Friday, 30 March 2012


Well, I have a 'partner in crime,' so to speak, re the rickety joints. Someone who understands how frustrating it is not to be able to physically do what you want.

We are babysitting Big Bro's cat and dog while he visits his daughter, who lives at the other end of the country. The cat, Scratchy, has to bunk in with Junior (our mogs beat him up) while I've got the dog. He's an old lad..way over 10 now. A big, Scooby Doo type of thing and as soft as muck. He is, understandably, REALLY attached to Big Bro and misses him terribly when he goes away. So, I have to molly coddle him a bit otherwise he howls the house down.. He could sleep at the end of my bed, but he can't climb stairs very well now due to...rickety joints. So, we're bunked in together downstairs. Me on the sofa and he on the recliner. Moaning and groaning in stereo. The mogs love it with me being downstairs. They come in to visit me, in turn, so see if I am ok. One or two give me the old padding on the shoulder or leg... massage and some like to keep my feet warm. Bless 'em. 'tis peaceful and quiet. If we had a downstairs loo then it would be ideal. lol

I have, somehow, managed to pick up a 'hernia' type injury...ooop there...if you get my meaning. Walk in a very odd way. lol Am currently, very tentatively perched on a hot water bottle which will, hopefully, ease things. Such joy!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

To Blog or not to Blog

Don't know what I'm going to do with this blog. I feel like a right misery of late. Boring and not fun anymore. It's probably because I haven't felt very well of Not long for this Earth type of unwell. The old rickety joints are making life difficult. Gets you down and well depressed. New neighbours are stressing me out, too, re their lack of consideration and demands. Everything feels Yuk and why I haven't been blogging!

Anyway, have taken some painkillers today and we are off out! Jumble sale beckons! Junior is going on her jollies soon with her big bros and new outfits she is on the lookout for.....the 'Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside' type! lol

She's just discovered violet cream chocolates:o) This is the latest interest...homemade chocolates. The weirder the better! Don't know how she stays so svelte. She's ferreting away in the kitchen as I a big British breakfast! That child will never be a vegetarian let alone a vegan!

Monday, 5 March 2012

All Trimmed

There's me thinking - dangerous, I know...that I could get some piccies up on this here blog....Hmmmmmmmmmmm...or...pfooooooooooooooooooooo.........

Ah, bollocks. Usless, beyond useless...batteries.....

One day I WILL get piccies up on this 'ere blog!!!

Today...spent most of it trying to clip down the privet hedge. Nice neighbour...who is 75...did most of the work. She is a star. Former professional horticulturalist. A real, real, mega star with an equally enormous heart.. Don't know where she gets her energy from. Gets up at 5am every day. She reckons life is too short.. Sparrow hawk killed her canary bird....fright did it. Told her that I am going to get her a rescue more canary birds. Get her a real, proper, pain up the arse chirrupy bird...... Sing all day type of thing. lol Apparently, 'Bird' only sang in the mornings..... Pah....Need to get some more vocals going, me thinks!!

Got another fright today.

Sons are visiting this clip the hedge that is now mostly clipped. Talk about bad timing. Anyway....Shall get them to do lots of chores.,........hahahahahahahaaha!

'tis very quiet at the mo. Junior is luxuriorating in a nice, hot bath. Clipping hedges obviously not her fave pastime. lol

Time for Chill out Time. Am going to listen to the Human League...........'I'm only human'. Might as well..... Been going on in my head ALL WEEK. Makes a change from 'Are we human or are we dancers? Blame it on RAdio 2. No idea who the group/singers are. When they 'reveal' I must switch off. Answers on a x

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Poor Little Birdies

Didn't last long. A couple of wily ones are in...namely Ringo and Henry. Knew it wouldn't last! lol

We have an allotment. It's on a lovely site and....we can keep chickens there. Yay.... Cue request to Big Bro to bang us up a hen house....which he's already on with. Think we'll have three hens. That's the easy bit. Toughest bit is choosing names for the lovely creatures. Junior has enough names for a thousand trios, it seems. Lavender, Rose and Myrtle...if we had a cockerel, he would be Basil. Then there's Dolly, Polly, Holly....Dixie, Trixie, goes on. You name it, any theme going, she has it covered.

We have had garden birds nesting in our hedge this year. Three nests. Neighbour on one side feeds them, diligently, while we house them:o) We've even spotted our feathered friends sunbathing on an old wicker chair that we chucked out of the garden room. Haven't been able to trim the hedge...illegal while they're nesting...until now because of the weather and because Son no 1 borrowed our electric hedge trimmers and managed to cut through the cable. We've sort of left the garden to the creatures this year...seeing as the weather has been so crap and awful, so they had food and shelter. Well, new neighbours on 'tuther side, who are not proving to be very nice at all, want the hedge replacing with a fence! Horrible, manky fence! Reason....the birds poo on their washing! I suspect it's more a case of can't be arsed to clip their side of the hedge. What next after getting rid of the birds....... start on the bees? Hedge is staying. Landlady is having none of it. For one thing, she's an avid animal she doesn't take kindly to being told what to do by some young fart!

I love the hedge because if affords us a bit of privacy. Gives our back a Secret Garden feel. Landlady knows and I'm so glad she backed me on this. Yay! She doesn't mind us having the pets and said we could keep chickens in the back garden if we wanted. Wonder if she'd let me keep a bee hive at the bottom of the garden?.........hmmmmm