Saturday, 17 July 2010


Bro went to my niece's graduation today:o) He is one proud dad.

She did Sports Science and Physics at uni and will be tutoring Junior soon:o) Plus, niece is a javelin champion...national Junior might be getting some training in that department, too! Niece is the second one in our family to gain a degree, after great nephew...who did sports science...and he cannot find a job, so is applying for an apprenticeship in plumbing!!
We babysat bro's dog....more howling, etc. lol Cilla is still behind bars......chest level dog gate has been fitted to kitchen prevent any little sortees!!
Amidst all the racket, we baked. All vegan.... chocolate brownies, carrot cake....really delish. And made a veg and barley soup....which cured Junior's summer cold:o) Vegan baking is a tad different. Dry ingredients are added to wet ingredients. To bind your ingredients, you can use ground flaxseed, or applesauce, or soy yoghurt, white wine vinegar, oil, need for eggs!
The brownies came out of the oven at 10.30pm and by 4pm next day there was ONE piece left. Maybe I can take a piccie before it is consumed? lol
Junior is sparko. Fast asleep with her Guardians.. Tonight they are...Henry VIII at her side and faithfull Megan at her feetLo) She has three quarters of the bed...I have the other bit. (Bro is staying in her room, you see.) As I said, Junior has three quarters of the bed. She also seems to have ended up with three quarters of the covers, too!! Hmppphhhh!!

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