Monday, 30 August 2010

Depressing...Beware of Growing Old in This World

Spent all day yesterday with Mother.

Her 'other half' is in a care home..if that's what you call it. Locked up and not able to go beyond the walls that envelop him. No visits out to feel the sun on his skin, breeze on his face, smell the world..hear other people chatter. So,, she makes epic journeys....hours each way....and sees him many times a week to make sure he is ok. She brings him food and treats. And then goes home and cries for their lost life together.

He didn't want to be in this place, separated from her..and neither did she. They wanted to spend their last years together....share their friendship and time together. To care and be cared for. But no....... It's amazing how the powers that be seem to know what is best for you. Yep, they KNOW IT ALL!!.....NOT!

No-one else visits him with any meaningful regularity, apart from Mother. So would you believe it when I tell you that the ptb are talking about preventing Mother from visiting him? Poor little care home bosses can't cope with any 'criticism' about their 'care regime' so they want to keep her out of his life. It would be much easier for them! No-one to annoy them by pointing out that he's a bit hungry, thirsty, cold, needs to poo, the poo is black, his tummy hurts, his toenails are long and painful, etc......

He spends most of his time either locked in his room or in a room full of shackleton type armchairs which are occupied by much older people, who sit there bored with nothing to do but sleep and dribble into their chins. Nothing doing or going on. Very depressing and hearbreaking to see.

So, we have one bewildered, 'drugged up to the eyeballs' bloke wanting to 'go home' and a heartbroken old woman who isn't allowed to take him.... and has the threat of not being able to see him again hanging over her. Wouldn't think such things could happen in such a 'civilised society' as ours, would you? But they do.... because of some power-crazy, manipulative bastards that roam our social care organisations. and crap laws that exist.

But, through the tears Mother fights for him, for his dignity and freedom. The powers that be made a huge mistake and still won't let him go. That would mean admitting that they were wrong...Can't have that, can we? And the care home bosses don't want him to go either. That would mean losing a fee-paying victim..err...customer. By the time this case comes to a head...(there is delay after delay like you would not believe!) and a decision is made, then I would expect that one or both of them will be dead.

Care? Pah!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Kelly Clarkson Got Munched

I blogged a while back 'I love it when a plan comes together'.....Smug was I about my triumph in getting Junior to brush her teeth...regularly.

You see, I purchased a singing toothbrush....Kelly Clarkson warbling away to Walk Away. So, when Junior brushed her teeth...... KC could be heard from behind the bathroom door. Pressure on the brush head would set off the music. I could definitely be sure that J was cleaning her gnashers if I heard KC's tune! She could never be bothered enough to just press the brush head...take it from me!!

Well, this purchase was a resounding success. Bit too successful. You see, Junior is known for being a can I put it....forgetful in the 'putting things back where they belong'!

She left Kelly Clarkson on the side of our ample corner bath (which is surrounded by stick on ceramic 'dolphin and baby' adornments .....they occupy random tiles around the bathroom...very Changing Rooms! A style design bequeathed from a previous occupier , who were very inventive. We have a heavenly scene...with cherubs....on our candelabera in place of normal room lights. It's quite cool, actually. I shall have to post some picces so you can see...if only I could upload some. Somehow, picasa has come onto the scene and won't let me upload. Ack!!

Right, back to it.... nothing gets past the mogs....they suss EVERYTHING out. The other day I heard KC and called out to Junior. Was she brushing her teeth AGAIN? Hell, no. She wasn't but the mogs were! It was only the Chuckle Brothers (Henry and Ringo) playing/munching the toothbrush. They had figured out that when they put pressure on the brush head then it would make a noise (Ms Clarkson singing). As with cats, if it makes a noise, cat stares at said object and then try to eat or kill it. And on it went, Hilarious. Maybe this is why Ringo is so cantankerous? Could he have the raging horn for KC?

Anyway, alas, this meant that the toothbrush was a no no for Junior usage and had to be replaced pronto. Sadly, Home Bargains must have had a rush on as there were no more singing toothbrushes to be had when we visited for supplies. So, it's back to the Tesco value pack. Ack!

I reckon all this was an inside job. J paid them handsomely in tuna...or something like, to get out of this 'teen hating personal grooming' chore! lol

The 'e' is playing up. Makes for some intersting diction whn you tak into account my typing abilities.! sigh........sorry...

Found my specs tonight...or rather Junior did. Under my bed. Bart needs some, too. Keeps falling off the bed. Doesn't take kindly to Ms Laugh-a-lot. So, we punish her by making her listen to Mariah Carey while endeavouring to win the MY CAT crossword prize.

The cold weather is nigh....mogs are congregating in my bedroom..... I think it's company they crave, 'cos I spend most of my time up here..crafting, etc.. They have an 18 foot run, plus a garden room to spread out in but prefer our company up here:o) Dogs included. Even LooLoo is up here, so it must be getting cold. AND Scratchy....Big Bro's cat... has found the Battle of Britain spirit and has ventured out of the back bedroom for company:o))))) Scratchy is living up to his name. Bless.

