Monday, 26 July 2010


Have spent ages looking for my specs.
I know I had them...but where did I put them?
I get so pissed off with these lapses....elderly moments you might call them. Well, good news is I found them! Yay!......on top of my head. I am a twit!

So, summer holidays are upon us...and don't we know it! School kids everywhere.....hyper active and bored.
Junior's mate from across the road is a regular doorbell ringer. she rings the doorbell.....a lot! Junior has just resorted to telling the truth, rather than be kind. She tells the door bell ringers that she is busy. She's not into hanging around on the streets. It seems to bore her!

Today was politics, suffragettes, Finance and History (WW2). The UKIP bloke was on tv today and she remembered him from the election.

The series, The World at War, is being aired again on the beeb. 1pm. We've been following it. Today's prog was about the Nazi attempt to bring down the Soviet Union,,,burning 500 villages to the ground..tossing babies on to fires. Can't believe people could do that!.
For those people out there who have aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, are lucky.
Wish I did.

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