Saturday, 31 July 2010

Car Boot and Jumble Sales are cool

I love jumble sales:o)
Today was our local one, in aid of cat there were tons of people bagging bargains. I love this one, because the stuff is clean and really affordable. No silly prices.
We bagged so many things that big bro had to nip home and fetch the car, so we could get the goodies back!
Some of my linen haul was....half a dozen king sized quilt covers (50p each), countless fitted sheets, single and double quilt covers, curtains (some lovely crushed pink velvets...big enough for one curtain to cover a double bed! yay. Some silk curtains, huge posh Next curtains...lined, too...all 50p a pair! Loads more in the linen dept....including yet more new fetish! lol I use king size quilt covers to cover the bed and quilt, as the mogs always make a beeline for my bed, especially when it's got fresh linen on...which is every day.
Tons of books, videos and nik naks made it home, too..sigh:o))
Junior got loads of videos and a couple of a bottle of posh perfume with atomiser.
I am just going to enjoy our goodies and put up piccies tomorrow.
Anyway..ever on home ed duty...I bought Junior a French book. A sort of translation of what 1000 everyday items and actions she was testing ME tonight when I was preparing tea!
Got her a maths book. too. That one might need a bit more encouragement, though! lol

I'm off to stroke and gaze adoringly at our 'haul'. lol

Well Done to the Brits for doing so well at the European Champs in Barcelona...and also to the Uki's. Yay!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Junior is not well.
Summer cold.
It pisses her off...all this snot and sneezing...Vick and honey seem to be doing the trick, the'not rasping in your ear'ole dept'.

Still, her little charges don't half protect her. Honeypot and Meg are curled up around her feet and bum...keeping her warm. Henry is on 'man' duty and kipping under the bed! Bless! Jimbob is on windowsill duty, as are Spook and Muppet. Popeye is on stair duty. Looloo is under the bed...but that's a Loo thing:)
I am trying to fatten up J. She has been off her nosh with having this cold.
Today she's had a berry smoothie, jacket potato with cheese and baked beans, fried new potatoes, kale, ham and carrots at Mother's, mushroom, spring onion and tomato omlette for tea with Eaton Mess for heaps of orange juice....and still she remains slender!! Hollow legs!

Monday, 26 July 2010


Have spent ages looking for my specs.
I know I had them...but where did I put them?
I get so pissed off with these lapses....elderly moments you might call them. Well, good news is I found them! Yay!......on top of my head. I am a twit!

So, summer holidays are upon us...and don't we know it! School kids everywhere.....hyper active and bored.
Junior's mate from across the road is a regular doorbell ringer. she rings the doorbell.....a lot! Junior has just resorted to telling the truth, rather than be kind. She tells the door bell ringers that she is busy. She's not into hanging around on the streets. It seems to bore her!

Today was politics, suffragettes, Finance and History (WW2). The UKIP bloke was on tv today and she remembered him from the election.

The series, The World at War, is being aired again on the beeb. 1pm. We've been following it. Today's prog was about the Nazi attempt to bring down the Soviet Union,,,burning 500 villages to the ground..tossing babies on to fires. Can't believe people could do that!.
For those people out there who have aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, are lucky.
Wish I did.

Friday, 23 July 2010


I think I have spotted the 'Phantom Dog Shitter and not Picker Upperer!'

I know who you are!! ....

There's me, in my bedroom, perusing the net when I hears this bark...then several more. The barks are coming from outside. Cilla is downstairs in the kitchen....with her 'season.....still!'.... but these barks take her mind off sex for a while and she barks back in a 'Get away from my patch' sort of way.
The mogs growl, too:o)....and half a dozen of them promptly jump onto the window sill for guard duty, eyes like saucers!

So, this dog is white/very light coloured German Shep/Lab size. Active...not an older dog.
If I can pick up my dog's poo and dispose of it in a safe and hygienic manner then so can this bloke!! Idle Wuss!!!! Bend your back and pick it up, you idle toerag!! It's not fair leaving it when there are so many young kids about.
On a happier note.....the Schooler Cat Penthouse Suite is open! Yay
Official opening ceremony is later today when my Southern Counties and University champ niece will cut the ribbon and declare this run open!!
(The mogs have actually beaten her to it and have taken up residence in the viewing pod.) Still....well done big bro:o) xxxx Job well done.
So, Junior is knackered. Been busy with her cousin being here. Plus, she has a bit of a cold. So she has warmed milk prior to going to bed. She comes up to bed, mug of warm milk in hand. Puts it down, after sipping half of it. A few minutes later we turn around to find Grand Old Lady Muppet nicking Junior's milk. She puts her paw into the mug and drinks it that way. A bit like the Arthur advert of years gone. Must be the teaspoon of sugar we put in that attracted Mupp to it. Spooky. Mupp's sister, finished it off, of course. Junior and mogs are fast asleep:o)

Monday, 19 July 2010


The Schooler Mogs are a tough old lot. Not only do they have to put up with Bro's dog 'having a go' at them whenever they approach him and his Bonio (dog biscuit, nothing rude!) but they seem to give each other 'dares'.
Latest one is 'Go on... have a chew on the chilli plant she put right UP THERE?' Ahem....
Of course, these dares are being pursued, going by the state of my chilli plant...which was put on the highest shelf possible to avoid exactly this sort of scenario........stoopid mogs!!!

