Sunday, 11 July 2010


A young, faithful Megan.

Lazy day today.. is all big bro's fault.

He introduced Junior and I to the pull of.......grand prix racing.

British Grand Prix it was this weekend....and I managed to watch all of laps 20 - 26 when I did the 'elderly' thing...and fell asleep. In my defence, I was up early!!!
Still, our lads did well...2nd and 4th. Alonso had a

Then....Top Gear man, James May's prog on making and designing a plasticine garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. He's so funny...droll., dead pan and all that....
Then, the actual Top Gear prog.....Ron Weasley is at the top of the Reasonably Priced Car drivers' list:o) Yay for redheads!!
Bro has nearly finished the Piece de Resistance the last bit of the cat run....the viewing the mogs can look down the garden and feel the wind, rain, sunshine, etc without being in danger of being flattened or hurt. Nosey neighbour is busting a gut to see what all the drilling and sawing is producing...but we are fending her off!! Now the mogs have the run of downstairs, the garden room, big cat run, shed for shelter and then the run/viewing station on the end of all that. Spoilt or what? lol
On the home ed front...Junior has done nothing but write all weekend. I am not allowed to see but she has been scribbling away. We bought a book yesterday on a 100 famous Brits. It all rhymes...details of their accomplishments. Very appealing and, hopefully, easy to remember. She is clapped out now with faithful Meg by her side... Cats are ALWAYS attracted to clean bedding! lol

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