Tuesday, 15 June 2010

We are crap at being totally vegan.

I take my hat off to all those proper vegans out there.

It's hard work....especially for us snacky loving people!

We went out to a supermarket yesterday, hoping for lots of vegan goodies and came away with......vegan ice-cream!

There is nothing else you can buy that is ready made...as in the 'get it out of the fridge/freezer and cook/consume' department.

Junior is a tad peed off....and hungry. Very dissappointed in things...and herself. So, she is not doing the vegan pledge...for now. I have suggested that perhaps she is not destined to be a veggie, but she really wants to have a go at this...sometime. I think the thing that has racked her off most are the little things....like that coca cola and orangey drinks are not even vegetarian!! Who wants to drink something that has fishbladder in it? I offered to buy her some soft drinks today, but she declined. She doesn't want to drink fish bits!! Her eyes have been opened as to what crap actually ends up in our food. So that's a good thing, isn't it? She is not best pleased with the food manufacturing industry....for all the 'fooling us' as she puts it.

Anyway, tonight she tucked in to steak au poivre, roasted potatoes, sauteed tomatoes and spinach. Organic, nicely hatched and despatched and so, expensive. Rightly so. She was hungry so I let her choose her dinner.

So, we have to think hard re recipes and get advice from other vegans re the snack thing. Have to get arse into gear and get organised.

I am not good on the organised front. Hate it. Boring.

Gemini....Don't like being pinned down. Air sign. Pah! Can be such a pain at times!!

I'm not as bad as my sister, though. Took her five years to choose a three piece suite!!

She's so indecisive, she just doesn't know!!! lol

Anyway, we have been out most of the day. Home ed, elderly mother nurturing...garden centre where she and Junior bought lots. Mother old biddy plants,.....and Junior bought herself a fragrant rose. She and her beloved flowers:o)

So, dog and mogs have been neglected. Don't I know it......ten of the mogs...and the dog....all piled into MY bedroom!! No privacy here!! lol


Maire said...

Lovely to meet you both yesterday. You probably know this blog but just in cast it has lots of fantastic vegan info.


Minnie said...

Hi Maire

Nice to meet you both, too:o)

Yes, I do know this blog....Lucy's blog. Thanks anyway.

We are sort of back on track. lol