Litters are being emptied and refilled at an alarming rate....due to after effects of chewing on said chilli plant!!
My poor chilli plant! I am so sorry that you have been eaten....even thought I put you up on the HIGHEST CAT PROOF shelf I could find! Bad mummy!!
Rest assured the usual suspects are paying the botty price!


Tinks.....They both have the ' guts' look

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Need sunglasses today!!
Junior 's fault.
She is a flourescent vision.
Wedge shoes, neon pink tights, denim shorts and a black and neon pink stretch vest top, which is emblazoned with a gold tiger!
That not being enough, she has done a Mr T and has decided to wear ALL her bling jewellery bits:o) Finishing touch.
Actually, she looks ok. Trendy. Nice.
Would be better if she brushed her hair, though!

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Bro went to my niece's graduation today:o) He is one proud dad.

She did Sports Science and Physics at uni and will be tutoring Junior soon:o) Plus, niece is a javelin champion...national Junior might be getting some training in that department, too! Niece is the second one in our family to gain a degree, after great nephew...who did sports science...and he cannot find a job, so is applying for an apprenticeship in plumbing!!
We babysat bro's dog....more howling, etc. lol Cilla is still behind bars......chest level dog gate has been fitted to kitchen prevent any little sortees!!
Amidst all the racket, we baked. All vegan.... chocolate brownies, carrot cake....really delish. And made a veg and barley soup....which cured Junior's summer cold:o) Vegan baking is a tad different. Dry ingredients are added to wet ingredients. To bind your ingredients, you can use ground flaxseed, or applesauce, or soy yoghurt, white wine vinegar, oil, need for eggs!
The brownies came out of the oven at 10.30pm and by 4pm next day there was ONE piece left. Maybe I can take a piccie before it is consumed? lol
Junior is sparko. Fast asleep with her Guardians.. Tonight they are...Henry VIII at her side and faithfull Megan at her feetLo) She has three quarters of the bed...I have the other bit. (Bro is staying in her room, you see.) As I said, Junior has three quarters of the bed. She also seems to have ended up with three quarters of the covers, too!! Hmppphhhh!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


We are still on 'bonk alert'.
Bro's dog is doing his darndest to get his wicked way with our Cilla....who has morphed into a complete slapper!!
We have about another week of this whining and howling to endure.
So.....she is entombed in my bedroom.......ha!!! After all my broken hearts...NO male gets in here!!!
But.....dogs on heat AND dogs wanting to do the 'business' are a pain in the butt. Pant, pant, pant!!! ARghhhhhhhh.

Still....Min has overcome this problem.
Headphones.....and loud music!!
That'll stump the little sex mad hounds!
Mary your heart out!!!

ps....Headphones and loud music are for my benefit...not some new pet contraceptive that I've stumbled upon. Headphones go on ME while I listen and sing away, badly, to my music. Much rather listen to my cd's than the pathetic whining and panting of some sex starved pain in the a***. What they think of my attempts at singing is another matter...but who gives a shit!!?
Actually, though, Max and Cilla babies would be lovely....temprament-wise. But....Noooooooooooooo. I have two bricks at the ready for those over-active testicles...and Cilla is having the op asap!!!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Big Poo

I am on the warpath!!

Some dog has crapped on the pavement outside our house and the idle git of an owner couldn't be bothered to bend their lazy back and clear it up! Dirty bugger.
I am not talking Yorkshire Terrier size turds....nooooooo......they are donkey sized!!
Now, I could go OT and get bro to install the cctv cameras that came with him this time to cop the culprit if he/she does it I inform the local dog warden that we have a phantom pooper and let them do the detective work? They advertise their services in the neighbourhood rag and seem keen on bagging these this is part of what I pay Council Tax for, isn't it?
Wonder if nosey neighbour has noticed? Bet she could ID the pooper.
Still, it is pretty rude, leaving dog poo. Even if we walk our pooch in fields, etc, I always clear ours up. Who wants to go walking through a poo bombsite?

Sunday, 11 July 2010


A young, faithful Megan.

Lazy day today.. is all big bro's fault.

He introduced Junior and I to the pull of.......grand prix racing.

