Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Trendy niece is due up for a visit..she from the seaside:o))  Come to give elderly aunt some moral support re red tape.  lol   Actually, we are not that far apart age-wise and and get on very well.  I sort of looked after her when she was younger and she views me as a sort of mum.    Anyway, she is having Fred n they can enjoy a cat-free the seaside, too:o)  I don't want them to go, but it'll be safer for them.  Niece is an animal person, too.  She'll rescue anything going and initially opened my eyes to the vegan world.   She and hubby have a whole array of animals, including ferrets, pig, all manner of furry creatures, mostly rescued.  She's tough, because she's had to be,  but has a big heart.  She's practical, too.  Not a clutter person, hates boredom.  She's a 'get on with it' sort of person.   Rolls her eyes sometimes at my hippy/bohemian antics and way of life.   I just pat her on the head, smile and remind her that she IS slowly turning into me...just look at all the animals she's collecting for a start. lol 

Niece and great niece. Peas in a pod:O)) Great niece looking suitably embarrassed.   Tee hee.   I've got an even cheesier one I could put on..Sod it, I will. 

I actually think it's a lovely piccy.   I'm in for an ear-bashing if they see this!! lol  Am pretty safe, though, as family don't read my blog.  Not trendy enough.  Suits me:o))   I can get away with allsorts then.  lol

Home ed...we are attempting music today.  Recorders.  As a youngster I played in a youth orchestra and sang in the choir.  Junior isn't showing such musical interest so I'll be teaching her how to play the recorder, read music, etc in the hope that she'll 'get' the beat.  lol   Am sure she'll bring the maths into it, somehow:o)    When I was in primary school, my friends and I used to perform little musical numbers in the school playground at break times.   Music was the best part of school for me.  That and sport.  All the rest just seemed to be bullying and bitching, especially once at senior school.  Anyway, shall see how we get on.  Does she have the 'beat' or not?  lol   We may have a little acoustic problem in that the pooches 'sing' to recorder playing:o)  Bless.   Other funny animal quirks...Fred n Wilma budgies like to watch tv.  So did Syd and George rabbits.  Funny, eh? 
Syd. He was a character:o) Now buried by the wishing well. xx

Aren't they alike?....Junior and middle niece. She's a cheerleader and also a javelin thrower and training hard to get into the team for the London Olympics, hopefully. She's as slim as anything so lord know where she gets the strength from to throw such distances?  Technique...I am told:o))

Junior and I mucking about on PhotoBooth. We spend hours on here:o)) We have some hilarious shots on here as you can distort the images in all sorts of ways.  Maybe one day I'll pluck up the courage to put some up.  Dunno what I was "Hmmmming" about on this one for, though.

Oh..and ack!! The Carry On capers going on in our house.

The mogs are due at the vets soon to be 'fixed'. Until then, we have to deal with raging hormones, flying cats, an extremely amorous Popeye and sleep-deprived me. Ah!! can those mogs wail or what!! Don't know who is worse..Pop or Meg. Have tried locking them in separate rooms, but Olive (who obviously believes in free love) has mastered the art of opening ANY door in this house, so all they have to do is bribe the little madam and out they come!! Anyway, have now stumbled upon an idea and blocked off the cat flap to keep Romeo out and Juliet in:o))   Doh!  Why did I not think of this before?   Blame it on lack of sleep.  Am hoping for a little p & q now.

Monday, 28 April 2008

All Bunged Up

We had a Delia/Martha few moments this morning and made pancakes. Junior was in charge and so we ended up with more batter than required. So, we pancaked away and stashed them up for munching later...the ones we didn't consume, I mean..complete with greaseproof paper inserts. Posh or what!!? lol  We used our remaining, solitary banana for filling, along with leftover raspberries and agave nectar. Don't know why people don't make these more often. Much nicer than bog standard cereal.

Pancakes (or, "panacakes" as my Mother would say)

Junior has had a change a round in her bedroom and had an eager helper to hand...aka Olive. After she'd 'helped' to put bottom sheet on big double bed, which she was no doubt eyeing up for later kip, Ollie was up on the bay and sunning herself..after she'd had a look at the telescope. This is a pressie from Uncle S to his niece and is supposed, obviously, to help her view the moon and stars, although there haven't been many clear skies to view of late. Think the 'neighbours who never speak to us' might think we're noseying, though.

