Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Tonight I sat inside a hospital cubicle and witnessed something terrible.

Mother's other half has died. No one from his family was there. Only us two. Me and Mum. She is ABSOLUTELY desolate. I am pretty upset. Hospital staff seem disgusted that not one member of his 'family' was with him...So is everyone else here, at home. He was the nearest thing to a grandad that Junior had. And such a lovely bloke.

When you are sat by the side of someone who is dying.....please hold their hand. Please do. Give them some comfort.

NHS staff are wonderful and caring.

How can I console an 80 year old woman who KNOWS that her OH has been neglected by the Powers That Be.

Before being admitted to hospital he endured a whole weekend, struggling to breathe and no oxygen!

Mum first arrived at the care home this morning (she was not scheduled to visit him but something made her go). He was struggling to breathe. 1.30 doc arrived. 4pm emergency ambulance arrives. 9 pm he is dead! He was VERY weak in the morning but, somehow, he managed to sit up and hug and say he loved her...then he collapsed back.

If her instinct hadn't told her to go to him, he would have died alone because the care home wouldn't have notified her.

He was given oxygen at hospital. When he stopped breathing, I ran out and told the medics. They, of course, knew he was dying. 'Is he dying?' asked one nurse to another during 'shift change'. Other nurse nodded. Mother was inside the curtained cubicle, sobbing her heart out, she was crying 'Please don't leave me, please don't leave me. I will always love you'. 80 years old!

80 years old!

I would bet my daughter's life that Mother could have done a better job than the sodding ptb and their care home and kept him alive longer....with dignity and love....

Some of the care home staff were lovely....the 'indians''...it's just that the chiefs clearly are not in possession of the brains they were born with or compassion!

Tonight, Mother wants to be alone.....to remember....

He didn't deserve this. His name was David...and he was a gent:o))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


annstubbs30 said...

really sorry to hear about this. i hope youre all ok. that ''care '' home needs exposing xxxx

dawny said...

Oh dear Min ,
My heart goes out to all of you , especially your mum. How awful for David and your lovely mum. Instinct, that 'just knowing to go and see him' is uncanny isn't it.
love to you all

Minnie said...

Thank you:o)

That care home...and the ptb! sigh.....

It all seems to be about money nowadays. Sod the human suffering. There are some nasty, manipulative people around. The law does not protect, imo.