British Grand Prix it was this weekend....and I managed to watch all of laps 20 - 26 when I did the 'elderly' thing...and fell asleep. In my defence, I was up early!!!
Still, our lads did well...2nd and 4th. Alonso had a

Then....Top Gear man, James May's prog on making and designing a plasticine garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. He's so funny...droll., dead pan and all that....
Then, the actual Top Gear prog.....Ron Weasley is at the top of the Reasonably Priced Car drivers' list:o) Yay for redheads!!
Bro has nearly finished the Piece de Resistance the last bit of the cat run....the viewing the mogs can look down the garden and feel the wind, rain, sunshine, etc without being in danger of being flattened or hurt. Nosey neighbour is busting a gut to see what all the drilling and sawing is producing...but we are fending her off!! Now the mogs have the run of downstairs, the garden room, big cat run, shed for shelter and then the run/viewing station on the end of all that. Spoilt or what? lol
On the home ed front...Junior has done nothing but write all weekend. I am not allowed to see but she has been scribbling away. We bought a book yesterday on a 100 famous Brits. It all rhymes...details of their accomplishments. Very appealing and, hopefully, easy to remember. She is clapped out now with faithful Meg by her side... Cats are ALWAYS attracted to clean bedding! lol

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Tinkerbelle, Tinkerbelle, Tinkerbelle.

What am I going to do with you?

Tinks is into anything fishy, beit fish or prawns. Yes, she definitely loves prawns.

Well, the other day, Bro and Junior were indulging in some chilli lathered prawnettes. The ones on bamboo sticks.
Tinkerbelle can spot anything fishy from a mile.

So starts the 'I am your bestest friend, give us a prawn' campaign a la Tinks.

So, claws out and yes, she bags one....then another and on it goes.

Tinks's little bum is on chilli fire today. lol

Not so funny for moi, who always has the litter cleaning duty! Pah!!

Friday, 9 July 2010


We live in Hill Billy Land.....'tis nice as long as you have transport.

Well, every day, after I have sorted out Junior, the mogs and the pooch I often sit outside with my cup of tea and peruse. I ignore the bombsite of a garden (but it is coming on and I shall post piccies when done) and I just sit and relax.

You hear the normal, neighbours chatting/ranting/moaning, etc.....birds, neighbourhood chickens and pets, but you can hear beyond all that, if you have a mind to.
I hear the farm animals. Sheep and their lambs bleating away....bovines mooing. (There are plenty of fields around here if you walk a bit) Junior and I happened upon a field full of calves. They were so sweet...and were playing! Chasing and gamboling around the field, as happy as Larry, not much different to how our mogs behave...except the mogs are in no danger of being eaten later on in their lives.

About the sheep, lambs and bovines....It was the same last year. I thought it was lovely, hearing them all. Now I feel sad.
In a couple of months time, they will stop..the bleatings and mooing.


Well, we've been doing our best on this Vegan Pledge thing.

Have to say that I feel better, rickity joint-wise. I have put on weight, shall have to tinkle with the recipes a bit.
However, today, I managed to sit cross-legged on the bed!!
This is no mean feat for one with rheumatoid arthritis. So......yay!!! I still am not cured and use a walking stick at times, but I feel better.
I don't give a poop what people think. I've had the 'Oh, you're not eating that veggie crap, are you?' from people. Well. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Don't care. I managed to sit cross legged on the bed! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

Going vegan....I have excluded meat from my diet......not too difficult. Dairy is the hardest to give up. You don't relate animal cruelty to dairy products, do you? Still, we've had vegan mozzarella and chedder and they weren't that bad. Tomorrow, am going to make a soup with home made vegan chicken nuggets....and a casserole of veg and dumplings.
Yes, it's hot here, too........but we eat later on at night and the food is more filling. We tend to eat raw food in the day and cooked at night.
So, am hoping to be able to touch my manky toes soon..... Never been flexible like, fingers well as the legs! lol

Monday, 5 July 2010

Fun and Games!!

This is Max....big bro's dog. He and Bro (and Scratchy the cat) are staying with us for a few more days:o)

Now, Max is a luverly dog. Bit batty and totally soft:o) Think Scooby Doo...he is that size. He loves Cilla:o)


Cilla, however, is a bit choosy, so Max usually gets 'The growl'.

Not so, at the mo, it seems. You see, Cilla is coming into season....and boy, are we having fun and games!

Cilla is now Cilla the Tart! So, one dog downstairs, 'Tuther upstairs!

LOTS of forlorn (You bastards, keeping us apart) yowling and howling going on here at Chez Min. ........sigh
Then there's our Scratchy cat. Battle worn and still with testicles attached!! Ha....but not for long, says she...waving neutering ticket!! Scratchy, in his defence....and living in the back bedroom with Bro and Max....has been no trouble at all. Quiet as the proverbial mouse. Perhaps he has an inkling....just like Maxiboy....who is doing his darndest to fool old Min and Big Bro that his intentions towards our Cill are honourable! Pah!

Yowling and howling..... Fun!