Megan cat is in the bad books and is doing my head in, big time.  She would have to be Junior's fave cat, very loving, cute, etc, blah de blah but...a Mrs No Brains.     She has a 'thing'  lately about peeing on very clean, just changed bedcovers and rugs.  Not nice:o(  How do you teach a cat pelvic floor exercises?  The others are fine.   Popeye is in for a surprise in the next few days as parts of his anatomy are to be 'rejigged'.  Hope it doesn't affect his personality as he is such a lovely character.  

Am endeavouring to get the shallots in today...even in between showers. "Tis a good time, according to this

Junior and Olive together. Actually, Olive is probably telling J that this is HER sunning spot!!

NEVER combs or brushes her hair without being nagged.


Those two...still yacking!!

PS. We didn't get the shallots in.  Had to go to Mother's.  She is def not herself and keeps telling me that this illness is the 'beginning of the end', so lots of geeing up to be done.  By the time we got back we got rained on by hailstones the size of conkers, just as we were making our way up to allotment land.  Saw a double rainbow, though.  Got a on my mobile.  Have no cable to connect up to the iMac, which is a pity.  

Now, to change bed and rugs..yet again, find incontinent cat and place bung in strategic place!!!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

That's yer Shallots!!

Today I was aiming to dig out a bed for shallots.  My plot is overrun with couch grass.  The dandelions I do not mind 'cos they are, to my mind, medicinal.  Most plots seem to me to be eerily.....done..sorted..tidy, blah, blah.  There was even a bloke on a sit down mower sorting his plot out, obviously mowing couch grass and dandelions out of existence .  How un-allotmenty is that?!!!

Anyway, we have loads of windbreak netting and so we used some of that to cover up our brassicas, which look alarmingly healthy:o)  The local birdies have obviously been pecking at some other poor bugger's plantling's.  So.... 2 hours later we have finally got netting over the brassicas (I did have to bring the bluntest pair of scissors for the job, didn't I!!  Plus I don't have an A level in strategic placing of netting...hence time it took to get it sorted)
So, Junior and I have the system sussed out.  I do the work and she farts about.  I should've seen this coming 'cos just as we were walking out of the door she pops something into the trolley.  "What is that?" I ask....nicely.  "Oh, just a bit of MATHS incase I get bored."  Ho hum.

We NEARLY got the shallot bed dug out, etc...only to be thundered and lightning off'd.   Sigh....  Alas, we have no shed on the plot.. yet.. so had to hightail it home asap. Allotment green house did not look view of the lightning!

We gets home and I mention that it would be nice if Junior washed the pots.   After lots of slopping and wooshing with bowls in the washing up water, she asks me about pressure/force, mini physics lesson there.  Then it's weights and measures. Then, for some reason, we got into reverse psychology.   Being totally selfish here, I feel that was a bad move on my part 'cos I explained that bugger so well;o)  

Here we are now..supper time...indulging in veggie spag bog with vegan cheesecake to look forward to for afters.  Choc and rasp.  Told you!! Photo is rubbish and shakey, but back still bloody hurts!!

Sorry. Have not read camera instructions yet so got a blurry pic...but you can see the joy on Junior's face..... The cheesecake is her's!!

Sons when they were way younger. Like chalk and cheese. Son no 2 exuberant..doesn't give a stuff about the rules...Son no 1 stickler for them...Guess which one had the bag on? lol

This is what's on our fridge. Scruffy, I know. But covered in bits that the kids made/are sentimental, etc. Softee moi!! Sorry if you get a cricked neck looking. I did rotate it, but would it listen?!!!! Arghhh

My niece got me this for Crimble.

This is from Mother:o)

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mind Yer Back

The Allotment....... brassicas should've been planted last week, but I was otherwise engaged in misery and so did not carry out this deed. ( I bought them from the allotment association and they live in their greenhouse until ready for planting out).  I have, meanwhile,  been nagged by on-site experts/whizz-wazz gossips/old blokes with nothing better to do... to get it done...which means they are eyeing up MY plants for themselves.  But, 'tis tough 'cos I paid for them a while ago and on-site sales person (70+ yr old bloke) wouldn't sell them behind my back!!!   Ha!!!

So, today....beds got prepared, dozens of the babies planted = back hurts...Ow!!

