Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bloody Interruptions

We were due to visit the zoo today.

Son no 2 and grandchild of Min, me and Junior. My pressie to GoM for her birthday.

Grandchild of Min wanted to see the monkeys especially. She is just two. Junior the tigers.

So, in this house, trips out like this mean a morning start. Bad news for us Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers! Anyway, we are running around like blue arse litters sorted, animals fed, plenty of water, dog walked, etc..............Junior fed!

We are just about to depart when.......bash on door. Oh, shit!

It is Mother. She tried to phone me but got 'silly messages'. (I switched my phone no distractions).....but.....she needs to talk.....about something we don't agree on but she won't let go of. Sigh... As she walks through the hallway, into the lounge, she comments that the cats are waiting for their food, too many of them, think what we could be doing instead of having this lot, blah, blah. (Cats have been fed..dishes are still half filled (whole box of Whiskas sachets) plus half a sack of GoCat has gone a gallon of water. They are, in reality...pogged...stuffed...but she has to get the sarcasm in). I bite my tongue...mainly 'cos I am upstairs and she'll never hear me anyway!!

My mother thinks we just sit at home and never venture out, never have plans.....and that all life should be focused on her!

So.....2 hours is too late to go. Ack. Son no 2 takes grandchild of Min elsewhere. Junior is pretty pee'd off..and me....back has gone. I am Quasimodo, alive. not so well and very grumpy!!

For any bloody do gooders out there..I have given my kids permission to shoot me should I ever turn into my mother!

There!! Shall never get to heaven now!!

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me said...

*smile :) poor you , poor junior

still need to catch up !!! how many years????