Sunday, 5 September 2010

Silly Woman and Poor Cows

We've run out of milk...and I can't be arsed to hobble up to the local little supermarket and get more. Bro is here in his repair man capacity and he and J like their morning cereal! It's their fault we've run out! lol I'm ok with milkless tea.....but J is into her milkshakes and smoothies.....and can't stand soya milk, I'm afraid.

There is no excuse really for being milkless as I drive past the place a million times a week. I think it is 'inner me' feeling guilty for all what the poor bovines have to go through to quench our thirst for the white stuff.

We pass a field full of lovely bulls each time we're out and about. Beautiful animals of a lovely red/ginger tone..the sort of divine, glossy colour that you'd pay a fortune for at the hairdressers! I was planning to take Junior up for a lookie closeup this weekend..and to see the sheep, too. ...But...

We spotted a live animal transorter the other day, going in the direction of the not so local and not, by all accounts, nice slaughterhouse. Sent my blood cold!

Yesterday the cows were gone and have now probably been transfigured into burgers and the like.

I know people will always eat meat but I wish there was a kinder way with regards the slaughtering. Can't be very nice being strung up, upside down, on metal chains with the rest of the herd, conveyer belt style, and then..............chop! Urghhhh!

So, everytime I find myself wandering down the sooopermarket meat aisles , all I can hear is fear!

It would have to be me that develops a phobia about buying milk! lol

Yesterday Mother was telling me her War Tales, again. How, when she and my Gran were in Germany and slaves to a German farmer, that she'd go and shelter with the cows, in the field, under the trees whenever there were bombs dropping from the sky. Sod the air raid shelters or cellars, she wanted to be with the animals. They'd all shushhh, huddle tightly together, quietly under the trees. The cows would put their heads down and bring mum (then aged 11-12) to them........the nearest they could to holding her. She was, not doubt, gripping them in return! There she was, in the centre of a bovine 'minder' huddle. She was their caring friend, 'cos she never hit or beat them. They, in turn, would give her a sly drink of milk, without the farmer bloke knowing:o) lol

Anyway, with the lovely cows gone we shall go and collect wild sloes and blackberries instead. We're in line for a huge supply of bramley apples from 'nice neighbour' and Junior is intent on transforming these into crumbles for the freezer so we can consume them during the winter months:o) I'm going to make some more apple and chili jelly. yum. But what can you make with sloes, apart from sloe gin? Never liked gin but have been told sloe gin is totally different tastewise. With my limited internet time, due to temperamental laptop, I have no chance of googling anything, let alone writing the recipe down! lol But hey....lookie's stayed on for a whole 30 minutes! woo hoo!!

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