Nice warm, relaxing bath awaits.  Just depends if I beat Junior to it.  She worked like a little trooper on her plot and even installed a whirly windmill type of bird distractor on her bit, while I could not muster the strength to put netting over mine. So....she is miles nimbler than her old ma and will no doubt get pole position a la bath by beating me upstairs... and I'll just have to ache a bit longer.  Normally, bribing her with chocolate does the trick but recent toothachey days and nights have put her off sweet stuff.  Bugger!!

I wanted to take photos of our horticultural endeavours but forgot the camera.  Will take some tomorrow but what's the betting that the local birds will have munched our little plantlings in the meantime?

Tomorrow is our Easter Sunday and we normally have Easter breakfast in the morning.   Hope the old spine recovers enough for this.
Know how Quasimodo must have felt...'tis no joke. Joys of being old and unfit.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Onward and Upwards - Chocolate Style!

Well, my red tape doom and gloom continues.  So much so that we may have to move.  Actually, we probably will..soon and anyway, I'm now so fed up of here that I'm almost at the point of no return.  I can't seem to get away from the 'My cup is half empty and not half full' feeling, if you see what I mean?...miserable old sod that I have become.    So seaside, here we probably come!!!  Will be nice to be nearer entrepreneurial  family.  Maybe I can at last get my little business empire up and running?  Get the relatives to help by knitting some posh, funky dishcloths:o))  Lol.

Going to cheer us up tonight and make a vegan cheesecake:o)  Peach and chocolate maybe?  Odd combination, I know, but that's all we have in....... although..  (light goes on in head).... frozen raspberries in freezer:o))    Ah, forgot about those.  And of course they're frozen...THEY'RE IN THE BLOODY FREEZER!!   Junior will go for the choc and rasps combo....'tis a dead cert.    Wonder if I mashed up our remaining solitary 'before it goes off' banana in the tofu, added the chocolate...if it would turn out ok..if we eat it we normally do?  lol  Soon find out.  Then it'll be lateral thigh trainer time again!!   Wonder how long I'll last this time before I fall off?

I'm not blogging talking to myself......uh oh....worrying!! 

It's Son no 2 other half's birthday today.  Happy Birthday girly:o))

Junior is amusing herself with art.  Drawing felines...she does have an art book to refer to, so it's all educational.  She got fed up of French.   When I come off here I have been instructed to point her in direction of maths print off LOADS of maths sheets for her to do!!!!   Maybe I'll print them off in French.  That'll bamboozle her!!

Shall get on with it.  Have to put music on loudly as 'child from hell' next door is kicking his football against the fence and no adult in his house seems to be telling him to stop.   He doesn't talk, either...he a 'requiring earplug' fashion.   Ah well, if he kicks it over it'll be another one for the bin 'cos it'll get popped by a certain pair of canines.  Serves him right for tormenting the pooches.

Blimey, couldn't get any grumpier if I chewed on a lemon. tape's fault!


Rain and Pecking Order

That blummin allotment!!

Ach!!  Can't do anything.....rain, rain, rain, blah, blah.  Got stuff to plant but can't do it in boggy settings!!    Anyway, Son no 2 said he'd come up at the weekend and strim weedy parts and do his landscape gardener bit:o)  Hope the weather perks up for that.  Rainy weather also driving me mad as felines don't like being out in the rain, so our mogs are in and WON'T go out!   Arghhh.   At least I can look forward to the prospect of not finding deceased rodents around the house when I get up in the am:o))   Lots of growling and spitting as the pecking order gets established.  Popeye just wants to play, Meg is still looking for her kittens and yowling, Olive is just plain nuts and Spooky and Muppet are doing their old aunt/diva bit!!   Grumpy old things.  So, all is jolly here at Min's abode...12.23 am.  lol.

Dd and I had a conversation today about dentists.  Junior is not too keen on them.  She says she is NOT going to have braces, no matter what!!  (Too much of watching My Family, me thinks)    Anyway, tonight she came down from bed and informed me wearily that she had toothache.  She got Calpol'd and has gone back my bed!!!   So, in the morning shall have to suss out if there are any decent dentists in Hill Billy Land not related to Robert Lindsey.  lol    At least I've got a reprieve from maths:o)))

Been knitting and made some more posh dishcloths, this time in slapper red.  Am road testing one myself and have to say that I am impressed.  Plus, it looks quite funky, not your usual pale, insipid colour.

