crimble and very kindly bought her some designer track suit bottoms. He and his brother have been trying to change her into a boy for years!! (Family joke) When she was way younger, the boys taught her many a rugby move, along with the footie stuff. She, in exchange, used to paint their toenails......practice, you see:o))) This particular beauty treatment, I am sure, has been erased from their memory. lol

Anyway, today she decides to wear the track suit bottoms, along with matching black GI Jane vest. Hair is in a ponytail..so she looks a right Lara Croft type!......except for the pink boottee slippers, red lipstick and nails:o) Atta girl!!

She has expensive taste. Has taken a liking to my Safari perfume. There's only a bit left, so she can have it:o) The bottle is lovely, too, she tells me. So it sits on her dressing table, along with a hundred or so beauty bits and bobs.

Aaaaaah.....one day she'll get fed up of the clutter and give it me back. lol

Sunday, 27 December 2009


We seem to be thawing out around here. Don't know what it's like elsewhere, though. We've stayed in, apart from Crimble Day when we went to dinner, which was lovely...at Son No 1's. Grandchild of Min was there. She's adorable. Very bright. Can count to six...in a roundabout way. You say one, she says two, you ask what comes next..and she says...six!!! lol

We managed to drag mother along to our Crimble get together, too. She didn't want to go...citing that she was too old for stuff like that and would be in the way. Still, she was the only one who got into the swing of things re dress code........flashing Christmas tree earrings!! lol

Junior is home now and happy with her lot. She was gifted another series of Charmed and has been watching it via my new top whack dvd player, given to me by Son no 2 and his other half. Bless xx

Bro's dog is still here. He's like a Scooby Doo type. Huge. Not one bit of malice in him, so the cats like him:o) He's taken a liking to my sofa, though:o)

Did anyone hear the screams? This week, I have managed to conk out 3 hoovers!!! What is it with them? lol Very odd and frustrating. Two are basically kaput. The other one, a Vax, hoovers for about a minute then conks out for half an hour, so living room takes about 2 hours to hoover! Carpets and me just don't go. lol

There were other screams, too!!

Bro is down for Crimble, too..with adult niece. They're staying in comfort at Mother's...and she's loving it. Fussing around them:o) This wasn't the intention, but there you go. Anyway, he brought food contribution down and packed them away here. He brought some meat down! Eeeew.

When we were little, we had to make do with the cheaper bits of meat. Mother used to make brawn...which Dad and everyone loved. Yuk.. It's basically meat in natural jelly and fat. But, we were poor and that's what there was to eat. So, he brought the 'ingredients' down...hoping that Mother would make him some. She will, of course do that. These ingredients have been in my fridge for 2 days...wrapped tightly in a carrier bag on the bottom shelf. What are they?......pigs trotters! EEEEEEEWWWWWW! They sell them at the local supermarket here and are, obviously, displayed in the meat chiller bit. They look just like chopped off hands! Yuk.

Niece wants to do something creative while she's here. So, might teach her how to crochet tomorrow:o) She wants wrist warmers:o) These javelin throwers!! She's gonna win the Olympics!!!!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snowing cats and dogs


First thing is first.

Hope you all have a Merry, Peaceful and Happy Christmas:o))...if that's what you are in to....The Christmassy stuff, I mean.

Myself, I could do with Christmas not appearing for another two weeks. I was so determined to get sorted this year...in time for once...but seems not to be.

I'm on upped dose for the joints. Central heating has to be on 24/7 and even then I sometimes have to wear three jumpers, scarf and fingerless gloves to keep warm. Junior walks around in a vest top, meanwhile. lol

Weather here is terrible. Nearly crashed the car tonight. Snowed again. Was coming back from Mother's after another ear-bending/angst session....I was only going about 15mph, so had to put it into 4wd and tootle on at a slow pace.

Bro and niece are landing tomorrow:o) I'm so pleased to have them here. Been a long time since we were together. First time Christmas, too. His dog and cat are coming too:o) Cilla is, conveniently, on heat! So, when we go to Son No 1's for Crimble dinner, then dog has to sit in car!! He can howl to his hearts content there:o) Son is taking Junior Crimble shopping tomorrow and she's staying over at his. Lots of time for her to play on all his assorted computer games AND WATCH TV.....EASTENDERS!!! LOL

Niece is good at computer thingies. Maybe she can sort out the mac problem? She has a university education, after all!! Would be heaven:o))

I have upped my rickety joint doses like I said and the swelling has gone down. Wonder for how long? Wonder if Rose Hip Syrup tablets would work? Any ideas?

