Friday, 29 January 2010

Fed Up

Remember all the hassle we had with the mad cat woman? Well, it seems it's starting, again...the stalking.....

Too many little coincidences have occurred. Sightings of the wretched woman and her cronies near our home, etc Cats have been spooked of late..they growl at such times and 'freeze'...ears up..listening; dog is barking at odd times.. and growling too...not like her at all.

Understatement of the year,,,,I am titsed off!! to speak.

Can someone find me a house...away from the nutters of the world?

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Dead Legs

Woke up this morning to find that I could not move!!

Ack.....blummin rickety joints!! Once I had 'come round' I realised that I had a certain Popeye on my chest....enjoying 'that' pose...where mogs tuck their front paws under and.....look!! Well, he would have had a good, long look up my hooter, going from his position. Poor lad! lol

Then, I could hear communal purring......3 of them on or about my feet....keeping me warm..bless:o) Feet were dead though, due to weight of felines. lol I think the purring is a 'We are very comfy here...please don't move! type of hint. lol

They are a protective lot:o)))

I think back to my former life (ack) and ex would have had a heart attack at the thought of 4 mogs in the house, let alone on the bed! He will, no doubt, be happy to be free of this and I am so happy to be free of constant premiership football on the tv with accompanying chockablock expletive narrative!

So, today, Junior decides that they need a treat (yet another) and buys them cat milk. They LOVE their young mistress...she has a kind heart....and the dog shares the lurve, too. She is proud owner of new chewie stick....

Son no 1 ia broke, too. Car mot failed. Needed best part of £500 to put it right. No more takeaways for him for a while. lol

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Who's a little fart, then?

Ah....bro in law and big bro are visiting this weekend:o) YAY!

This means that my temperamental hoover will be 'looked at. If they fix it...bliss!' If not....arghhh!

My tummy was rumbling yesterday. Cannot think why, given the amount of grub I manage to consume. Junior found this quite funny as she is partial to a bit of toilet humour, seeing as she can be quite noisy in that department. She could give her older brothers a run for their money in any farting competition, I tell you. Mother is good, too, without even knowing that she is partaking:o)) Anyway, this got us into a discussion about the digestive system. We didn't plan it, of course. Just came out!! lol I remember, years ago, while I was doing some biology homework, then boyfriend....who went to a school for clever little things, peered over my shoulder and said 'Oh, that's what my sister means when she calls me orifice!' lol

The tiffin was made and some is still waiting to be eaten. It's too sweet, even for J. Yes!!!!! Could she possibly have had enough of chocolate? It would've been cheaper to buy it ready made. Still....lesson learned:o)

Monday, 18 January 2010

Bus Shelter

What a wonderful piccy!! It was in or around Sheffield and it's a bus shelter with gigantic snow faces. Cool or what? Courtesy of heartshaped

Friday, 15 January 2010

Spud no 21

Today.....chocolate brownies, tiffin, bath bombs and soap making.....well....gathering the ingredients. Junior is still in charge of housekeeping and reckons we need pampering:o))

You have no idea how hard it is to find coconut oil without having to resort to internet buying!! but we will soldier on. Most of the other oils required we can get from the supermarket...and we already have the sodium hydroxide......just this elusive coconut oil!! Gah!!

Meanwhile, you could float a boat in the garden room. Not as watertight as it should be. Thawing snow! Ack!

Hassleback potatoes. No 21 on my Spud list:o)

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Rise and Fall of The Bread Company

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived some people.

The people were, generally, very happy people who baked their own bread. Some baked brown bread, some white and some were a bit adventurous and even varied the recipe and baked different breads to suit what ever they fancied or needed.

One day the people were told that they should stop making their own bread as their appointed leaders had decided that The Bread Company would make all the bread from now on as it was a better type of bread.

The people thought that they had no choice, so started buying bread from The Bread Company. However, the bread from The Bread Company didn't suit everyone and soon some people began to feel really quite unwell.

The people complained to their appointed leaders, but the appointed leaders told them to stop being silly and that the bread from The Bread Company was the best.

