Monday, 29 June 2009


'Tis hot here.

This weather does not suit us.....being of (probably) Siberian origin!!

Junior has kept herself in the coldest part of the house for most of the day.  I have not been able to tempt her out.  So,   I fell asleep in the garden room for half an hour (hottest place, obviously) and this seems to have had a good effect on the old joints!  We had to go to the shops this evening and I made it in record time:o)  Way!!!!      Junior, though, hates this hot stuff as it gives her headache.......  and she is now laid out on her bed with cold, wet flannel adorning her forehead  -  even after a cooling shower:o))  Salad for tea it is, then:o))

So, until then,  I sit here, feet in cold foot spa,  listening to the local bellringers, who are still  trying to get it right:o))

They are definitely improving:o))  lol

Friday, 26 June 2009

The Sound of Music

2nd post today, but........

I'm being tortured!!

It is my own fault......and Junior's!!

Just imagine......recorder lessons......and all that bloody practicing.  My brain is addled, so sod the spelling.

Eventually, we will get there...or she will.  The wee one doesn't give up!!!   Arghhh!!!!!

I just say "Watch me..D B B, C A A G A B C D D D......"

Even the normally attentive puddy tats have vacated the room for their sanity.....except for the deaf ones:O))))

And I never packed the ear plugs!!!

Who said home edding is a doddle!!!!?

EDIT......She's now expressed an interest in the drums.  Eeeeeeeeek!

It comes in threes

So, what have we been up to?

Well, Mother has been keeping us busy.  She's a bit down and needs constant reassurance at the mo.  So, we are on red alert for the clicking of fingers, if you see what I mean?

We are telephoned.  Can we come down IMMEDIATELY.  She has received a letter and she doesn't understand the contents.

We are a little busy, I tells her. but we'll come down in a bit.  

Big, 'I'll make you feel guilty for not coming NOW" sigh at the other end and an "OK'.

A few hours later, we begin our toddle down to her place.  Bearing in mind that I am in pain with all this arthriticky stuff but I bravely set off on this epic journey of up hill and dale type. wearing my trusty Ugg-like booties.  My feet are too fat and swollen to wear nice, flat summer shoes, so winter boots it is.

I have trouble walking downhill.  Uphill is not so bad, but it's the downhill bit that gets my goat as I have to bend my knees...a la skiing downhill position.  I should imagine it looks quite strange to passing motorists who probably think I have done something in my pants!!

So. downhill we go.  I am bad-tempered, having to go out, yet again on a probably uncalled for visit and mutter away as I wobble down the ski slope type road.  There are lots of those little annoying pebbles everywhere that always manage to get into my boots.  Arghhhh.....I stand on some and I feel the pain through the slipper like soles of my pretend Ugg booties.  

Junior thinks it's hilarious.  Ha, blummin child...just you wait until you get to my age, I am thinking.  You've got my genes, poor little sod!!

She's miles ahead, twittering away happily.  Meanwhile, old mother bear here is chuntering, doing her "I've pooped my pants" walk.  So much so that I didn't see the HUGE bloody roadside sign and managed to nearly knock myself out when I collided with it!!  

Junior turns around, wondering what the loud  twang was and sees me clutching head and swearing profusely.  "Bastard sign!!!!  Who put that there?"  says injured moi.  Do I get sympathy?  Noooooo.   All I can hear is my child giggling away at her poor old mother's predicament.

Anyway, once the twittering birdies have left my throbbing head I soldier on.  Junior has now decided that it is safer if she 'escorts' me up the remainder of the hill and carries on twittering as I hobble.  One hour later, we are on the home straight....nearly there when I hears this loud twang followed by a loud "ohhh.....ow!!".  

Guess who's managed to walk into a road sign?  Yes!!  There is Junior, clutching head!

I asks how on earth did she manage to walk into that?  

She doesn't know.  She was singing a song in her head and was so in the groove that she didn't see the obstacle.  That's the Pussycat Dolls for you, then!!!  Was my turn to titter.  Hah, child!!   Should have hummed to The Stones:O)  lol

We, the walking wounded. eventually got to Mother's.  And, believe it or not, we got a taxi home!!  Mother insisted. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ay!!  We are back in the land of t'internet!!!

Here am I, sipping red wine and munching on cherry lips (for those who think I have flipped, they're really hard gummy sweets, shaped like lips..hence name...taste and smell perfumey..memory from childhood.  Junior has taken a fancy to them so they are a favourite nibble for us both).

We are so excited to get back on line:o)  

Have missed loads.  Have  much to report.  Hope you are all ok, safe and well:o) xxxx

I've heard about the nasty badman stuff.   Our country is going to the dogs!!

Still got really bad arthriticy joints.  Some times it's so painful that I can't lift the quilt off me in a morning and I have invented a new walk!!  lol  Junior has been great.  Has even put my socks on for me in dire moments AND massaged Mummy's smelly feet.

The mogs are all here now.  Back from very nice friend's place but there's no place like home, is there?   Very happy but busting a gut to get out and about.   We're keeping them in at the mo...but they are doing a sterling job of trying to escape:o)  But, little birdies are outside with even littler birdies flapping wings and taking their first mogs have to make do with watching!! 

Our house is like a fairy house.  We have cherubs on ceilings, candelabra lights and odd colour combinations...all very 80's.  The garden is much the same and quite big.  Lots of ornamental grasses and the like.   Will put photos up when I can, including  some of grandchild of Min.  Ahhhh!!!     Junior is cultivating strawberries and tomatoes and doing her best to keep them away from the bird population.  Bless

Have to go.  Junior is busting a gut to get on line:o))