Monday, 21 December 2009

Poor Us

We had plans for today. The social network thing. Junior present giving to friends and family, and all that. All friends will, no doubt, have the bag on, thinking we have purposely missed any meetup. sigh. Family know the score.

Well...joints have been BAD!! I know I joke about it, mainly so Junior doesn't worry, but sometimes it's hard to hide how p**d off I get with it. I was in tears today...first time, really. Couldn't get going until after dinner. My fault. I eased off the Ibuprofen, thinking it would be ok. Not!! So, do I go to the quacks and demand stronger medication. Last time I went was told that I'm too young for the stronger stuff, apparently. Was told....suffer now...or suffer more when you're older....if I get there!'

As if that's not enough. Mother rang up in tears. She sent a card to a sibling of mine. Said sibling has cut all contact with her for reasons only sibling understands. Anyway, sibling sent the card back, unopened. What a twat! No way to treat an 80 year old. Sibling could have just binned it, but just couldn't resist sticking the knife in by returning itI despair. So, I am left to deal with an 80 year old, missing all her kids, grandkids from sibling, her deceased hubby, her partner (who has been stuck in a care home against her wishes and slowly dying from dementia). She's sort of going through a second bereavement. She can still walk quicker than me, though!!

Not nice, at all. Seeing your mother cry, day after day. She's pissed off at being old and I'm pissed off with knackered joints!

Older siblings are outraged. I'll leave it to them to read the riot act. I'll just simmer away, joints permitting.

Sunday, 20 December 2009


Being the poor git that I am, I have been stashing bits and bobs away for Crimbo. Not much, though. Just a cupboard full of stuff, because there's just 'the two of us'.

So.....Junior is a chocolate lover...Yum!

She asks tonight if there is anything chocolatey in the house?...she has the munchies:o)


"What about the chocolate shells?"

"They are for Crimbo" replies mean mummy.

"Oh" sighs poor, deprived child!!

Anyway, Old Git has run out of essentials....like Ibuprofen for rickety joints. So....we don our gear and head out into the night.

Opens the door and there is snow....lots of it...and it's still coming down.

Was lovely, actually, to walk in it. What I like about snow is the silence:o) It muffles all the crap away from you. Good.

So, we waddle down to local off licence and grab supplies.......Chocolate, coke and red wine. Forgot the rickety joint pills, didn't I!! Arghhhhh

Still, all is well. Junior is happily indulging in her treats, watching Santa Who.

Me? I am just about to embark on a chocolate shell....just the one.

At £1.39 a box it would have been cheaper to stay at home and let Junior loose on them, rather than dole out the £6.40 Min did at the local overpriced Offy. Still, I plied her with nutritious lentil soup and paninni bread beforehand. Lentil soup is lovely, by the by, for all those unbelievers!!!! lol

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Spuds Glorious Spuds!

We're on a mission to see how many different dishes we can make from potatoes.

Need to make cheap filling meals:o)...or else Santa won't be coming here.

Last night it was Leek and Potato soup, which was yummy. Junior ate two bowlfuls, of the Friends capuccinno cup size!! We're going to Son No 1's for Crimble dinner and this is the starter, which he has asked me to make. So, J and I road tested it and for my first attempt it was not bad at all.

(Serves 2)

1 Large Leek, sliced. I used both green and white parts.
3 large Potatoes diced
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
1 Pint Veg stock (I used 2 oxo cubes..1 was not flavoursome enough)
Good pinch Parsley
Good pinch salt and pepper
Double Cream - Optional.

1. Saute leeks until soft. Don't let them brown

2. Add diced potatoes and garlic. Saute for about 5 mins

3. Hot Veg Stock and Parsley..or whatever herbs you fancy.

4. Season.

5. Allow to simmer for about 20 mins until the potatoes are cooked. Stir it now and again, so it doesn't 'stick' at the bottom of the pan.

6.Check the seasoning. There's nothing worse than bland soup!!

7. You could blend this if you want a smoother soup, but I just used a potatoe masher so there was still a bit of texture, which Junior likes. Saves washing up, too.

