Thursday, 5 August 2010

The End is Nigh

The laptop is crashing all the time and is impossibly slow. Like its making me swear...a lot!
I fear the end is nigh!
Junior has suggested that I might be hurting its feelings with the 'blue air' and if I spoke nicely then it might behave. Ack..been there, done that. Bloody useless thing! lol

So...Secret Post Club Recipient....your parcel will be sent on Monday at the latest. I am awaiting something and Saturday is the day of its arrival. I fear I may not be able to report its departure due to knackered Dell!!!...sigh

Meanwhile, the iMac is due to see a 'doctor' soon and, hopefully, will be better soon:o) Yay!
So....until then....we console ourselves with comfort food. Home made, of course.
Times is 'ard! We are making do with what there is in the cupboards and fridge/freezer...which is not a lot at first sight, but it's amazing what you can concoct with bits and bobs. Probably how many a new recipe was invented.
So, we are gorging on apple crumble and bubblegum flavoured ice cream (all the vanilla was scoffed earlier) for pud and home made goats cheese and red onion tartlets with balsamic dressing.....and Skinny french fries for Junior:o)
Has anyone been watching Come Dine with Me? We've been drooling!

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