Saturday, 27 February 2010

Paula Rothermal Booed by Westminster Baboons

I've just found this on Carlotta's blog

Douglas Carswell and PAULA ROTHERMAL were booed in a meeting about home ed in the Westminster Bubble. The MP was told by an official that 'independence is bad.'

The Westminster lot are just a bunch of bullies. Wankers!!

Happy Kids

Junior is happy.

Hobbling to the doctor's I spied some videos in a charity shop.....50p each..6 of them. Bargain.

Daughter now has the whole of Series 1 Friends. And her uncle gave her a tv/video combi so she can watch her new set :o)

Son no 1 told me the other week that I had been complimented by a fellow workmate. He had revealed to her that he was adopted by a single parent. Workmate told him "Blimey, your Mum's done a good job." People have told me this before, but I sometimes feel like a bit of a failure. Wish I could have given them more materially, taken them abroad, etc, but the boys didn't see it that way and especially not now. They have good jobs, partners, etc but still, in their younger years I often felt stigmatised because I was a poor single mother and, therefore, must be depriving them of something. Some people really do assume that you must have slept around and do nothing but watch tv and sip lager all day!!

A few weeks ago he asked to see all the info that I have on his life before with me, so I gave it to him. Big box full of stuff. I haven't hidden anything away, it's all there and I think he is ready to deal with it.He's a good lad...stubborn though! He goes home. Once home he rings me, every ten minutes or so telling me that "wow, didn't realise this or that and didn't know that you had so little money, blah, blah."

So, he's been staying for a couple of days. Brought the box back. He has time off work so I told him to chill out at home, but he won't be put off..even if he's not that keen on cats! I get embarassed with my deteriorating rickity joints but he just tells me "Don't be daft you oldie!!". We have this jokey banter going on at times and this is one of those, so I'm not offended. He's trying to make me laugh. Anyway, he obviously wants to help and has lugged HEAVY wardrobes up and down stairs for me, mended stuff, walked the dog and bought his sister an expensive pair of trendy boots! He's also taught her some cheats on a computer game!! He brought me a huge bag of potatoes, which I can't peel, but it's the thought that counts:o)..he's thinking of my 101 Ways With Spuds thing that I've got going:o) lol

Monday, 22 February 2010


Mother and I are friends, again.

We fell out because of my concerns re her lack of She likes to 'self regulate'. Reckons the docs of now aren't that in tune with the oldies of now. I sort of get her...but she is not the one who has to do the burying!!

She feels the same about my not taking advantage of the State's benefit system because of rickety joints!! I DO suffer. Too proud. I hate claiming. I know, I know....I worked and paid into 'the system' for 30 odd years...

Anyway....Mother and Daughter relations are back on :o))

I love her dearly...but she is so....ooooooooooohhhhh!!!!...sometimes.

Anyone have the same problems? Anyone???

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Snow again. Loads of it!!! Junior walked in this morning, at 8am!!!, whipped back the curtains and marvelled at the white stuff!!! Sigh......No lie in for me, then?

We made Eve's Pudding Muffins tonight. Comfort Food.

Sponge mix in a muffin case...blob of apple with another spoonful of sponge mix. Bake for 25 mins, believe it or not. We did a vegan sauce replacing egg. The finished product sort of sank in the middle. Maybe you are supposed to add something else to stop this or maybe I am still a crap baker and shouldn't open the oven door at 20 mins? Anyway, next time think we'll make them in little individual dishes/ramekins.....muffin cases sort of, er, stuck to the goodies.

Was very nice anyway...would have been nicer with custard, or ice cream:o)

Colin Firth won Best Actor at the BAFTAS. Yay!!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Spuds and Naughty Mogs

The mogs have a secret supply of ping pong balls.

In this house ping pong balls seem to vanish during daylight hours, but come night time......sigh........Little blighters!!!' Tis difficult chasing a gang of ping ponging mogs with stiff joints. lol

Olive is on a diet. See food and eat food one. She is getting quite adept at helping herself to cat biccies. The number of times I have picked up a bag of the stuff to find big hole in side of and contents falling out all over the place. Arghhh!

We've been chilling out today. Consumed stir fry and wraps. Junior made chocolate brownies and the dog is doing her best to get some...via cute 'please give me a bit' eyes:o)) The mogs are way ahead of pooch and have already nicked some behind Junior's back. lol

I had planned to do allsorts but yesterday's Musical Furniture Day has taken its toll. So, instead I have been racking brains for yet more on the 100 recipe ideas with potatoes.....I'm only up to No 22.... We have a huge bag full, awaiting transformation of sorts.