8. We had some double cream in so I put in a tablespoon of that just before serving.

9. Eat:o) We gobbled it up and then thought about piccies later! lol

Friday, 18 December 2009

Cats and Mice

Junior is in the throes of making Chrissy pressies for the mogs now. Catnip mice and a few fishing rods with catnip animals of the end of the line:o)

The mogs are on to her and have, alas, sussed out her hiding place for the catnip stash. So, they are road testing her makes.

I've managed to get a few piccies up. Have to say that the mac is MUCH easier for this sort of thing. I cannot get the text to line up properly with the piccies!! Some of the other piccie makes are much better.

Latest instalment of the Dark Lord Badman blog is up. Hilarious.

Bart..getting to know his catnip mouse.

Newly created catnip mouse

Junior's Cats and Dogs on a Tree card

The Naughty Angel - The book is titled How To Be Good

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

Junior is into the swing of card making. All this watching Create & Craft is paying off!!!
Her inventions are really cool, have to say. We took photos but batteries conked out, so they are recharging. Once they're done, shall try and post piccies. These cards are COOL! lol And....handmade with love:o))) My Mother is going to love hers:o))) Think sis will like her Arseface inspired one, too...courtesy of the gritlets

New Look

Junior looks a vision in pink today:o)

Pink everything, including slipper boots. Hair is in plaits 'cos Mother told her it will grow better and thicker, so it's the Mini Ha Ha look for her:O) Minimal hairbrushing is a Junior thing:O) lol

Christmas tree is, remarkably, still upright; now adorned with a solitary star and half dressed angel. Junior actually admitted that pink is not a good colour for the angel, so it has a purple skirt:O) (It's actually a cut down party hat that we have from Honey Pot's party). We need more decorations, so are going about this the frugal way, which is doing J's head in. lol So, she's munching a croissant, watching Friends while she contemplates how to get her tree decorated to Junior standard. I can see a colour scheme coming here, or maybe she'll surprise me and go for the pizza job...like...bung everything on..the more colours the merrier.'

I'm going to attempt to make seitan (vegan 'meat') this weekend. See if it's as easy to concoct as they say. Maybe do the garlic sausage flavoured one. Plus, I have all the ingredients in for borscht, which we haven't had in AGES. Have to get practising for Uki Crimbo:O) We have got visitors coming again tomorrow, so I shall test it on them....bro in law is always up for some grub:o) lol

We met a social worker who works with the mentally ill yesterday. Apparently, we are the first home edders she has met! She knew about the gvt's plan to stitch us up, though!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Sphincter Muscle is Shot!!!

This is nothing to do with home ed......or ....maybe it is?

The ptb keep harping on about sex education. Like the kids need to know...asap!!!

Well, Junior's had a gut full of that...what with kitten and puppy births. She knows what goes in and what comes out!!! So, Mr.Ms Tick Box LA person...we are WAY head of you there!!!

What about pelvic floors? Is that on the NC. Bloody well should be!!!

Mine has upped and gone. Got wood rot. Call it what you will....it's shot!!

From getting the 'urge', I have, usually, about ten seconds to get to the bog to avert disaster. Getting to la loo is often a long shot (no pun intended), especially with rickety joints Neighbours can surely hear me cursing as I lose the race to the Armitage Shanks bowl of relief.!! Hence, strategically placed bucket downstairs!!!

I am such a catch and such a sex god.

No wonder the cats love me so much:o)))

I should rename myself P Schooler.

Yes...Ha bloody har!!!

Keep saying this, but thanks to whoever for Tena Lady and her ilk:o)))


Christmas Activities...Putting up the Tree

We have been gifted a Christmas tree. It's a fancy fibre optic type. Nice and twinkly.

Came down this morning to find that Junior had rearranged half the sitting room furniture so as to make way for this six foot tall tree. Some of the mogs were, of course, assisting!

So, she is busy making an angel to sit atop the three....and decorations. Busy. busy. busy.

The mogs are playing with the box that the tree came in. It's now a tunnel, slighly flattened, due to the run throughs and pounces.

Tree's been up for a whole three hours:o) lol

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Dad was in my dreams last night:O) But he looked sad.

I ran up and hugged him. Woke up sobbing. It doesn't get any easier for me, the emptiness.

