Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Plan B

Well, Kelly Clarkson might have got munched but the Black Eyed Peas have come to the rescue! Yay!!
An impromtu visit to another dear old Home Bargains resulted in my spying a batch of these singing toothbrushes.....and there were LOADS. So, Junior is now brushing her teeth to the warblings of Will I Am, Fergie & Co...something about Let's Get it Started:o)
New singing toothbrush..high up...away from the munchers

Funky new bathroom bin

Gratuitous photo of Bart.
Bro's cat, Scratchy

Birthday Girl, Cilla. 8 yesterday:o)

Snapshot of our cherub, fluffy clouds and candelabra ceiling. There's a cherub hiding behind the right hand bulb

Today we are off to Mother's on a 'Take her mind off things and thus cheer her up' mission. We bought supplies yesterday and so we're going to get M to supervise the making of pyroghi....aka Ukrainian potato dumplings. She has this recipe for velvety soft tough stuff... The p's are boiled up for a few minutes, strained and smothered in slowly sauteed chopped onions. Mwah!!!! We aim to make lots and is smacking his lips as we speak and Sons 1 & 2 are hovering for their share, too! lol Comfort food:o)

We've been and bought a few new books we don't have enough already! lol Junior is really into the James Wong stuff......Grown Your Own Drugs.....which, for the uninitiated, is not a grow your own cannabis manual but a sort of home made, herbal remedy, diy sort of book authored by a young it has a modern, funky twist on it and is quite readable. Junior is after making a few beauty creams, lip salves, etc. I've spotted a Rose and Clove hair removing sugar. Sugaring is supposed to be less painful than waxing. The author's road tested it on himself and, apparently, sugar doesn't stick to the skin like wax does = less pain. So......shall I or shan't I? Or maybe I should first find a willing hairy leg to practice on? lol

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