Saturday, 18 September 2010

Water Works

The boys and their over halves have been up to cheer up their gran. Grandchild of Min visited, too. She is sooooo adorable and cute and..bright as a bobbin. Just the ticket to cheer Mother up. We got the old family photos out and had a laugh and ooh and ahh. Junior was happy to see her brothers. They still rib her and give her what for....being the only girl...but she gives as good as she gets. Her neice...grandchild of Min...absolutely adores her, which is all good. They had a sort of game of dominoes, using my Dad's set.

Son no 1 demanded that J bake him some brownies for his visit. (he is a chocaholic). So, Junior obliged. Son No 1 LOVED them. Then we broke the news that they were a 'packet job'. Just open packet, add water, beat, plop in tray and bake. Chocolate drops and marshmallows optional extras:o) lol

Big Bro spent 9 hours with Mother yesterday and today she had us for 5. I am hoping that all this company will help her sleep. Still lots of tears about but I hope they will help her heart heal.

Bro is not himself. Seems a little down. So, he's having a soak and has been in the bath for 3 hours!!!! 3 hours!! Is this a 'man' thing, I ask myself?

Time to boot him out, says my bladder:o)

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