Well, the people knew differently and still complained. They wanted a choice of bread
but their appointed leaders ignored them and said there was no the bread suited all the people. The people disagreed and so some decided to make their own again. They made all sorts of different types..including white, brown, wheatgerm, granary..even gluten free..which suited many of the children as it didn't make them feel ill like the stuff from The Bread Company:o)

The people thought of differentt ways of baking the bread too, to suit their lifestyles. Some used gas ovens, some electric, some had bread makers...and some even baked their bread in the great outdoors. See, the people came in all shapes and sizes and had different ways of making their bread....all of which were great and all of which suited their tummies and didn't make them ill.

The appointed leaders, who had adopted a 'lofty' attitude, had stopped listening to people. They didn't like being disobeyed and so were not pleased at all with the people who had started making their own bread again. They knew that these people had sussed out that their appointed leaders had turned into control freaks who were only interested in controlling all things bread. The appointed leaders became deceitful (some of them were really bad men) and tried to scare the people into going back to buying the rubbish bread from The Bread Company. If they didn't agree then they would have to apply for a licence to bake in their homes or where ever and they would send strangers in to spy on them and collect information on their bread making skills and secrets. They didn't exactly say this is what they were going to do...they said they were coming to 'help' but the people knew exactly what was going off.

Anyway, this small group of people were a bit brighter than the appointed leaders and they fought back and spread the word about the benefits of making your own bread to suit your own tastes and soon had an awful lot of supporters....some even from within the circle of appointed leaders. They joined the fight to stop The Bread Company from monopolising the bread world...and won.

Some of the appointed leaders even began to make their own bread again because they realised it was best for them. They knew what had gone into it so nothing nasty could get in. They were interested in the new recipes that the clever people had and asked if they could have a taste. The clever people let them and the appointed leaders marvelled at how splendid the breads tasted. The people had made them a sarnie. They asked the clever people what they had made it with, to which they replied........'We used our loaf!'

If you want to be free to use your own loaf in the future, please sign the is in the side bar. Ta xx

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Someone in this house is in Junior's BAD BOOKS!!

I think I have an idea who it is, going by current 'shifty' look!!

Earlier on.......there was little me... downstairs, tinkering about in the kitchen. What to make for dinner?, another load of laundry goes in, wash up, dry know how it goes.....and then I realise I suddenly have an audience. Some of the mogs have appeared in the hallway, sat atop the hall table and looking in to the kitchen....four of them...side by side....all innocent and cute ....Tinks, Henry, Bart and Ringo:o) Side by side...innocent and cute. They're otherwise known as The Three Amigos and Evil Doris.

They want MORE food and give me the 'Oh, go on' look....with heads tilted to one side for added cuteness. sigh.... It's one of those moments when I wish I had my camera to hand to capture the cuteness, Anyway, I tell them they can't have any more food otherwise they will balloon into fat little b******s. 'Go and run about for a bit' I tell them. Excercise!!

Then, a spine tingling scream can be heard from up stairs!!..followed by a fair bit of banging....

Uh oh........what have they done now? The mogs give me the 'We've been rumbled' look.

I call, tentively, upstairs and ask if everything is ok?

No reply. All I can hear is gnashing and frothing. So......I climb up the old woooden hill to see what is wrong now.

I reach Junior's bedroom. She had spent most of yesterday afternoon tidying it up...sorting out drawers. Basically, she had a real, good old-fashioned sort out:o).....didn't chuck anything out, though. She never does! It was sparkly clean and tidy. Yay!

Cats like things that are sparkly clean and tidy:o)) So Junior, being a clever little kid, has decreed that all things alive and feline are BANNED from her newly pristine pad:o)))

So, I goes in and unhooks her nails from the ceiling so she can return to 'earth'. She must have pinged up there in fury....bless:o)

So, back on terra firma....she's still frothing and gnashing. Bit mad, to say the least.

I ask my little darling what's wrong?

Turns out that someone had left a little 'present',,,in the the built-in cupboard.....the one that my sweet little Junior has been opening and closing all tidy things away My sweet little Junior did not notice little present.....which has now 'spread' to under my sweet little Junior's new and ever so trendy furry slipper boots. Ack!!!

So, little puddy tats.....who did it?

