Monday, 5 July 2010

Fun and Games!!

This is Max....big bro's dog. He and Bro (and Scratchy the cat) are staying with us for a few more days:o)

Now, Max is a luverly dog. Bit batty and totally soft:o) Think Scooby Doo...he is that size. He loves Cilla:o)


Cilla, however, is a bit choosy, so Max usually gets 'The growl'.

Not so, at the mo, it seems. You see, Cilla is coming into season....and boy, are we having fun and games!

Cilla is now Cilla the Tart! So, one dog downstairs, 'Tuther upstairs!

LOTS of forlorn (You bastards, keeping us apart) yowling and howling going on here at Chez Min. ........sigh
Then there's our Scratchy cat. Battle worn and still with testicles attached!! Ha....but not for long, says she...waving neutering ticket!! Scratchy, in his defence....and living in the back bedroom with Bro and Max....has been no trouble at all. Quiet as the proverbial mouse. Perhaps he has an inkling....just like Maxiboy....who is doing his darndest to fool old Min and Big Bro that his intentions towards our Cill are honourable! Pah!

Yowling and howling..... Fun!


me said...

i keep commenting but they keep not appearing , are you getting them?
love to you all xx

Minnie said...

No. Don't get them, so hope people aren't offended when their comments don't get put up. I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself! (Nothing new there, then!) lol Often wonder whether I should just jack it in, all this computer malarcky, and just go talk to the plants instead! My machine IS dodgy, though! It's a proper veteran, as in pooped!