Have to sleep. Been catching up on what seems like thousands of emails. Reading at night always sends me to the land of nod.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Calculators and Cats

Thanks for your kind comments. xx  Still got loads to deal with..all the crap that life throws at one.

Have been punished for my misery and incompetence, seeing as I haven't figured out how to stay jolly 24/7 yet.   Junior has wanted to do non-stop maths all of the time I've been away from blogland!!!..and I mean non-stop.   I have been told that I am lucky to have child with such an interest.  Hmmm.    This elderly brain is now numerically mangled!!  So, today "suggested" she look at her French language course, just for a change and guess what.....first thing she goes for is to learn how to count.  Arghhhh!!!  Then she's on to clothes, bath products and toiletries.    Subtle hint for forthcoming birthday me thinks,

The kittens have now got lovely new homes.   No more galloping of little paws on wooden floorboards at 3am:O(     Actually, their new owners are lovely people and I couldn't wish for more, really.   They've kept the names we gave them, too.   Mum Megan has been looking for them and miaowing forlornly...for a day or two...but she's ok.  Her searching and calling for them got to the heartstrings a bit.    Anyway, she's back to play mode and has been bringing in leaves from the garden to chase and play with.    Visit to vet next week:o)

Also, the joys of having 5 cats.......came down this morning, opened back door and finds.......deceased...either a huge mouse or a smallish rat!!  Laid by the catflap, like some sort of token sacrifice/ pressie!!  Eeeek.   Where has it come from?  Maybe 'tis something to do with neighbours having 10 rabbit hutches in their small back garden (although they do keep it tidy) and bits of escaped straw?  Or it could just be my luck and that my mogs are good hunters?  They have no luck with the birdies (being as they are so fat!) so they go for the rodents.  Typical example....Olive tried her luck with the birdies....climbed up neighbour's 30ft conifer type tree in search of  the local Tweety birds.  She spent a good half an hour swinging from the branches, having the time of her life:o))
Olive IS behind can sort of see her for Christmas fairy role!!  Was scary to watch.

We overlook these houses, which are 'down the hill' if you get my meaning?  The tree IS quite tall.  Sorry for washing and dodgy colour of fence.  Photos of our garden always come out horrible...probably because it is.  No lawn....the land is too boggy.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Time Away

Taking a blog break.  Too much personal and jobsworth red tape to sort out at the mo which is making me miserable.  No point blogging doom and gloom. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Goofy Shape Shifting

The shops are closed. You just KNOW there is one left in the house. You go (sorry, run) upstairs and find that it has morphed into this!!!!!.   Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!  No!

Ho Hum....a certain little person accidently knocked it into her bath. They never dry the same, do they?

Thank God for baby wipes:o))  And poly roll:o))

Son no 2 rang today for a natter with old Mother here:O))  He's liking his new job (landscape gardening...he would hate a pen pushing job).  Turns out that he'll be maintaining school grounds, as part of his job.   This includes the one that failed him.  Told him NOT to call anyone sir while on that campus!!!  Actually, I'd be far more tempted with the sign language, but he's not that type of chap:o))    Anyway, he goes on to tell me that he went to a football match last night with best mate.  Beforehand, he put a quid on an accumulator.  He says he had no idea what to really do, he just picked teams.   Turns out if his mate's team hadn't have had a goal disallowed (he says it was def a goal) then he would have won £3000!!!     

On the kitten front. We have discovered that one (Ruby) has a bit of a deformed jaw. Her "bite" is abnormal. Her bottom teeth don't quite fit into her top teeth when she closes her mouth...bottom fangs skeew-iffy. When you look up at her little face she is quite, err, goofy:O) Maybe this is why she is the last one to have taken to eating kitten food, so we are hand feeding her with it until she gets the hang of it. She's very sweet and has taken a bit of a shine to me. She's definitely mine..Another Olive in that respect:o)) Climbs up trouser leg and nestles in my shoulder/neck. She has Olive's habit of licking my chin! Maybe I unknowingly dribble and no-one has been kind enough to tell me!! LOL