My money's on Bart who, funnily enough, is nowhere to be seen. lol

Friday, 8 January 2010

Icicle in the House

The threat of an avalanche is still here.....overhanging snow on garden room roof to unsuspecting heads of Min, Junior or the dog. We have lots of icicles, like most people I suppose. Some rather large. This has impressed much so that she's grabbed a rather large one for closer inspection. Gathered from the garden room roof. It was in the 'wrong' place....and would have caused a lot of swearing had it snapped and landed on me!!

So, rather large icicle has been rehomed by Junior and now lives in the freezer:o)) Amazing how some things fascinate people:o)

We've been talking about the snow and cold and how it's come about. So, totally unplanned, we ended up looking at an atlas, at all the continents. We did the capital city thing, then got on to different climates , el Nino and Nina, Tundra, earthquake and volcano hotspots, rings of fire, Ancient Rome, the metric system, tectonics, Native North Americans, totem poles, coats of arms, tartan, Scottish clans and loads more...this all started off while I was in the bath, warming up the old rickety joints and J asking about the snow....and off we went:o)) This off the cuff stuff just happens, so the stupid Badman & Balls crap of putting in a year long plan would not work for us timetable-hating autonomouses!! Gah!!!

She hates history...'that past stuff' as she refers to it....but I still managed to get Ancient Rome and a bit of 'What the Romans did for us' in without her really noticing. lol

Anyway, today I'm going to try and pootle on with my '101 WAYS TO COOK/USE SPUDS'!

So far, I've got the usual, boil, mash, chip, roast, jacket, dauphinoise, scallops, gnocchi, samosas, soup, pirogy, vodka!!, potato salad, stamping, rosti, croquettes, wedges, curry. Don't think I can include 'sticking one up a certain annoying person's exhaust' Saw this on a film years ago. Might have been an Eddie Murphy or action/comedy movie. Think they used a banana, though. You Americans!!! Fancy putting such an idea in my head!! :o) lol

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Merry Christmas

Today is our Christmas Eve and we traditionally have our Christmas supper on this evening. So, we went to Mother's and were stuffed with Uki goodies:o)

We missed family because of the snow problems x and family departed from this life xxx

Anyway, Merry Christmas to our Uki friends.xx

PS..the dog ain't half clever....She waited while Junior opened the garden room door. Did not move or attempt to barge out until all lingering roof snow had dropped. Atta girl!! :o)) It got me later on tonight, though!! Bugger!!

Watch Your Head

Ah yes...snow. We have lots of it, much like everybody else in the land.

It's snowed so much that its quite deep in places. And it's a tad warmer than yesterday so....a bit of the old thawing is going on. You can see large blankets of snow rolling off the buildings.

Talking of which.....there's some about to drop off our garden room roof.

Yikes! I shall not be pleased if any of that lands of me and goes down my neck!!
Wonder who'll kop for it or the dog? lol I can't take her for walkies as she's still in season so she has to 'go' out there in the back garden... plus the bin's round the back too. And yes...we have fairy lights in our cosy little lean-to and all manner of rubbish - dumping ground!! :o))

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

'Tis The Season for....


Butternut Squash and Ginger Soup with Carrot and Pumpkin Bread....which was very tasty:o~)

Veg Soup, made with carrots, cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic and vegjelly cube thingy that Marco Pierre White advertises. 29p for a pack of 4 from Home Bargains. Thought I'd give it a try

The heavens have opened and dumped another white layer upon us:o)) Everything has come to a standstill. Have been up to local shop to get the Soviet winter supplies in:o)) Mother, of course...our Fearless One...decided a little spot of snow would not put her off from travelling a few miles, via public transport, to see her dearly beloved. This normally takes about half an hour. Today, it took her over 3 hours to get back home, due to the roads becoming vehicular ice skating rinks and the authorities not gritting or snow ploughing! Ah well, she's home now and defrosting:o))) Banned from venturing out for the rest of the week! I'm glad that Junior tutored her in the art of using a mobile phone 'cos we were able to keeps tabs on her:o)

Last night's bedtime attire was triple everything!!..including top layer of fisherman's jumper:o) Nice and warm it was, too. It's gonna blummin stay on, too:o)