If there are any more typos...soz,,,I am done in.

Fed up of not being able up upload piccis, though.

Shredded fingers...all for a good cause

I am about to embark on the worst job ever!

I like having hands....and fingers...ones that work...sort of.

But...the deed has to be done....getting a worming tablet down each of twelve unwilling cats' necks!

I have tried the 'disguise said tablet' in tuna, ham, beef, cat name it..but our mogs ain't that stupid....they can sniff out a worming tablet at a thousand paces.

So, it's on with the leather gardening gloves, safety goggles, thick wraparound blanket and try and get the blooming things past clamped teeth and sharpened claws. Joy!

Doesn't help matters that we have one extremely cantankerous Ringo Schooler....who was relieved of his 'crown jewels' a while ago. Rings seems to want to bonk anything that will have him but, unfortunately, he has no takers:o( Keep telling him that the old legover is a bit over rated...but he ain't having it....literally! lol

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Battery is behaving

Ooooooooo! laptop has signs of life and hasn't conked out for 20 minutes .

Thank you for my Secret Post Parcel:o) The contents are cool and I will post a piccy if and when laptop allows me the time! lol I can't find an email addy or blog addy to thank you 'personally'.

The mac is with 'The Doctor'. Can't wait for it to come home so we can 'internet' properly:o)

Been supping nettle tea and it DOES help with the old rickety joints. Junior is besotted with the art of baking and has been turning out some lovely stuff lately. Lots of crumbles made from fruit from the garden. I might set her a challenge and see if she can come up with goodies that include nettle a tray bake....(been perusing the old Mary Berry

Been having lots of veggie type curry concoctions. For those who are short of funds or just want to save money, Asda do a 'mild' a jar....for 9p!! So, we stocked up. lol It's not bad, either, tastewise... certainly not that mild or bland!

Am gobsmacked that the laptop has powered up. Going for a lie down!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The End is Nigh

The laptop is crashing all the time and is impossibly slow. Like its making me swear...a lot!
I fear the end is nigh!
Junior has suggested that I might be hurting its feelings with the 'blue air' and if I spoke nicely then it might behave. Ack..been there, done that. Bloody useless thing! lol

So...Secret Post Club Recipient....your parcel will be sent on Monday at the latest. I am awaiting something and Saturday is the day of its arrival. I fear I may not be able to report its departure due to knackered Dell!!!...sigh

Meanwhile, the iMac is due to see a 'doctor' soon and, hopefully, will be better soon:o) Yay!
So....until then....we console ourselves with comfort food. Home made, of course.
Times is 'ard! We are making do with what there is in the cupboards and fridge/freezer...which is not a lot at first sight, but it's amazing what you can concoct with bits and bobs. Probably how many a new recipe was invented.
So, we are gorging on apple crumble and bubblegum flavoured ice cream (all the vanilla was scoffed earlier) for pud and home made goats cheese and red onion tartlets with balsamic dressing.....and Skinny french fries for Junior:o)
Has anyone been watching Come Dine with Me? We've been drooling!

Monday, 2 August 2010

I love it when a plan comes together

Once your kids start to grow up a bit you'd think that things would get easier. Say, like in the 'personal grooming' dept. When they're little and won't comply with requests to wash face, teeth, brush hair you can just pin the little blighters down and do it yourself. Not so when they get bigger. The screams become more ear piercing for one, plus, if they're anything like my lot, they can talk themselves out of ANYTHING! lol
So, Junior is at 'that age'.
"Have you brushed your teeth?" I ask
"Yep" comes the reply.
I don't believe this for one minute, going by the yellow gnashers I see.
So, I have stumbled upon a foolproof plan.
Wise old mother bird here has bought daughter a new toothbrush. A musical one, too....AND it only plays the music if it is being used for; brushing teeth! So, when I hear a Kelly Clarkson tune coming from behind the bathroom door I smile. No more hamster coloured teeth!! Yay!!

Gratuitous photos...remembered to recharge the camera batteries and managed to upload some piccies before the laptop conked out. The formatting on the blog has gone to pot.
Some car boot buys. Books 30p each! The luverly glasses were 10p!

Won't be reading this on a night! Eeek!
I LOVE these glasses. Nice and roomy for a pud.....or wine:o) Always fancied one of these. The tea tastes lovely and it holds 2 cupfuls, too. I hate little farty teacups. One slurp and it's gone is no good for moi! 50p this was.
A hearty veg soup with barley, which gives it a lovely chewy texture. Yum
Honey Pot's birthday card, which Junior lovingly crafted. It actually looks better in real life.
Lots of vegany stuff in here.
A hoard of crafting books..can't believe they were only 30p a piece