They're all black. Ruby has pale lips, Roxy has a birthmark on her hooter, Charlie has an angular face and white flecks on his back plus he is heavier than the others, Cupcake is a fluffball. They're whizzing around upstairs as I type. Little galloping footsteps, from one end of the room to the other. Weeeeeeee! Wish I could record it and put it on here. Makes you smile:O)

Kittens are also carrying on the family tradition.....and PARTYING at night! Bleary eyed moi has to keep guard and calm them down before kind until now neighbour says something!!! Soooo, tonight, they are being played with, fed and watered and then are being bedded down in Syd's old penthouse suite:O) Why didn't I think of this before......SLAPS FOREHEAD!!! Routine...that's what these kids need!!! LOL

Junior has been taking it easy today.  Tracy Beakering a la dvd's.

Meanwhile, to make you titter, do look at this blog. Hilarious!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

The Poor Daffy Ducks

Ah, the allotment.

Been up there this afternoon. It's so peaceful:o) Anyway, we managed to dig a couple of very mini plots over (one for us and one for Junior). We have what seems the equivalent of a football pitch left to dig but it all adds to the fun. Been told by one of the old grumpys that "A woman'll never do all that!!". Hmmmmm...we'll see matey boy!! We'll have to go back tomorrow and tweedle out any roots and then cover up with a light inhibiting cover until we're ready to plant. We've got 30 cabbage, caulifower, calebrese and sprout plantlings waiting for their new homes:O) So Junior and I will be passing wind for England come the end of the year:O) This week we have to suss out what else we want to plant and plan:o) Good little project for Junior. Going to show the grumpy old men on that site "Anything you can do, we can do better!!" We plan to construct a scarecrow, make bunting to keep the birds off and paint any shed we might end up with BRIGHT BLOODY PINK!!

We got snowed off, can you believe it? Went up at 3pm and got home for 8pm. Shall have to look on freecycle to see if any unwanted sheds and green houses are going. Apart from the storing factor they are pretty handy for teamaking. Get camping stove in, plus a few picnic chairs and you're sorted. Anyway, yesterday, Son no 1 said that he and his brother will tidy up the plot, put a fence up, built a compost bin......for my birthday. Son no 2 had no idea about this but now it's too late. LOL. I have been instructed tonight, via telephone, to collect all the pallets I can in preparation.

One of the plotholders keeps hens, ducks, geese, etc. The rats have been sorted, apparently. There's a fishing lake not far from here and the fishermen stamp on any duck eggs in the nests they find around there to keep the duck population down on their precious lake. Anyway, animal loving plot holder across from me went down and rescued all the eggs she could find, took them home and a few weeks later...voila....incy little ducklings. They are, however, wild birds so keep escaping out of the pen (they can fly as she won't clip their wings 'cos she thinks it's cruel). So, most evenings Mr & Mrs Daffy Duck go walkabout around the plots. This is all sweet.....until they take a shine to your plot and newly planted seedlings. You get the picture? Anyway, this evening they did just that and annoyed another allotmenteer who resorted to chucking stones at the loved-up pair. They are looking for a safe nesting spot apparently...bless.

So, back is aching. Junior has had her Radox soak and is tucking into pasta with tomato and onion sauce. Now 'tis my turn and then to bed:o) Am knackered..but, sshhhhh, don't tell The Grumpys!!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

The boys have been up for the weekend. Son no 1 to show off his pride and car..and Son no 2 to spend some mum & son time. Pregnant girlfriend remained at home so son and I could have a talk about life, the universe and how the hell he'll manage fatherhood. Anyway, he's sorted when it comes to the baby..he's taking that seriously and is committed but I wonder how he and other half will cope with the other bits like needing their space and all that.... with the happy couple being so young and argumentative? Anyway, he's had a taste of interrupted nights sleep whilst here. Not courtesy of any babies but of the cat which was his when he lived at home. Poor old Muppet got him back and puked up at 3am one morning:O) Right at the side of his bed!! lol!!

Anyway, the visit coincided with Gran's birthday. She's still ill so couldn't be taken out anywhere, so we descended on her with birthday cards, pressies, grub and a cake and hopefully managed to cheer her up. Took lots of piccies and generally had a lovely family afternoon.