Another anniversary today. It's sad that he and Junior never met in life but I'm sure he watches over her. She has his habit of whistling:O)..and cats always make a beeline for her, just as they did for him. She's a nightbird like him, too. He would always be last up, usually giving the dogs biscuit snacks in the kitchen. They'd be sat side by side, waiting while he lobbed one up for them so they'd catch the titbits. Cilla does that....munches biscuits at night:o)

He once made a dove house for this stray bird that Mother ended up with somehow. This was a big thing, 'cos Dad was not a diy person at all. But, remarkably, the contraption looked good and stayed upright!!! Anyway, bird always ended up kipping in the main house at night, though. Dad was just one of those people who was kind to animals. He witnessed lots of bad things during WW2. When he was captured and put in a pow camp, that was bad. And in the refugee camps ...people used to eat anything to stay alive, including animals that nowadays and even then, we regard as pets...like cats, dogs, etc. So, he'd never ever eat stew, which I presume is how people ate such meat then, to conceal the real identity. Eeeew. He just never could face the gravy bit. I never cottoned on to this for years. So, nowadays, even I don't cook stews....of any meat kind.

I can remember, as a child, Dad being ill..because of the war experience. Nights of listening to him screaming. Many a time I thought he would diethere and then. This post war stress stuff.
Even years after, he still suffered from a bullet wound in his hip. It never healed properly. So, he got Mother to clean it out. He collapsed on the street and a bloke came to the house and said that he needed Mother. She went and found him collapsed, unable to walk because of pain and infection of the ongoing wound. He wouldn't let the doctors near it because of it never healing right. He only trusted Mother.

Anyway, Mother set out to clean it out properly, once and for all. She said she was shit scared. Never had done anything like this, but Dad was on the point of death. We were poor so all she had was clean sheets, hot water, bandages, scissors, tweezers and Dettol. My Gran was having heart failure, apparently, at the mere thought of her doing this, but there was no choice as Dad was in agony. So, he bit on something while Mother did the deed. Turns out that there was still some gunpowder residue left in the wound. It was like glitter, apparently. She had to dig right down to the bone to clear it all....and then cleaned and padded the wound out. Dad slept for days, recovering from his ordeal. Slowly, the wound eventually healed. It was a massive hole. No wonder Dad was in permanent pain. Mother probably saved him, because he would have been slowly poisoned by all the badness caused by the bullet residue never mind the pain!!

We were supposed to go down to Mother's this afternoon, but I needed my space. We went in the evening. Mother knew why. No words needed for once!!!

The birds still keep him company:o) Even in death, they're drawn to him. They just sort of leave their mark on the headstone. Bit like a calling card, I suposse. lol

Posh Piccies

Brother in law has visited...again.

He always brings 'goodies':O))))

He had to leave pretty pronto, due to a power cut at home and sister ringing for 'assistance'......doesn't know how to change a fuse. Bless

So, he forgot his super dooper digital, top of the range camera. Hehehehehe!!

He knows. Told me to use it. No point. There is no camera to pc cable. Arghhhhhhh

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Instrument

We have been loaned a piano accordian:o)

You should've seen Junior's face when it arrived.

I did play this when I was younger and it's my favourite musical instrument. Junior wants to learn how to play. God knows how she'll manage, 'cos it's HUGE! lol It'll keel her over.

What do you think the neighbours will think of that once she starts practising and is still at the crap stage? Can't be any worse than recorder practice, can it?

Ear plugs all round for Christmas, then:O)

Told Mother about it and she's now nagging me to bring it to her place for tinkle. Junior's not having it!! lol

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Misery Guts

Did not sleep a wink last night.

Think it might be something to do with rock hard mattress, lack of comfy pillows and a blummin dado rail which is just at 'sitting up in bed height!' Arghhhh No headboards in this house. What luxury!

So, I'm walking around like a Thunderbirds puppet..what with stiff neck and rickety joints...I'm such a catch:o)) lol Junior finds it amusing.