Charity shop buys today were a microscope set for Junior and a weatherproof jacket for moi:o) Total cost..£2.50.
I finally gave in with my boot stash (I have loads but rickety joints prevent me from wearing them at the mo. I have to 'get real' and admit that I'll never wear them. Anyway, Junior is now the proud owner of black, lace-up, thigh length boots (flattish heel). Nice and warm they are and have taken over the position of favourite from pink slipper boots. Me..I'm sticking to my good old trusty B & Q wellies.
Don't mention dogs in season!!! Whine, whine, whine. She's even trying it on with Henry, her best mate, but he's not having any of it! lol

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The teabags have landed

I have brain freeze!!

We eventually braved it and went to the local shop for teabags..and other supplies to last us 'til next week. It's been snowing heavily again, has thawed a bit and now will probably freeze, just to make it easy for me!!

Junior insisted on buying the teabags. You see, I normally get the cheapest going and just put two bags in a cup when having a mug of tea, otherwise it ends up like washing up water! 140 for 60p type of thing. lol J has more expensive taste, so we ended up with a more refined make. 40 for 83p. It IS nice, though and there's only so much herbal tea I can drink!! All I have in at the mo is dandelion, mint - gives me wind, and cammomile..which sends me off to the land of nod. Funnily enough, one of the cats, Megan, keeps nicking off with a bag of the stuff. Have caught her in the act a few times. Maybe she thinks it's catnip?

It's really cold here, so heating is on alot. I switched it off last night, thinking it would be ok, plus gas and electric is SOOOOOOOOO expensive that the worry of paying for it keeps me awake...... Anyway, I did sleep..thanks to copious amounts of cammomile tea. This morning I woke up with cold bones, stiff neck, unable to stand up, let alone walk...which is not good when one is desperado for the loo, I can tell you!

So, tonight I'm going for it. T shirt, fleecey PJs, two pairs of socks, jumper, hotwater bottles....and the dog as foot warmer:o) Plus, a scarf for stiff neck and woolly hat to prevent further brain freeze.....and wrist warmers! Plus a flask of tea by the bed. lol Wish I had a teasmade:o))) Do you ever lie in bed, all warm and cosy, wishing that you could somehow teleport your bladder to the loo and back? sigh...That's what it's like with rickety joints.

I have a lavender neck cushion somewhere that Mother gave me ages ago. One of those that you heat up by microwave. I shall test it out:o)

'Tis no joke, though. Times like these I wish I was old enough to get a winter fuel allowance:o))

My Siberian ancestors will, no doubt, think I'm such a wuss!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Where have all the teabags gone?

I have run out of teabags and it's too cold to go to the shops (they're closed anyway) and Mother lives too far away for me to hobble up and borrow some. So, we are down to herbal teas and an assortment of chocolately beverages, most of which taste like poo. Mother always says biscuits, teabags and honey if people ask her what she wants for Crimble. She stockpiles them incase a Soviet winter lands on us and we're unable to get out for months. Wise old bird, eh?

The dog is still on heat.

When bro and his dog stayed she had to be kept 'behind bars' (tall dog gate fixed to kitchen doorway) Bro's dog was oggling at her, lovingly, from one side while she ignored him from the other:o)) They were both either too fat or stupid to jump over the Bart was standing guard to swat bro's dog if he went anywhere near Cilla.

Anyway, she is now behaving a little oddly...the dog.

She's broody and keeps cleaning the cats, as if they are her babies....bless. So, a few of them are walking around with a wet mohican! lol The dog is loving it.

Just waiting for her to chuck up her first furball!!

Junior has decided that she wants to sort out the kitchen. She wants a new one but we're broke. So, she is looking out for competitions to win such a thing:o) She is, at present, rearranging stuff and I'll, as per usual, never be able to find certain things again. I've told her that all the rearranging in the world won't change anything. It'll still be crap...and yes, the bin will have to stay in there, along with the dog bed.

I have to stay upstairs until the big reveal:o))

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all:O)

May you have peace, happiness, health and all manner of good things.

Love from Min, Junior, the Mogs and the Dog.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS... I am going to bed now because I am old!! lol