Saturday, 31 July 2010

Car Boot and Jumble Sales are cool

I love jumble sales:o)
Today was our local one, in aid of cat there were tons of people bagging bargains. I love this one, because the stuff is clean and really affordable. No silly prices.
We bagged so many things that big bro had to nip home and fetch the car, so we could get the goodies back!
Some of my linen haul was....half a dozen king sized quilt covers (50p each), countless fitted sheets, single and double quilt covers, curtains (some lovely crushed pink velvets...big enough for one curtain to cover a double bed! yay. Some silk curtains, huge posh Next curtains...lined, too...all 50p a pair! Loads more in the linen dept....including yet more new fetish! lol I use king size quilt covers to cover the bed and quilt, as the mogs always make a beeline for my bed, especially when it's got fresh linen on...which is every day.
Tons of books, videos and nik naks made it home, too..sigh:o))
Junior got loads of videos and a couple of a bottle of posh perfume with atomiser.
I am just going to enjoy our goodies and put up piccies tomorrow.
Anyway..ever on home ed duty...I bought Junior a French book. A sort of translation of what 1000 everyday items and actions she was testing ME tonight when I was preparing tea!
Got her a maths book. too. That one might need a bit more encouragement, though! lol

I'm off to stroke and gaze adoringly at our 'haul'. lol

Well Done to the Brits for doing so well at the European Champs in Barcelona...and also to the Uki's. Yay!

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