Monday, 27 February 2012

Oh Dear

Oh Dear, indeed.

Junior has decided that her bedroom is now a 'NO CAT ZONE'.

Fed up of all manner of things. Greatest of which is the Cat Scratting.....on rugs and carpets....Junior has a carpet in her room...only one in the house! It drives her mad, apparently...the cat scratting. Serves her thinks. Should have bought them a cat scratcher for Crimbo. would not believe the palaver here. Henry VIII is beyond himself. How could she think of excluding him from her 'boudoir?'.......

Ayyyyyy... wot goes on in a teen mind is beyond me.

Can't think of anything else at the mo. Brain is being bamboozled with painful miaows. 'How could she abandon me?'' Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!! the REAL WORLD.....MY nightime bedroom is being occupied by abandoned felines. Lots of them.

Good at keeping yer feet warm, though:o) xx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pears and Aches

Junior has been determined to make a certain pud for ages. Spiced pears with chocolate sauce. Well, today she did it. Was very nice....

Pears simmered gently in water, with sugar, star anise, ginger, vanilla paste, cloves, peppercorns and orange quarters. Finished product swathed in melted chocolate..........

Shall have to get this camera sorted!!! lol

Found a lovely vegan chocolate. Moo Free. Even Junior likes it must be ok.

Yesterday, 11am 'til the garden...hedge trimming. I was just helping out with the raking....but.....My Feet!!!!!!! Wellington boots do not agree with arthritic joints...especially feet! Gravel in the garden does not agree with rickety joints, either. Too wobbly. Easy to keel over. I am hoping to get shut of this 'lazy boy's gravel' and get a level lawn down...sigh...The people who designed the garden were obviously into the maintenance free type of gardening. The stuff gets everywhere...stuck in the soles of shoes...and there starts the wonkiness. Nothing like a big pebble stuck in your heel to irritate! Grrrr When we were finished and inside, I was ready for chucking myself out of the bedroom window..feet were hurting so....but couldn't get off the bed!! lol...but not lol...if you get my meaning. There is supposed to be a new wonder drug re rheumatoid arthritis. Give me a bucketfull...perlease!

I get why some folk take cannabis for the pain. Me...I can't be doing with mind-altering stuff...give me red wine anyday! The only way I can describe how crap and painful RA is, is for you to imagine that someone has a rubber mallet and twats you one HARD on every joint you possess... then see how agile you feel!! And throw in a dose of mega cramps, too AND restless legs at night, cold feet; then you can't 'hutch' yourself up in bed to read at a comfortable angle 'cos your elbows aren't up to it so you end up laying all wonky, ect. And, if you need to get to the loo pronto........ Lovely!! Welcome to the world of rickety joints:o) ACK

Moan, moan, moan! lol

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Had he lived, it would have been my Dad's 90th birthday today.

Been gone nearly 15 years.

Miss his naughty laugh....

I remember the time when he cooked some pasta. He was absolutely Starving Marvin. Anyway, my brother's parrot lived with us then. Cost lots of money. She was Starving Marvin, too. Loved pasta. She got sooooo excited at the sight of the cooked, nearly ready to eat stuff that she flapped her wings sooooooooooo hard..... Result. Pasta a la parrot. Yep....pasta with a topping of green feathers. Dad was reaaaaaallllly mad. If the bird had been ours I'm sure he would have strangled her there and then. As it was, she wasn't he couldn't....and so she tucked in, quite happily, to her spaghetti. Atta girl, Chirp. xx Miss her, too. xx

Happy Days, as they say.

Love you, Dad.xxxxx

Sorry if you got two of these. Wacom playing up.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Clamped Up Mouths

All action here.

Ever tried getting a worming tablet down an unreceptive cat? Imagine what it's like eleven f0ld!

Well, after about three hours of cajoling we managed to get seven of the mogs done, plus the dog. Yay!!

All I can say is that Henry, Bart, Tinks (above) and Spooky are in Junior's bad books. Fancy them not wanting to consume a foul-tasting drontal tablet. lol We tried all the usual....

*Talking to them nicely....doesn't work...

*Wrapping blanket around body to keep sharp claws at bay.....doesn't work...'cos the mogs always do a 'stiffy'.

*Bath mat around them....same result as blanket.

*Try to disguise tablet by crushing it and putting into contents of can of tuna....Nope.

*Grabbing scruff of neck and forcing orifice open long enough to get the darned tablet down the feline's throat. Nope. Amazing how far they can spit a tablet out. Even when you think 'Yes!! Mission accomplished'...out comes the bugger, missile mode, and lands six feet away.

Junior has retired for a 'rethink'. (having a nice relaxing bath!) lol

Me? I'll just go up to the chemist shop tomorrow and get one of those needle-less syringes and get the tablets down 'em that way.