Still, thank god for Ibuprofen and paracetamol :o)

J is happy. We lugged the HUGE tv upstairs. One step at a time. So, she can watch her dvds and play her games in her room. Saves my sanity from all the annoying music that these games seem to generate. Plus, it means I have my table back:o) (tv was on this, thus hindering any craft work)

Laptop still has a mind of its own. I wrote a longish, funny post about a mirror set I put up and which then decided to extricate itself from the wall in the middle of the night...nearly braining the sleeping, snoring dog in the process! Then, another bit about me hobbling downstairs in the middle of the night to get my pain relief tablets and elderly cat following me in the hope of an illicit treat. Instead, my feet accidentally found contact with her tail......resulting in high pitched feline shriek......at 3.30am. Bet neighbours are pleased with me. lol But.... It wiped it all out. Annoyed not the word. ******** thing!!!!!****** F'ing and blinding with a stiff neck is hard work!!! lol Laptop of the devil won't let me cut and paste either. Think it might be possessed!!.par for the course in this house. To cap it all, we have succumbed to the 'sniffles'.....Stiff neck with dribbly hooter. Lovely:o)

Now I know why people stick their heads in ovens.

Friday, 4 December 2009

OAPs Party!!!

Went to Mother's tonight.

Returned her shopping trolley which we had borrowed the other day....to cart a stainless steel pedal bin back home:o) Was too bulky to carry and, hey, it fitted the trolley PLUS we could cart other stuff in it, too:o)

Well, tonight is Mother's old folks' Christmas Party and real reason for us going was to make sure she went to this DO!! She missed the last one because she was looking out for a dear friend.

We turned up about half an hour before party start time and Mother looked a treat. Even had flashing Christmas earrings in....talk about getting into the swing of things.

So, we went home happy:o)

Hope the little party animals have a great time:o)))) xx

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Emancipation of Min's Feet

A while back, I was supposed to have done the deed on my feet.......Operation Trim Ingrowing Toenails.

My feet were not a pretty sight, with toenails so long that they resembled pork scratchings!! No word of a lie. Paint one toenail and you'd need a whole pot of nair varnish, or so it seemed! lol What, with this affliction and the rickety/distorted joint thing walking was sometimes blummin hard, painful work!! lol

Anyway, I chickened out of Op TIT.

Clippers weren't up to the job...or was it more like my joints weren't up to it and it would have hurt anyway!!!. Yes, yes..I know...A workman shouldn't blame his tools..sort of thing springs to mind here.

Anyway, yesterday, after a marathon 2 hour soak in the bath I did it!

It was a minor miracle that I was able to bend over enough to catch sight of my toenails, let alone clip without amputating tootsies. (Eyesight's shot, too!!!),,,But miracles happen:O)

YAY!!! Freedom. Hello trainers and normal shoes:o)))

My tootsies have been emancipated and the pork scratching toenails are GONE!!!!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Dog is on my bed.

Curled up all nicely...bottomish of the bed. I am constantly reminded by all and sundry that I am way too soft with said pooch. I beg to differ and all that. Anyway...around here you have to collar and tag your dog when taking them out...incase they get lost, etc, so you can be traced and pooch returned to rightful owner. Fair enough.

My dad hated this. The collar stuff. He wouldn't tolerate any of our dogs having collars on in the house. Too demeaning...too strangling He said it also spoiled their coats. VCL......Visible Collar Line!

I normally take Cilla's collar off when we get in from a walk. I sort of followed Dad's vision on this. I agree. I also hate cows being branded, sheep being dye marked, etc..all that sort of stuff.
Alas, with all things going on of late here, I forgot...until tonight, to take off Cilla's collar. Dog was laid out on bed....so I took her collar off.

Cilla, bless her, gave me her paw in thanks:o) She's such a sweetie:o)))) And I am such an arse!!!

Maybe it's the buddhist in me that thinks that one day I might come back as a dog or the like and I would really prefer to be able to kip on a nice comfy duvan with my human and be treated nicely:o) lol

We were at Mother's yesterday and on the tv was a bloke from Ecover..the eco washing people. (their washing up liquid is divine). Junior asked what he was all about, so I explained. Then the conversation got on to animal management. No idea why. Intensive farming, etc. Facts of life . Not just about sex, is it? Kids need to know how and where food comes from, just as much as sex and the baby stuff.

Today, we are exploring the hydrologial cycle. Why are there so many floods and all that, I am asked? So, I explains Seem to remember this in A level geography. Then, eco stuff came into the conversation, again. Think she gets it. Maybe I could arrange for a trip to a sewerage plant to help the understanding? I'm trying to get across the buildup of gases not being good. Maybe I should 'store' some of the cat poop to get the 'not nice gases' theory across? lol

Still, I have one lovely daughter who is kind and considerate and no way a spoiled brat. Blooming miracle:o) And I won't have her 'education' spoiled by the likes of Badman and Balls!!!