Tuesday, 16 November 2010


I'm going to be a granny, again!.....courtesy of Son no 1 and his missus. I think they'll be great parents. Son no 1, being the managerial type, has already organised my Granny Duties. lol

Best get on with the knitting:o)

Junior is now into the swing of all things Christmas, having purchased some twinkly decorations yesterday. The shops are full of the stuff already! Ho hum.

Don't kids grow up so quickly? Grandchild of Min is coming on leaps and bounds. Natters away on the phone to us:o) Won't be long before Junior is looking down and patting me on the head. She is tall and slender. Model figure. As it is, she's knicked all my 'rickty joints unfriendly' trendy shoes and raided my costume jewellery box. She's 'passed' on my makeup.......too boring. lol I've had the knowing 'look' off Mother..as in.....teen years 'are a well n truly here'... so enjoy the hormones. I will try, but I think I'll be busy with my own......hot flushes and the like.. lol

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