Friday, 9 July 2010


Well, we've been doing our best on this Vegan Pledge thing.

Have to say that I feel better, rickity joint-wise. I have put on weight, shall have to tinkle with the recipes a bit.
However, today, I managed to sit cross-legged on the bed!!
This is no mean feat for one with rheumatoid arthritis. So......yay!!! I still am not cured and use a walking stick at times, but I feel better.
I don't give a poop what people think. I've had the 'Oh, you're not eating that veggie crap, are you?' from people. Well. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. Don't care. I managed to sit cross legged on the bed! Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

Going vegan....I have excluded meat from my diet......not too difficult. Dairy is the hardest to give up. You don't relate animal cruelty to dairy products, do you? Still, we've had vegan mozzarella and chedder and they weren't that bad. Tomorrow, am going to make a soup with home made vegan chicken nuggets....and a casserole of veg and dumplings.
Yes, it's hot here, too........but we eat later on at night and the food is more filling. We tend to eat raw food in the day and cooked at night.
So, am hoping to be able to touch my manky toes soon..... Never been flexible like, fingers well as the legs! lol

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dawn said...

wow go girl!!! I am so impressed we'd love to be vegan but never last more than 3 weeks , though we have reduced our meat intake and don't have 4 legged things very often :(

pleased to hear you're flexing up, how marvellous :)