Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Junior is not well.
Summer cold.
It pisses her off...all this snot and sneezing...Vick and honey seem to be doing the trick, the'not rasping in your ear'ole dept'.

Still, her little charges don't half protect her. Honeypot and Meg are curled up around her feet and bum...keeping her warm. Henry is on 'man' duty and kipping under the bed! Bless! Jimbob is on windowsill duty, as are Spook and Muppet. Popeye is on stair duty. Looloo is under the bed...but that's a Loo thing:)
I am trying to fatten up J. She has been off her nosh with having this cold.
Today she's had a berry smoothie, jacket potato with cheese and baked beans, fried new potatoes, kale, ham and carrots at Mother's, mushroom, spring onion and tomato omlette for tea with Eaton Mess for heaps of orange juice....and still she remains slender!! Hollow legs!

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dawny said...

ooh poor junior , hope she feels better soon sweetheart xx