Son no 1 brought Junior a Winnie the Pooh artists set and she is now giving that the Picasso touch! lol. Then we're off up the allotment to see what else has been nicked, put some scraps in the compost bin and maybe dig a bit. It's been snowing on and off here, which is really strange for April, but it's really quite cold. If the cold remains then I can just see us donning gardening balaclavas. If I find a pattern I might try knit pink. Would be different:o) Then, it's back home to survey the chaos left by the dynamic duo. I reckon the best wedding present anyone could buy those two would be a dishwasher each:O)

Kittens are on to toe biting now. I reckon curtain climbing will be on the agenda in the next few days, going by their current antics. I left a ball of wool on the landing sideboard last night and woke up this morning to find that it had been well and truly played with. I actually suspect it is the work of one of the old ladies, probably Spooky.

Tomorrow have to go and sort out some aspects of officialdom as I am looking down the barrel of a shotgun, financially speaking. Keeps me awake at night this side effect of home edding...poverty. Sodding red tape!!

Right, off to cultivate the dandelions:O))

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cats and Rats

So, the kittens know how to make me feel guilty, then!! They are taking lessons from the Great One!

After stating categorically to Junior that we are not keeping them all, she reasons that no-one will love them as much and look after them as well as we do. Hmmm, that could quite possibly be true.. They are just plain, black cats and not the stereo typical pretty things. Anyway... I wakes up this morning to find Ruby kitten (normally a shy, retiring type) cuddled up to my side, Cupcake on my front and Charlie and Roxy curled up by my feet! I move..and they awaken....four pairs of big, blue eyes are watching me:O)

Five weeks old..they come when called, wash themselves and can climb onto the windowsill (to sunbathe) and so could, quite possibly, parachute down onto the porch roof if we have the windows open.... Eeeek. So windows are kept firmly shut.

Ah, those big, blue, innocent eyes:o) Must stop being so soft, stop being so soft.....mutter mutter.

Been crafting today..."recycling and refashioning":O) Later on we're off up to the allotment to plan what and where we're going to have stuff. Junior will do a plan. Been offered a swap, apparently. Must be a peace offering because of all the on-site politics we've had to endure. A plot that has been recently dug and therefore is not presently looking like an overgrown meadow, as ours is at the mo. Away from the rat population, too. Amazing how fat rats get on poultry feed! Eeeeew! They come out onto the veg plots, too. So, the council are coming in with poison to try and control the numbers. They're all over the place. Not nice for ones health.

Junior is endeavouring to update her blog every day now. Remains to be seen if she feels motivated enough to do it.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Birthday and Illness

Everyone in our family seems to be ill.  Well, nearly all those on my time line!! 
 Junior has been down with a cold lurgy, now Mother has it (along with half the population of the sheltered housing complex)..with a really bugsome cough.  You know....the "cough and your pelvic floor goes awol" type?  Doctor has prescribed lots of anti-bios for every orifice going it seems, asthma inhalers, the lot.  Her chest hurts with all the coughing and that worries me, given that she has the old ticker problem.  So, lots of walking up and down hill billy land by me to make sure she's ok.
Also, big bro is down, too.  Pneumonia, it seems.  This is what comes of driving a community bus over hill and desolate dale with no bus heater and often no pay at the end of the week, therefore, no heat in house!!!  'Tis a shambles.  The company's contract runs out at the end of this month and, because of their diabolical record, the honest drivers are out without jobs.   Grrrrr!   Don't know how that company gets away with it.  Or the council!!!  A really nice person nearing retirement shouldn't have to put up with all this tosh!!!!!!     So, shall have to oik him down from Yorkshire land and ply him with tlc and soup:O))

Only thing to celebrate, it seems, is big sis's birthday.  It's today.

 Happy Birthday Sis.....Not long for the bus pass now:O))) LOL!

Back to tlc soup recipes:O)))

Charlie kitten

Cupcake kitten:O))

Although kittens are verily cute....they are a pain up the arse at 3am when all they want to do is chase and play.....LOUDLY. Soo, plan for this evening was to knacker the little tinkers out so they will sleep to at least.....5am.... We shall see....or hear!!! They are nearly weaned...well,...they eat Whiskas kitten food. They still like feline milk, though. Anyway, 2 weeks to go before they can be rehomed. You have NO IDEA of the amount of jip I am getting off keeping them ALL!!!! She will pay for their upkeep, with all 5 quid of her pocket money!! Don't think so, matey!!! Although, they ARE quite cute:)))