Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Youngest grand daughter, who is only 19 months old, has decided to embark on a bit of decorating.

She managed to strip a bit of wallpaper off....down by the skirting board....toddler level.  lol

When we visited I asked her if she was responsible for the bits of wallpaper that were on the carpet.

She looks at me....and says..."Oooops".....and then....finger to lips....."Sssshhhhhhhhsh".

Sunday, 16 December 2012

More innocent kids and adults shot in the US of A.

Just ban the bloody guns.   End of.

Don't think the founding fathers would be too impressed at what's going on.    The Cowboys and Indians, Boston Tea Party, Colonial days are long gone.

Politicians won't, apparently, pursue banning guns because of the funding threat to their political careers.  Well, limit funding.  Give them all a set amount for their campaigns.  All equal that way.   No sucking up to sponsors, therefore, required.  That should sort them out.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dreams, Light and Dazzle

This last week is near enough the 15th anniversary of my Dad passing.  Junior and he never met.    Makes me sad.  He's popped up in my dreams lately, though.  

Tonight there is a meteor shower expected in our area.   Maybe the skies will be lit up if the bad weather holds off.  (we've had freezing fog of late)    It's all due in the early hours.  I'll try and stay awake but I wouldn't bet on it.  lol

The house is all tinselled and baubled,  which is going down great guns with the mogs.  They are obsessed with it all, especially the baubles, which they play ping pong night..mostly!

I'm thinking of making Cilla dog a Santa coat with matching twinkly light earmuffs for her walks.  Well, it IS cold outside and you gotta take care of the elderly dog in your life, haven't you?   lol   If it turns out ok, will blog piccy.

Must remember to get batteries for camera!!!

Son No 1 was up the other day.  Helped me declutter some kitchen cupboards, as I was moaning about lack of space.  Well, to my embarrassment, he found loads of stuff with use by dates which had well and truly gone.   I had a jar of sun dried tomatoes from he says!   So much for stockpiling!  lol

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New Life

Going to be a granny, again.

Little grandaughter on her way, all being well.

Seen the 3d scan.  Amazing all this technology.