I suppose one idea would be to use them as ammunition against night time ping ponging mogs!! Mmmmm....tempting.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Changing Rooms

So, my little Junior is busy.

Seeing that we have to save up so she can have her white bedroom, she has turned her beady eye on to mine!! Arghhhhh!!

I'm at that stage in life where I will make do with what I have.....I am all decorated and designed out!! She, on the other hand, is raring to go.

Have to admit that the layout of furniture in my room could be better, the wall paper is a 1940's type green with bronze/gold roses on it...dado rail (ack) and other assorted goodies from the days of Changing Rooms/Dynasty. The wallpaper was actually unearthed. The beige wallpaper that was on top was peeling away (tacky workmanship...tut tut), so I pulled it all off and found the glam green stuff. Green is not my colour, but it will do. The Moroccan jewelly colours that I like will have to wait until funds are available.

Anyway, here I type away while she moves all the little bits out so she can begin The Offensive and reorganise!!!

Mogs are lined up on the window sill, bemused look on their faces. Olive is standing by...the rattan wardrobe is HERS!! (They all like to climb up and snooze on top, but she always bags Pole Position:o) )

Well, dear friends. I have to go. Been booted off my trusty laptop and must now engage in the art of 'switching furniture around and getting it all to fit in properly without running over a mog or two'. Sigh.....

Might be gone for a while.

PS,We did it!! 'Tis now 8pm...My feet are killing me and the mogs are loving all the extra space:o)) We have lugged furniture downstairs to a new home, to make space up here. I have my old stereo set up..just need to find my headphones. lol Junior has found our old Incredibles dvd and has been fed a favourite meal:o) And it's chocolate for pud!! yay.

Tomorrow is chocolate cake making day....again:o) Might make some lemon and thyme cupcakes, too. Badman and Balls are not going to spoil our weekend!!! Edward has, apparently, been making up porkies about parental preferences re sex education I think it is this time, to cap everything else!! These consultations, eh? There is a link. I will post.

Can you hear my feet hissing? lol Shea butter foot massage coming up.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Whiter than white

Junior has decided to redecorate her bedroom.

She is no longer into pink!!...'Too babyish, Mum!'

The lavender and blue walls are to be replaced with.......white!! Floors to be cream. Wants a new bed, too. Ikea day bed she has at the mo is also too babyish. She wants a cream, wrought iron double bed...needs to be able to stretch out..which is fair enough. We have one in the shed that we can paint up and renovate.

'Can I do all that?' she asks.. I tell her that's ok, but she can pay for it, given how recent the last decorating session was and how broke I am. lol

'Ok' she says brightly and toddles off to calculate how long it will take for her to save up for this little wish list.

She soon returns and reckons 6 months:o) and is now scouring the house for small change to put into her money box. Nearly everything she desires for this little project seems to live in the Tesco or Argos catalogues! lol

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Chocolate Fix

We are facing our demons......... and attempting to bake, again:o)

This time, 'tis a big, fat, yummy looking vegan chocolate cake:o)..bliss.......Am looking forward to tucking into this one. Junior reckons she's staying in the kitchen while cake bakes so it can be rescued at the first sign of any oinky burning smells!! lol For tea, we're having pretend bangers and real mash, with special cabbage and lots of gravy and cranberry sauce (I have that with everything! lol.) Ahhhhhhhh....and then the cake!!!! Tomorrow, we're having a go at Steamed Mugcakes:o) And vegan hot dogs!! Woo hoo.

Ta Dah!!
The finished cake. Far too much for us two. How ever will we manage to consume this?...:o)))


Yes..what a cluttered worksurface

Junior has copied the recipie and put it in her 'Goodies to Make' binder!
We had snow today. Wish it would dump 2ft and be done with it.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Possessed Laptop

So....I wrote this REALLY long post about the health benefits I am experiencing from barley tea, and no milk, as recommended by Mother..who is not speaking to me, incidentally). I have been ill....virus...cold bones, can't lift body out of bed type of thing. No excuse to her....sigh....Ah well....bugger!!

Anyway, the laptop went loopy and I lost most of my post.....arghhhhh!!! I am senile, I cannot possibly remember what I wrote so....Argghhhh....again!!!!!:o)

Laptop also decides to jump lines, so sorry it I don't notice. It also has generated vertical yellow lines in the spaces?

Anyway, ah yes, I was cold in bed last night. It was freezing, even with 3 mogs on the bed!! I did not sleep well. But, come morning, I literally jumped out of bed. Yay. Didn't last long, though. Still...progress:o))) Hands were normal size...not double swollen.

We rescued last night's incinerated pud from the oven this morning.....sigh.....will need to soak the dish for months....sigh....

Tonight's pud was shop bought.

Still...look on the bright side.......We is still poor!!! lol

Son no 1 rings twice a day. He is sweet.....but we are often at loggerheads. We have an attitude problem....his.....although he would disagree on this point. He is a bit headstrong and can be a tad unsympathetic, blinkered and impatient. Anyway....he is NAGGING me to go see the quack (allopathic doctor) about the rickety joints. I do not trust them...sorry and would rather see a herbalist...but consultation fees are £100. Wary of seeing docs due to by-product of gallstones and watching my dad become addicted to painkillers and dying. So, herbal remedies I am going for...atm.

Today, Junior and I 'did' the last bit of the Romans, then World War 2, learning about so called socialists and what they can do to you. She see's similarities in today's lot of politicians..aka the government mp's.

Anyway, weren't they great...the Home Guard? My brother was born at the end of WW2. He knows EVERYTHING about it and collects books/dvd's/videos on the expert on Doom and Gloom, so to speak. If Junior decides to do an A level in it, she will be tutored to A* standard. He is Mr Happy-go-Lucky in real life...Mr Nice:o)) xx

Am chilling out with my new-found, pain-free hand joints.....Alisha's Attic on the cd player....has chilled out 7 cats so far!! lol

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Exotic Lessons

Junior has been helping make dinner. She is now into apple crumble. Anyway, we did not possess any...or any apples to make our own. We did, however, have some frozen fruit, which we got for smoothie mixes.

So, I shows her how to make the crumble topping, with porridge for added crunch. Yum... Then, we proceed to sort out the fruit. Me thinks it a good idea to warm it up first in a little sugar/marg mix....sort of toffee sauce:o) Then adds a bit of cinnamon and ginger. Luvly jubbly!

So, J puts fruit into baking dish and tops with crumble. We take photos, which is inspired!!

'What shall we call this little invention?', she asks Crumble Surprise says I!!

Yay! Bloody surprise it was, too.

Exotic fruits like mango, papaya, pineapple and banana don't like being baked for very long, do they? Not like your run of the mill apple crumbles.

So, what a surprise!! We had no desert.....just lots of smoke and a burnt pud...and oven to clean in the morning...when it has cooled down and stopped oinking of incinerated offering. No piccy of burnt pud. Oven is still holding it hostage and I cannot cope with any more smoke, so will wail for it to go stone cold before dumping it in bin. So, use your imagination re state of eagerly anticipated pudding. lol

I am obviously not one for culinary inventions:o) Bugger!!

Crumble topping on

Exotic fruit in toffee sauce

Gratuitous pic of Popeye on favourite cat wardrobe!!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Remedies and Badly Behaving Floors

This week we're going to be looking at what seeds we're going to buy for our garden allotment.

Think we'll do the Square Foot Garden design and use some bigger raised beds for the stuff we want to grow more of. I want more herbs in, especially lavender. I am the world's worst lavender grower!! I can kill it with just one touch!! So, I'm looking for pointers that will reverse this trend!! lol

Junior is the flower girl:o) She absolutely LOVES flowers, so we'll be trying to get some of those grown. When we go shopping, she oohs and aahhs at all the flowers and plants. She is the only kid I know who likes garden centres.'ll leave the supervision up to mother in that department, in view of my lavender-killing tendencies. I MIGHT have a go at growing some myself......well away from Junior's plot. I want fragrance:o) Roses for I can get rose hip syrup...supposed to be good for arthritis...but too costly in tablet form for moi. And geraniums. My gran used to grow this purply/cornflower blue type which had a slight parma violet smell to it. I can't find it anywhere. Even been known to sniff out the ones in gardens I pass, but no joy. Any suggestions.....anyone out there? Just my luck for it to have become extinct!!

I've just found an arthritis remedy which I can afford:o) Potatoe juice. To be drunk each morning on an empty stomach!! Anyone ever tried that?

I have to go now as Junior is having a tantrum with her bedroom laminate flooring. New wardrobe has shifted a floor is not perfect...which will simply not do for my girl. lol

Junior liked the colour of these.

Lavender that I managed to kill

Still managed to kill this cutting, too!

Lillies. I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted a lily beetle. They are weird little creatures!!